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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date With Raven

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxanna intro raven date

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. With Rick’s first Solo Date done, it’s now time to move onto his second Solo Date with Raven Xang. As you may recall, Raven’s first Solo Date with Rick ended rather abruptly with Rick getting food poisoning. That was so nasty! But today is a new day, and if Rick’s date yesterday is any indication of what is in store for today, Raven is in for a treat. The only question that I, Roxanna Llama-Llama have, is, what gifts did he get Raven, and where is “Island Rick” taking his “Island Girl” today?

So, let’s head on over to the Bachelor House and peek in on Rick and Raven.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Raven: Yesterday, while Rick was out, there was a knock on my bedroom door and when I answered it, Afu was standing there. He handed me a rose, a gift box, and a letter from Rick. Afu also told me that Rick requested that I pack some formal evening wear for a special event. When the door closed, the first thing I did was tear open that letter to see what it said.

“Raven, a little surprise for you. I look forward to going on a date with my “Island Girl” tomorrow. Until then, sweet dreams.” Rick

Raven looked at the gift box and finally untied the ribbon and unwrapped the tissue paper which held three gifts. The first item was a small black cat statue, which Raven admired and set aside. The next item was some type of costume. Raven held it up and couldn’t believe what it was. A note was pinned to it, “Wear this for our date.” What the heck? Oh now, this was intriguing. The last item was wrapped in glitter tissue paper that sparkled when the sun shone on it. Inside was a book. And when she glanced at the title, she almost dropped the gift in surprise. The title was, “Warm Bodies”*. Oh gosh! This was the greatest zombie love story of all time and her favorite book!

gifts rick gave

“I’m such a fool,” Raven thought, “If Rick took this much trouble to select these gifts, he obviously has deep feelings for me. I was a fool to reject his advances at the spa, but I know if it happens again, I’m not going to stop him. I’m done with playing games.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

meeting at the skiff

Rick had asked Raven to meet him near the skiff beside the house at noon. When Raven arrived, Rick couldn’t help but smile at how amazing she looked in her costume.

are u ready raven

Rick offered Raven his hand to help her on-board, and Raven turned to him and said, “Rick, I wanted to thank you for the gifts and planning this date. I’ve been really looking forward to it.”

“It’s my pleasure, Raven,” Rick replied smiling, “But you know, I thought zombies were supposed to look scary, but you are much too good looking to scare anyone,” Rick said, giving her a flirtatious smile. Raven was thinking the same thing about Rick as she glanced at him.

“Are you ready for an adventure, my ‘Island Girl’? asked Rick, stowing the day bags in the boat and gesturing towards the seaplane.

joking with each other

“As long as I don’t have to be a wing walker* in this costume, “Island Rick”. I don’t think these rags would survive the wind,” Raven laughed back pointing at herself.

“Now there’s a thought…!” Rick replied, flirting with Raven as he pointedly looked at her. Raven nudged him with her elbow and Rick feigned a hurt look. They both laughed as Rick launched the boat into the water.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


They landed safely in Brindleton Bay and Rick told Raven that they were there for the Annual ZombieFest. It was a zombie-themed event, and the entire town was decorated. Pub crawls, themed-food vendors, concerts and a horror movie marathon, called Frightfest, were some of the activites. Raven now understood why they were dressed like zombies. Rick suggested they head to some of the unique shops in town. Later, they could stop for lunch at a pub which served some ‘unusual’ food. Raven thought that was a great idea as she was a tad hungry.


“Are you ready, my zombie island girl?” Rick asked, a mischievous smile played on his lips. Raven nodded and before she knew it, Rick yelled “Braaains”, and proceeded to shuffle along the sidewalk with his arms outstretched. Raven couldn’t believe it! But soon she had joined him and was yelling “Braaains,” herself. On their way to the shops, they shouted “Braaains” at any sim who passed. And no-one looked at them strangely. It was indeed a fun way to start the date.

1st store was a magic shop

They spent the afternoon wandering the quaint shops. Raven was intrigued by the magic shop. Rick wasn’t sure, but he thought he heard Raven ask the sales clerk if they had any love potions.


They even went to a fortune tellers to have their fortunes told.


But Raven didn’t say anything when her future love life question was answered. But by the look on her face, Rick figured it was a very positive response.


Rick then brought Raven to an antique bookshop. When they entered, the shopkeeper welcomed Rick by name.

