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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date With Coral

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today, our Bachelor heads off on the last of the Competition Solo Dates with Coral Reeves. Rick has certainly been imaginative with his date locations for both Brianna and Raven. And the question today is, where in the sim world will ‘Island Rick’ be taking his ‘Island Girl’ on her date?

Well, let’s not waste any time and head on over to the Bachelor House and peek in on Coral and Rick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Coral: Last night, as I headed into my room, I saw some items on the table at the foot of my bed. Oh my gosh! There was a red rose, a gift box and a letter. I knew these had to be gifts from Rick. I opened the letter first.

“Coral, a few gifts for you. I am looking forward to going on a date with my ‘Island Girl’ tomorrow. Until then, sweet dreams.” Rick.

Coral opened the gift box and after unwrapping all the tissue paper, three items lay inside. The first looked like a water globe with a little green sea creature inside. Coral shook the globe and little flecks of white swirled through the water. She had never seen anything like it before. The second gift was a green stone, almost translucent, allowing the sun to shine through it. The third item was a beautiful island outfit and Coral fingered the skirt material. A note was pinned to it “Bring with you for the evening”.

“These are so beautiful and Rick was so thoughtful in choosing them for me” exclaimed Coral, “I think I want to give Rick a gift back. But…what shall I get him…?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rick had asked Coral to meet him in front of the Bachelor House at sunrise. Rick didn’t have to wait long as Coral skipped down the stairs and walked over to where he stood. Before he could even greet her, Coral engulfed him in a warm hug.

“Rick, I wanted to say thank you so much for all those gifts! I am so excited about our date today. And that outfit…oh my gosh…I carefully packed it in my bag for this evening,” said Coral, pointing to her bag.

Rick smiled at Coral. She was always so full of life and wonderment. That’s what he liked about her…well, that, and how incredibly beautiful she looked.

Rick took Coral’s hands in his, “I’m glad you liked them,” Rick said, “But no gift can compare to your beautiful green eyes and how they glint in the sunlight. They’re magical.”

Coral seemed to blush at the compliment. “But not as magical as yours, Rick. I can see the ocean in your blue eyes…” Coral replied as they stood together holding hands.

Just then a limo pulled up and Rick let go of Coral’s hands to motion to the driver. “Are you ready to start our day together, my ‘Island Girl’?” asked Rick, again taking Coral’s hand in his, helping her in the limo.

“I am, ‘Island Rick’, but may I ask where we’re going?” asked Coral.

As Rick packed the day bags and cooler in the trunk, he explained that they would be heading to a private airport, and from there, they would board a helicopter for their destination.

“A helicopter?” enthused Coral, “I’ve never been on one before! It’ll be like I’m a bird! You know, I always wanted to be a bird. Spread my wings and fly…and touch the sky…”*

Rick looked at Coral then and knew that no matter what they did, it would certainly be a fun and interesting date.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The helicopter landed on Windenburg Island in a grassy field near the Villareal’s estate. Rick helped Coral out, and grabbed the day packs and the small cooler they had brought. The pilot waved them good-bye and told Rick he would be back in a few hours to pick them up.

“So, do you like to explore secret caves?” Rick winked at Coral, hoisting the day pack over his shoulder.

“A cave? Oh, that sounds exciting. I’ve only ever explored sea caves,” replied Coral.

“Well, this is more like a secret passageway to another time and place,” answered Rick, wondering what Coral would think of that.

Coral looked at him dumb-founded, “Oh my gosh! We’re going to time travel? Like in that book I read once, umm…The Time Machine*…oh, but it was kind of scary, too.”

Rick looked at Coral and laughed, “Not real time travelling and nothing scary. Just stay with me and you’ll be fine.”

And they made it through! It was rather overcast, and then Rick felt it. The first drop of rain. Oh no! There really was no shelter at this location, and he didn’t think that Coral wanted to be outdoors in the rain for the next few hours. And what if it turned into a thunderstorm? Rick checked his phone – no service.

“Coral, I’m so sorry. The weather is not going to make this a very nice location for a date. Perhaps we should head back through the passageway and head to that house and use their phone. We can go somewhere else for our date,” Rick said looking rather apologetic, as the rain pelted down harder on them.

Oh, it looks like a really special spot. Rick, I’ve been thinking…you have been so nice and bought me all those gifts, I would like to give you a gift,” Coral said.

“Oh, well that is very nice, Coral, but maybe we should head to that house first…” said Rick using his hand as a shield against the rain.

“Well, I could give you your gift now, but I would have to use some mermaid powers…”Coral remarked.

Rick looked at her quizzically.

“Oh, no…it’s nothing like that…like, I am NOT going to use my powers to…umm…make you like me more. We all swore a promise that we wouldn’t do that. I…um…I just…I want to make the day a bit brighter…” Coral said smiling.

And with that, she pulled out a conch shell and blew into it.

And suddenly the clouds dispersed and the sun started to shine. “You see, clear skies! Now we can stay here for our date like you planned,” Coral said smiling.

“Wow! I always knew you were pretty amazing, but this…this is incredible, Coral! And will it stay sunny all day now?” asked Rick.

“Well, it will be sunny for a few hours, but if it starts raining again, I won’t be able to control the weather. Well, not until tomorrow.” replied Coral.

This is certainly an impressive gift. Thank you for sharing it with me,” said Rick looking at Coral fondly. “But this gift…what happens to you when you use your gifts?”

“I get very uncomfortable and dehydrated. If I get too dry, I will pass out. And when that happens, if I don’t get into water or drink water, I will die,” explained Coral quietly.

“Oh my gosh, Coral! Let’s get you something to drink!” said Rick as he opened the cooler and handed Coral a beverage.

