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Somebody to Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date Competition # 2 – Let My Love Open The Door

bachelor in paradise kigiroxanna open shot solo comp 2

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. After that relaxing Group Date yesterday, and with the contestants now glowing both inwardly and outwardly, it’s time for Rick to head off on some Solo Dates. However, …oh, you knew this wouldn’t be as straight-forward as all that…, rather than Rick wining and dining all of the contestants in a whirlwind Solo Date-a-thon, there will be a slight twist. The producers have decided that the contestants will compete in a Solo Date Competition. Oh my gosh, what will the contestants have to do in this competition? Well, therein lies the twist. The contestants don’t have to do anything, as Rick will be the one choosing who he wants to go on a Solo Date with.

on thge move where will he go

And so that is why we are here on this hot, barren sandlot in the middle of who knows where to do this competition. And today of all days, with it being a heatwave, the lot has no shade, no palm trees, no food, no water, and, gasp….no “facilities”. Oh, I stand corrected, I see Benny carrying a shade umbrella and some water bottles. But, still, the only thing on the lot is a building with seven glass-enclosed cubicles. And peeking in those, they are all identical. Oh sure, they may have a loveseat, but there is nothing to do in there — no music, no bookshelf, no tv…nothing.  In fact, the lot itself has no distractions on it. Well, unless you count Bachelor Rick because he is quite a nice distraction! And here he comes now!

the ladies arrive

Benny has just informed me that the food trucks and port-a-potties are on their way. Apparently, there was some snafu on the directions to this location. Well, that is a bit of bright news because I can only cross my legs for so long. Oh and look, the contestants have all arrived now. I have been given a sealed envelope by the producers on the contest rules, and I am ripping open the envelope as we speak! Oh, it jingles, and it looks like there are 7 keys in here as well.

benny and roxanna solo comp 2

And the rules of the contest are that each contestant will enter one of the glass-enclosed cubicles and be locked in! What? Oh my gosh, for how long – they will starve! Umm…oh wait…here we go…Bachelor Rick will go to the opposite side of the lot in the middle of the lot and look over each contestant in their cubicle. The doors will all be locked and the only one with a key to each cubicle will be Rick. *hands Rick the keys* When Rick decides on a contestant who he wants to go on a Solo Date with, he will unlock their cubicle and enter it. Oh my…that’s romantic. But wait, there’s more! Rick will do this three times, once from the middle of the lot and then from the front corner and back corner. At the end of the competition, it’s quite possible that the results will be that Rick may go on three, two, or just one Solo Date. I mean he might pick the same contestant more than once. Who knows what Rick will do! But this is so exciting!

So, ladies, are you feeling “lovely” today and have that “look of love” about you? Will you be the one who holds the key to Rick’s heart? Let’s find out as we begin the “Let My Love Open The Door” Solo Date Competition.

rick in the middleThe contestants enter the cubicles in alphabetical order and Benny locks each door and doublechecks that it is secure. Rick stands in the middle of the lot. Oh my gosh! Who will he choose? Will it be Iris, Nami, Octavia, Brianna, Naomi, Coral, or Raven? Rick seems to be studying each cubicle, and the ladies are…umm…the ladies are all playing video games on their phones. Really ladies? Unbelievable!

roxannas look

If I was in that cubicle, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, would be looking out the door trying to get Rick’s attention with some coy looks, and even blowing kisses at him. Strategy ladies – it’s your time to shine, not have the highest score in Blicblock!

hes heading somewhere

And our Bachelor is on the move…where is he heading…?

nami is browsing the web

Oh, and Nami seems to be sending Rick a text message! ♥♥♥”Pick Me! Pick Me!”♥♥♥ and I am sure there are little heart emojis in that message, too. A great idea Nami…I am sure it will work…or maybe not…

octavia has to go potty

I see some movement from Octavia’s cubicle and she is wildly flagging Rick over. Finally! Way to go Octavia! A sim with some pizzazz and know-how to attract our Bachelor…or maybe not…I think she may have to go potty…

he is on his way to serenade brianna

Rick is determined to get somewhere. And Rick now has the key to…Brianna’s heart! And he wants to serenade her. Ahhh…how sweet.

Playing the heartstrings serenade for Brianna

Rick is really giving it his all in that sweet serenade, and I think it’s working!

brianna gets the first key

And this absolutely makes Brianna’s day. She may have even gotten a little flirty hearing him sing to her. Brianna gets the first Solo Date. Congratulations Brianna! Now Brianna, this could be your chance for some real romance with Rick, so don’t hold back!

right front of lot

Rick now moves to the front corner and again looks over the contestants, and it doesn’t take long, and he’s on the move again. This time he’s heading towards the front of the cubicles. Oh…which one? Which cubicle?