“They seem to know you here,” Raven said as she eyed a book called The Sauntering Dead.

rick and raven in the bookstore


“Yes, I was here a while ago. This is where I found the book I gave you,” said Rick as he pointed to one of the massive bookshelves.

“Really?” replied Raven, “You came here to buy me a book?”

“Well, the author was here for a book signing, and, I ummm…thought that you might like it. It’s kind of a post-apocalyptic zombie story,” Rick started to say, “And at the beginning of the story, the main character, Z, who is a zombie, rescues this human named Julie, and as their relationship progresses, he becomes more human. You could almost say he was saved…he was saved by…” Rick absent-minded ran his finger along the spine of a nearby book.

“Yes….he was saved…saved by what Rick?” asked Raven, already knowing the answer to her own question.

Rick looked at her and said, “He was saved by love.”


Raven whispered to him, “Yes, I know. I’ve read it several times. It’s my favorite book.”

“Your favorite book? Why didn’t you tell me?” Rick laughed.

“Because I wanted to hear your critique of the book. But, Rick, why did you buy me THAT book?” Raven questioned.

its my fav book too

“Because it’s my favorite book, too,” replied Rick looking at Raven intently and saw the disbelief on her face. Rick thought she looked so vulnerable sometimes, and it was times like this that he just wanted to hold her in his arms.


And that’s when Raven autonomously blew Rick a kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The pub was right next door. It was a gorgeous gothic manor that had been converted to a pub. They headed straight to the bar and Rick ordered them some “Granny Smash” drinks and a “zombie special” for lunch.

inside the pub

The “zombie special” turned out to be “cheesey eyeballs” and “brain popcorn shrimp”, which tasted pretty good to hungry zombies.

rick trying to get ravens attention

The bar had filled up quickly and Rick and Raven couldn’t get a seat together. Rick saw an empty table open up and tried to get Raven’s attention to head over there.

why was this sim coming to sit with rick

But it seems that this townie thought that Rick was motioning for her to sit beside him. Ummm….no! So, after finishing their drinks, they headed to the restrooms to change to their formal wear and headed down to the dock area. They were outta there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

it was overcast and they could barely see the island

As part of ZombieFest, they were showing horror movies on Deadgrass Isle. But tonight was a gala event, and Rick and Raven looked great in their formal wear. The sea mist was rolling in and they could barely make out the island in the distance. But what Rick did notice was how radiant Raven looked.

coming up the boat ramp together

They docked safely and headed up the ramp together and Rick couldn’t hide his excitement any longer. They walked over to the billboard advertising the Frightfest Film Fest.

i wanted to bring you somewhere speical tonight

Rick took Raven’s hands in his, “Raven, tonight is a rather special night. Frightfest Film Fest is showing a unique film…tonight only. I didn’t want to tell you earlier to spoil the surprise. You see, when I bought your book, the author was there at a book-signing event, and I had him autograph your book. He was promoting his new movie, and we got to talking, and well…tonight, they’re having a special premiere of the movie “Warm Bodies”. And you, my island girl, are on the guest list. Well, along with me, of course,” Rick said smiling warmly at Raven.

rick i cant believe yoou broought me here

“The movie is….the movie is “Warm Bodies”? It’s a movie now? And we’re guests to the movie premiere? Oh, Rick, I can’t believe it!” Raven looked like she was going to cry she was so happy. But instead she hugged him.

Perhaps Rick imagined it, but that hug seemed to last longer than usual. And as they held each other, Rick inhaled Raven’s perfume, a heady combination of smoky sweetness that assaulted his senses. As Rick nuzzled Raven’s hair, he found it almost impossible to fight the thoughts that were going through him. But they broke apart then, and he composed himself.

touring the museum and rick telling tales

The movie wasn’t starting for a bit and so they went into the museum to look at the displays. Rick told Raven the story of the St. Bernard ship and how it crashed onto Deadgrass Isle.

“…And all they found was a lifeboat full of cat and dog survivors , no sims…” Rick regaled the tale to Raven.

“Oh my gosh! It sounds so mysterious!” Raven said hanging onto Rick’s every word.

getting popcorn for the movie

After looking at the displays, they headed to the outdoor film area. The movie would be starting in a few minutes and, of course, what’s a movie without popcorn? Rick carried the two bowls and proceeded down the red carpet towards a seat at the front.

and its i dont know her name but i got her autograph

The film premiere had a lot of celebrities on the guest list, too.

