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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date with Brianna

bachelor in paradise kigi

cover shot roxie bri date

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Today, the first Solo Date winner, Brianna Hammond, will be heading off on a date with our Bachelor. Now because Rick’s nickname is “Island Rick”, all of the dates that Rick will be taking his dates on, involve travel to an island with his “Island Girl”. Oh, how mysterious and romantic.

Plus, I understand that he has selected some special gifts for each of his Solo Dates. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, can hardly wait to see what they are. Oh my gosh! I am as excited as the contestants!

And now, let’s head on over to the Bachelor House and peek in on Brianna and Rick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

a gift from rick

Brianna: Last night, as I headed back to my room for the night, I was very surprised to see a rose, a letter and a gift on my bedside table. I opened the letter and read it. It was from Rick!

“Brianna, a little something for you. I look forward to you being my “Island Girl” tomorrow. Until then, sweet dreams.” Rick

Brianna was excited as she carefully untied the ribbon on the package. Under layers of tissue paper lay three items. The first item was a blue Abalone shell. Brianna held it up to the light and it shimmered. The second item laying there was…a snorkel mask. She smiled as she set it aside. As she unwrapped the last gift, she gasped. Inside was a beautiful hand-painted island dress. And it was the right size! An additional note was pinned to it, “Bring with you for the evening.”

“I wonder if these are hints of what we will be doing tomorrow,” Brianna thought, as she held the dress up against her and admired herself in the mirror.

wonder what rick gave her

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

i thought watching the sun rise was a good way to start

Rick had asked Brianna to meet him near the bar area before sunrise. He thought that watching the sunrise together would be a perfect way to start the date.

its gorgeous rick

As they watched the sun climb higher in the sky, Rick was looking forward to his special day with Brianna. Rick sensed that Brianna was anticipating it, too.

are you ready to start our day together

Brianna turned to Rick, “Rick, before we begin our day, I just wanted to say thank you for the surprise gifts.”

“You’re welcome,” Rick smiled and held her hands, “But, Brianna, those gifts are really nothing compared to how beautiful you look today. I’ve never seen you with your hair down. You look so very pretty.”

Brianna smiled at the compliment, “Oh my gosh, he noticed my hair!” she thought to herself.

“So, are you ready to start our day together, my ‘Island Girl’?” Rick asked, winking at her as he said that.

“Absolutely, ‘Island Rick’,” she replied, flirting with him a bit.

follow me brianna its not far

Rick told her that they would be taking the outrigger canoes to their first destination. Rick helped Brianna descend the ladder and stowed their day bags in his canoe. Afu had also packed some sandwiches, drinks and fruit in a small cooler for them.

Brianna looked a bit nervous as she sat on the boat. “I don’t have a lot of experience in these,” Brianna confessed, hoping that this wouldn’t spoil the day.

they sailed out together never far from one another

“It’s not too far, and the ocean is calm. Plus, I’ll be with you the whole time”, Rick replied reassuring Brianna. He suggested she practice a bit around the bay, and once she got the hang of it, they were off. And true to his word, Rick never left her side as they travelled together.

i thought we could try out your giftThey arrived at Ohan’ali Beach without incident, and Brianna had quite enjoyed herself skimming over the water in the outrigger canoe. Rick told Brianna that there was a lagoon nearby with crystal clear waters. He thought it would be a perfect spot to snorkel together. They grabbed their scuba masks and entered the water laughing together.


snorkelling together

They spent most of the morning exploring the lagoon.

swimming together

Afterwards, they swam together, every once in awhile stopping to chat. The lagoon water was so warm and clear, and being here with Brianna just seemed so…right.

brianna did a playful splash with him

Just then, Brianna became rather playful and splashed Rick.

ready for another adventure

He laughed at her antics and did a small splash back. She laughed in return. Rick motioned to the far shore and said that they should head over there.

brianna feeling flirty

Once ashore, they strolled along the beach together and Rick pointed out some seashells lying on the beach.

“It’s how the waves come ashore at this spot,” Rick explained, “This part of the beach always seems to have the most seashells. It’s where I found the blue abalone seashell I gave you.”

“You…you came here and picked out a shell for me?” asked Brianna a little surprised.

“Yes…I was looking for that particular shell. They are rather rare and no two shells are ever the same. Getting an abalone shell as a gift brings you luck, and…” Rick seemed to have trailed off in his explanation.