Oh my gosh! Has Iris fallen asleep on her loveseat? Oh, I see, maybe she is play-acting like she is Sleeping Beauty and Rick is the Prince. What the heck! Wake up Iris, I think he’s coming your way…

on the move again

Oh, but no…he veered to the right…oh my gosh…talk about suspense…I, Roxanna Llama-Llama could have sworn he was going to go left, but he fooled us all and veered to the right. Why the sudden turn? Was he heading towards Naomi’s cubicle?


Naomi is probaby super excited and waiting at the door for him. Um…Naomi…why are you taking a selfie now? Rick is coming your way! But he passes Naomi’s cubicle…oh shucks…where is he going?

raven is singing

And Rick is still on the move heading toward the back of the cubicles. Oh, and what’s this? Raven is singing. Oh, now that is a great idea Raven. She must have somehow heard Rick serenading Brianna and got the idea. Crafty! Raven certainly has a lot of strategic moves planned. Be aloof…no…be enchanting. These strategies change so much, I can’t keep track. But will this one work? Rick hears her singing…and is drawn to her.

watch raven

He wants to watch her. Um, well, that sounds kind of creepy, if it was anyone other than Rick. But to have Rick watch you…now that is something special!

raven gets key no 2

He also gets a whim to compliment Raven. And Rick now has the key to…Raven’s heart. And, Raven gets the second Solo Date. Congratulations Raven! Now listen up, Raven…my advice to you is that if Rick makes a move on your date, take the hint and go for it!

rick in the corner again

And now for Rick’s last choice as he stands at the back corner looking over the contestants again. And the ladies are…umm…still playing video games oh their phones! Ladies…we really need to talk!

wants to chat with coral

Oh, and our Bachelor is on the move…and he’s heading towards the back of the cubicles again. I’m holding my breath here. Where is he going? Could he be heading to Raven’s cubicle again? But, no…he’s heading towards Coral’s cubicle!

now that's more like it

Now that’s more like it! Coral is thrilled to be chosen! And Rick now has the key to…Coral’s heart. And they take a moment to chat together…ummm…well, maybe not. I think that Coral is actually talking to herself. Oh my gosh! Get the girl a bottle of water, the heat has gotten to her!

coral talking to the tree

Better make that two, now she’s talking to the plant. Coral gets the third Solo Date with Rick. Congratulations Coral! Now Coral, I know how you like to talk to plants, and dressers and such, but, on your date, don’t forget to talk to that cute guy sitting there. You know, Bachelor Rick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From the archives comes a tidbit of information. This is the second time that Coral has won a Solo Date Competition. Her first was in the sand sculpture competition, where she made the same sand sculpture as Rick. Bravo Coral!

coral winner house 2.png

And so Rick will be going on three Solo Dates. The first with Brianna Hammond, the second with Raven Xang and the third with Coral Reeves. Congratulations to all! Where will Rick take them on their dates? I can hardly wait to find out!

solo comp 2 winners

Benny has also just told me that the food trucks have arrived and so have the port-a-potties. Thank goodness! Benny, please unlock all those doors so that the contestants can come out now. Maybe start with Octavia, since she really has “to go”. What? Some of the contestants want to remain in there? Ladies, the Bachelor is out here, the competition is over…come out and socialize! Sheesh! Until tomorrow, Wikii Wikki Wii from Sulani!

end of solo competition

Author’s Notes:

Pics of Roxanna and Benny were taken prior to the event. For the actual contest, it was only Rick and the contestants in their cubicles, no other distractions. Rick’s choices were all done by autonomous actions on Rick’s part. I just placed him in a spot on the lot and he decided where he wanted to go. I mean, after all, he is the Bachelor and he should choose, right?

“Let My Love Open The Door”, a song by Pete Townshend, 1980.


2 thoughts on “Somebody to Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date Competition # 2 – Let My Love Open The Door

  1. What a neat idea for Rick choosing the solo dates.

    And yay for Brianna! That was so sweet that he wanted to serenade her!

    Congrats to Raven and Coral, too! Very interested to see how those dates go!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, I thought that was so sweet that Rick wanted to serenade Brianna, too. She certainly got all flirty after that. lol Autonomous actions, gotta love ’em! lol

      Liked by 1 person

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