“Oh my gosh, it’s…ummm…well, I don’t remember her name…but she’s famous, and I got her autograph!” Raven squealed in delight as she sat down beside Rick and showed it to him.

celebs at the movies

The place was starting to fill up and more celebrities made appearances.

watching the premier together

The movie had started…

too scary for you

Rick looked over at Raven for her reaction when Z’s heart started to beat for the first time…

i think that scene scared rick

“Oh! That was scary!”, Rick exclaimed, realizing he had almost dropped his popcorn on Raven.

rick is a bit scared

Ummm…Rick…I thought you liked horror movies.

oh that was scary

Raven’s eyes were glued to the screen but she jumped at one scene.

a little cuddle during the movie

Rick moved closer and suggested they snuggle during the movie…you know…to keep each other safe from the zombies. Oh, Rick…you’re a sly one…I do think Raven likes that idea.

this is the part that i love

And the movie was over all too soon. Raven couldn’t stop talking about the movie…the actors…the actresses…the setting… Rick just listened to her. He knew that Raven was having a good time on their date. He certainly was.

will u come with me raven

Afterward, several guests milled about chatting, while others headed to the bar for a drink, or down to the ferry to go back to the mainland. Rick had something else in mind and told Raven that he wanted to bring her somewhere special.

“Will you come with me, ‘Island Raven’?” asked Rick.

“Lead the way, ‘Island Rick’,” Raven replied, excited as to where Rick might take her next.

they ran along the road together

Rick motioned down a path but said they didn’t have much time as the last ferry left at midnight. They hurried together, Rick always keeping Raven insight.

what is this place graveyard

“What is this place, Rick?” asked Raven.

“It’s a pet cemetery, where the dogs and cats of that ill-fated ship were buried. Some say that their spirits still haunt the island,” Rick explained.

entering the graveyard

“I wanted to show you a special epitaph on a grave marker,” Rick said as they entered the graveyard together.

“You’ve been here before?” asked Raven incredulously.

“Well, during the day, they give guided tours of the island, including this cemetery. Every day, except today, as they had this special event going on. So, because I know you like graveyards, I didn’t want you to miss seeing this one,” explained Rick.

it was a ghost cat

“Oh my gosh, he came here because of me,” thought Raven. They walked in together holding hands, and Raven thought she saw a ghostly image on top of a grave marker. But when she looked again, it was gone.

Author’s Notes: Sorry for the dark screenies, but if you look to the right on top of that grave monument, you can make out a red shape, which is a ghost cat. Pure luck that one was here when they arrived.


They stopped at a grave marker and Rick read the epitaph.

epitaph on gravestone rick


“That is the sweetest epitaph I’ve ever read. Those pets must have been truly loved,” said Raven. And whether it was what she had just read, the spooky stillness of the graveyard, or Rick standing rather close to her, Raven was suddenly feeling very flirty.


They decided to explore the graveyard some more and Rick kept a watchful eye on Raven as she went to examine some gravestones near the entrance.


Raven heard a sound behind her and almost jumped at the noise. She turned around to see…a black cat! She must have given a little cry out loud because Rick was suddenly by her side.

raven and rick holding hands

“Raven, are you okay?” asked Rick, taking her hands in his, “I thought I heard you call out.”

“I’m…I’m fine. I just…I heard something and turned around and there was a black cat behind me. It just startled me, that’s all,” Raven replied looking all around for the black cat, but it had disappeared.

“Oh, that would be Salem, one of the many island residents. He likes to come around when there’s a tour on. Maybe he thought there was a tour tonight and figured he’d get a treat,” laughed Rick.

she was so beautiful in the moonlight

“Well, maybe they should give tours at night. I know it’s a graveyard, but look at how beautiful it looks. So quiet with its misty eeriness and the moon shining down on everything. It’s surreal,” Raven said in a hushed voice.

“Yes, everything is rather beautiful here tonight,”  Rick replied, staring at Raven as he said it.