“It brings luck….and what else, Rick?” asked Brianna, now very curious about the shell.

“They say that the abalone shell has mystical properties. It’s said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion and…” Rick stopped speaking for a moment and then whispered softly, “…and love,” Rick finished.

r and b date

Rick’s eyes met Brianna’s briefly, and in that moment, Rick felt the urge to take her in his arms and hold her close to him. But he hesitated, and Brianna smiled shyly and looked away. At this point, Rick autonomously decided to serenade Brianna. He really likes singing to her.

Whether it was the warm breeze, the sunny day, or the company she was with, Brianna was feeling rather flirty suddenly. She was feeling a bit “hot” and fanned herself with her hand.

they built a sand castle together

They searched the sandy inlet and Brianna picked up a few shells. She had found a large conch shell, and Rick carried it for her. The sun was high overhead and they swam back to the main beach. Rick brought over the lunch that Afu had prepared, and after enjoying their repast, they decided to walk along the beach some more. They entered a clearing which Rick thought would be the perfect spot for a sand sculpture.

sandgnome together

They enjoyed their afternoon together, and laughed at their final sand creation. In fact, Rick, was feeling very playful. Some wild thoughts were running through his mind like lifting Brianna over his shoulder and running into the water with her.

A beautiful day to explore the lagoon

Well, to be honest, those weren’t the only ‘wild thoughts’ Rick was having! Oh, behave!

“I was wondering if ‘Island Brianna’ would like to join me for dinner? I know a little place that serves authentic island food, and the scenic views there are some of the best in Sulani,” Rick said, already knowing what Brianna’s answer would be.

“I would be honored, ‘Island Rick’, but only if you let me buy you a drink,” Brianna answered.

“Oh, is it going to be one of those frothy drinks with a little pink umbrella adorning it?” Rick teased her.

“Oh darn, Rick, you read my mind,” laughed Brianna as she threw a beach towel at him.

“Oh hey now, no rough stuff there ‘island girl”‘, winked Rick.

“Rough stuff? I’ll show you rough stuff!” laughed Brianna as she playfully ran after Rick pretending to tackle him like a linebacker.

It was time to head to their next destination. After packing up the outrigger canoes, and helping Brianna aboard, they were off.

she was having a great date

This time, Brianna had no qualms of steering the outrigger canoe. They followed the coastline, and it seemed like they were there in minutes.

the place is gorgeous rick

They landed safely and Rick helped Brianna out of the outrigger canoe. The spot that Rick had brought Brianna was spectacular. An outdoor restaurant-bar right beside a waterfall with views of the ocean all around them.

before it gets too dark there is somewhere I want to show you

Rick grabbed the day bags and handed Brianna hers. “If you’d like to change and freshen up, there are some restrooms by that grove of palm trees,” Rick said.

Brianna looked to where he had pointed, “I could probably use some freshening up myself. Darn sand gets everywhere, you know,” Rick said, “But I want to secure the outrigger canoes first, so you go ahead.”

watching brianna

Brianna thanked him and headed towards the restrooms. Rick stood rooted to the spot and watched her walk away. Ummm…okay Rick…securing the outrigger canoes, huh?

wow she looked beautiful

Rick was ready first and waited for Brianna. When Brianna made her entrance, Rick was captivated by her. She looked amazing.

wow brianna looked gorgeous

Brianna suggested that they head to the bar area, where she ordered drinks for the two of them.

Author’s Notes: In reality, Rick ordered the drinks.

and sure enough it had a pink umbrella

And sure enough, Brianna ordered some drink with a little pink umbrella adorning it. But it tasted pretty good. Um…Rick…why do you have two drinks in your hand?

afu playing the guitar he was good

And it looks like Afu is keeping an eye on these two as he suddenly appeared and started playing the guitar. He actually sounded pretty good. What other hidden talents do you have, Afu?

rick blows brianna an autonomous kiss


They sat down together and their dinner arrived very quickly. Their conversation flowed smoothy and so did their flirting with one another. In fact, Rick blows Brianna an autonomous kiss.

shall we watch the sunset

After dinner, Rick took Brianna’s hands in his and they walked leisurely towards the shoreline.