“And the moon…the moon…it’s so bright…” Raven answered.

lovely in the moonlight

Rick certainly had to agree as they both stood quietly beside each other staring up at the moon. “Moonlight is so magical. It holds you in its spell and you can’t fight it,” Raven said quietly. Rick looked at Raven and couldn’t help thinking how hauntingly beautiful she looked, with her full lips, her pale, translucent skin, and her black hair which shimmered with silver streaks in the moonlight. “Gosh, she’s gorgeous,” he thought.

the moon graveyard

Rick wanted to kiss her but was worried that Raven might reject him again. And yet, this time was different, They were all alone. No-one to barge in and disturb their romantic moment. And as Rick stood there, the night breeze seemed to whisper to him, and he knew there was no better time than now.

the first kiss with raven

And then he kissed her. It was a light, fleeting kiss, but Rick was certain of one thing…Raven hadn’t resisted.

raven had fallen for him

rick couldnt fight the moonlight

And when they looked into each other’s eyes, Rick knew he wanted to kiss Raven again. “You’re right, my island girl…you can’t fight the moonlight…”* and with that, he cupped her face in his hands and tilted her head as he met her warm lips with his. Softly, ever so softly he kissed her. He felt her arms around his neck, grabbing his shirt collar, clinging to him, like she was afraid she would fall. And standing there under the stars, they were lost in the moment, in the slow, lingering kiss that they shared.

kiss in amongst the gravestones

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

raven date thioughts redo2

Raven’s Date Thoughts:

I’m in a dream, or maybe it’s a nightmare, I’m not sure which. This date with Rick…I never expected anything like it. It was an absolute dream. I was blown away! Let’s just put it this way, Rick has quite an imagination! Oh sure, he could have just taken me to a restaurant again, and that would have been fine. Well, except maybe a restaurant that didn’t serve tainted food like our first Solo Date. But, no, it’s like Rick planned the entire date around me and my interests. I never had such fun screaming “Braains” at sims before. Then, the premiere of the film…you know, I think my heart melted a bit when Rick told me what the movie was. And Rick is always so full of surprises. I mean, seriously, who brings their date to a cemetery? And did you see that black cat…like the gift Rick gave me…it was a hint. I am sure others would have thought that going to a graveyard was the worst date ever. But it was so wonderful, so unique, so eerie and exciting, so memorable, especially with that kiss in the moonlight. Yes….that kiss…the one I can’t forget. And that’s where the nightmare starts. You see, all my life, sims haven’t really liked me because I was different. But, I knew how to act. I was tough, not caring what others thought about me. I never let my guard down to get hurt. But Rick likes me for me. And when Rick kissed me, I felt that part of me that I’ve kept hidden away from everyone, open up. Like in the book he gave me, except I am that zombie boy and when Rick kissed me, MY heart started to beat. I became alive. And now my emotions are a mess…scared and excited all at the same time. I’m terrified with how I’m feeling about Rick, knowing that quite possibly I might get hurt. And I feel like I’m losing control. Like maybe I’m not that tough, strong sim I thought I was. Because now, when I look into Rick’s eyes, I get weak.*

Relationship status remains unchanged at Lovebirds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

These two, in the graveyard…who would have thought that this date would be so romantic? But I have to tell you that I was a bit nervous about having Rick kiss Raven. I really didn’t know what she would autonomously do. But she didn’t reject him, so that worked out well. And who could blame Rick for wanting to kiss her…under the stars…in the moonlight. So romantic. But I think there’s trouble ahead for Raven. I mean, did you see that look on Raven’s face after the first kiss with Rick? Such conflicting emotions. The date portion was on Deadgrass Isle. *Gold date achieved*.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wing Walking* is a daredevil stunt of moving along the wings of a plane (normally a biplane) while in flight. Wikipedia.

“Warm Bodies,” is a PG13-rated movie (from the book of the same name by author Isaac Marion). Deemed a “zombie” love story. In a post-apocalyptic future where a devastating plague has turned most of the population into zombies, a zombie named Z rescues a human, named Julie, from a zombie attack. When Z sees Julie, he feels his heart beat for the first time. As the two fall in love, Z becomes more and more human, and finally when Julie and Z kiss, Z is cured of the plague and becomes fully human. Cured by love.

Can’t Fight The Moonlight*, a song by LeAnn Rimes, from the movie Coyote Ugly, 2000.

I Get Weak*, a song by Belinda Carlisle, 1987.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Simmer Creations:

Deadgrass Discoveries, the museum on Deadgrass Isle in Brindleton Bay, is a Maxis build. I just added a small outdoor movie area and added a bar. I changed the lot type from Museum to Restaurant, and chose “formal” for the attire. To have celebrities appear, I added “Hottest Spot in Town,” for the lot trait. The cemetery lot can’t be edited to add lights, so sorry for some dark screenies there.

Thanks to these simmers for their fantastic builds and “zombie” sims they created. The Infected (Zombies) sims are part of the Murkland Challenge by Brennachan. Waylon was randomly generated as the bartender. Read more about the challenge here.

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