“Shall we watch the sunset together?” Rick asked and Brianna nodded yes.

brianna i

And as they stood watching the sunset, Rick glanced over at Brianna and saw her face bathed in the glowing rays. She had never looked so lovely. He inched closer to her.

“This is the moment,” he thought to himself, “This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.”

and in the setting sun brianna gets the first kiss

And before either of them knew what was happening, Rick had reached over and gently kissed Brianna on the lips. It had been a quick kiss, almost a chaste brush of their lips. But when they parted, he could hear Brianna’s soft intake of breath.

is it love

brianna definitely wants another kiss

one more kiss my island girl

The lingering taste of Brianna’s sweet lips played on his mind, and Rick knew one thing…one kiss was not enough. He wrapped Brianna in his arms and pulled her close to him. They gazed into each others’ eyes, and Rick murmured, “One more kiss, my island girl…” Rick felt Brianna’s arm encircle his waist, as he lowered his head towards Brianna and kissed her, ever so tenderly on the lips. And this kiss…this kiss*, was the one they would both remember.

the perfect kiss

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

steamy looks brianna

Brianna’s Date Thoughts:

“To say that this date with Rick was the perfect date is an understatement. From sunrise to sunset, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a day like that before. And even though I was a bit nervous at the start of the date handling an outrigger canoe by myself, Rick was so patient and understanding. And he never left my side. That says a lot about the type of person Rick really is. And those gifts…it’s true…they were hints about the date. The scuba mask, for our snorkelling time, that gorgeous dress for dinner…and that shell! I mean, Rick went to Ohan’ali Beach and had searched for a shell just for me. But not just any shell, an abalone shell with mystical powers that enhance feelings of “love”. Now what does that say? That Rick wants me to feel more for him? I mean, I haven’t told him how I really feel, but somehow, I think he already knows. Rick and I just seem to naturally connect, but it’s the little things he does that warm my heart in ways I couldn’t have expected. And having said that, now, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next fews days, or weeks, knowing that Rick will probably be kissing a few more contestants. But I can only hope that our kiss together will remain on his mind, like it remains on mine.”

Relationship Status remains unchanged at Lovebirds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Ummmm….wow! That was some date! And Rick finally gets his first kiss with Brianna. And what a kiss it was! I am not sure if this is the effect of the “Great Kisser” trait that Rick has, but the look on both of their faces says it all. Hot! Hot! Hot! The date portion was just at the Lounge area. *Gold date achieved*.

“Island Girl”, a song by Elton John, 1976. Watch this YouTube video on this song for a laugh (features stills from the tv series, Gilligan’s Island, circa 1964-1967)

“This Kiss, This Kiss,” song lyrics from the song, This Kiss, by Faith Hill, 1998.

Healing Properties for Abalone Shell article.

Thanks to this simmer for the wonderful build. I added a few items, like a grill, hottub, and fireplace. Rick never did get any whims for the hottub, though I also changed it from a “Beach” lot to a “Lounge”.

mermaid bay build photo credit






8 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date with Brianna

  1. This was in particular a hot, hot, hot date.
    Sulani’s blue water and golden sunsets provide some of the most beatiful scenes in the game.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes, this date was truly wonderful. Rick and Brianna got along so well and were very playful and flirty with each other. I love the Island Living game pack for the scenery and the amazing sunsets. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have that lot! It’s amazing!

    Oh wow! What a date! And they look so amazing together and in love.

    Couldn’t have gone more perfectly!

    And now I’m with Brianna in trepedation at Rick having more breathtaking dates. But I’m here for it and if he doesn’t choose Brianna, I know he’ll find that woman of his dreams. He deserves it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. The whole day flowed so well for these two, with hardly any prompting from me. There were some screenies I missed, due to autonomous actions on either Rick or Brianna’s part. Brianna did, in fact, splash Rick autonomously, and before I could do anything, he splashed her back. It was so cute. And Rick serenaded Brianna again on the beach. I seriously have never had this happen before. Normally if I want a sim to serenade the other, I have to “make” them do the interaction. But not Rick with Brianna. That is now twice he’s done that autonomously. That Rick, the old crooner. And the look on their faces before they kissed again…wow! I immediately thought of the song “This Kiss”, and linked it in the notes, because that is how I believe that Brianna felt when Rick kissed her a second time. Ahhhh…sims in love :)☻

      Liked by 2 people

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