Coral took the drink and sipped it gratefully. “It doesn’t happen that fast, but thank you,” Coral said almost shyly.

Rick took Coral’s hand in his and led her down a pathway. “I wanted to show you this place, as I thought you might like it. It’s called The Bluffs and is the site of some ancient ruins and a natural pool. Some sims lived here many centuries ago and I always pictured this place to be the ruins of a formidable castle. It certainly would be impenetrable from the sea with the sheer rock cliffs surrounding it. You could see for miles in any direction and spot any approaching ships. You could also spot the fabled sea serpent that is rumored to swim in these waters…” Rick recounted as he pointed out to the ocean.

“A sea serpent? One lives here?” Coral said in amazement looking out towards the water.

“Yes, apparently many sims have seen her swimming out there. And they’ve even named her Emily,” Rick said as they stood there together looking out over the water for several minutes. And even though they scanned the waterway thoroughly, there was no sign of the sea serpent.

“Oh, that’s too bad. It doesn’t look like she’ll make an appearance for us today. But at least you have the snowglobe gift so you know what she looks like,” Rick smiled.

“The gift! The one with the green sea creature in it! Oh how wonderful,” Coral thought.

“Well, we can look out every now and then and maybe we’ll spot her. In the meantime, I was wondering if you’re up for some swimming…and maybe some diving…” Rick said.

“Swimming! I love swimming!” Coral exclaimed, as she hurried off towards the natural pool.

They swam together and Rick had to admit that it was a beautiful day. He loved this secluded spot, loved swimming in the warm pool, but he mostly loved how Coral looked. So lovely both in and out of the water.

Coral must have thought Rick looked pretty good, too, and blew him an autonomous kiss. Ooh la la!

They swam together most of the morning and then Rick got out and explored the area. He found a stone diving platform and challenged Coral to a diving match.

And Rick performs the perfect back flip into the water. Showing off a bit there Rick?

“Rick is so athletic, and that dive was pretty good. But now to show him what a dive really looks like!” thought Coral.

It was now Coral’s turn. Rick figured that mermaids were naturals at diving, but Coral looked a bit awkward standing up on that rock ledge. Rick thought that she hesitated a moment, as if thinking about something, and then took the plunge.

SPLASH! Coral does a belly flop right into the water. Ugh! Poor Coral!

Oops! Rick had no idea that mermaids could do belly flops!

“Well, maybe there are a few things I can still teach Coral in the water,” Rick laughs as he heads over to make some lunch for them.

“Is Rick looking my way? No? Okay, don’t tell him I ‘faked’ that dive. I was going to do a rather impressive dive, but changed my mind. If Rick saw how I could really dive, he’d be feeling rather bad right now. So, shhhh, let’s not spoil his day, shall we?” Coral whispered.

Rick opened the cooler and unpacked the picnic items. There was a drum bar-b-q and an old picnic table, and Rick grilled some veggie burgers for lunch.

They were both rather hungry after their swim. Especially Rick. Talk about devouring a hamburger in one bite! Rick! Well, let’s just say that Rick isn’t the neatest of eaters. But it doesn’t seem to faze Coral in the least. Their conversation flowed, and they chatted together and Rick told a few jokes.

And then Rick does an autonomous flirt with Coral. Oh yeah! Maybe Rick is hungry for more than just burgers!

“Coral, the helicopter will be returning soon, and I just wanted to say thank you for changing the weather. This has been a wonderful day so far. And I was wondering…there is a special event being held tonight, and…well, I was hoping that you would like to accompany me, my ‘Island Coral’,” Rick asked.

“Oh, I would love to go, my ‘Island Rick’,” replied Coral, happy that they would be spending more time together.

Coral said she had to use the “facilities” and headed towards the nearest bush. “No, peeking now, Rick!” she joked.

Rick let Coral have her privacy and headed over to a bonfire and lit it. Maybe he and Coral could snuggle by the fire before they departed.

Or maybe not…Rick heard the thunder first. It had started to rain again, which kind of squelched any romantic notions that Rick was having. He called to Coral to say they were leaving.

Meanwhile, Coral seemed non-pulsed by the thunderstorm and decided to shower in the rain. But when she heard Rick calling to her, she quickly stopped and headed over to his side.

Rick hoped that the weather would be better at their next destination. But he knew, it was definitely a good time to head out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The helicopter dropped them off in a clearing on Mua Pel’am, and they had to walk up a path. They arrived at an outdoor area which was surrounded by beautiful flowers and palm trees. Island music was playing and the smell of a delectable feast filled the air. Rick told Coral that they would be attending an island luau together. Coral was pretty excited because she had never been to one before.

“There are some restrooms on the other side where you can change and freshen up. I’ll head there in a bit, but I just wanted to make sure that they had two kava drinks for us. It goes pretty fast, and I remember you said you liked it,” Rick said giving Coral a glance as she headed off towards the restrooms.

Rick had changed quickly and sat at one of the tables waiting for Coral. And it wasn’t long before she appeared. And what an entrance she made! Rick had donned a lei, but Coral had fashioned the flowers in her hair, and she looked quite gorgeous.

“You look lovely, Coral, and every bit like an ‘Island Girl'”, Rick complimented Coral.

“And in that shirt and lei, I understand why you are called ‘Island Rick’. You certainly look like an islander to me,” remarked Coral.

They headed up to the bar area to get some kava, and there were a lot of sims who knew ‘Island Rick’ by name.

Especially the female sims. Young or old, they seemed to flock in his direction. In fact, an elder female sim was rather happy he was there tonight because she wanted him to help her out with an ‘odd job‘. Rick tried to tell the sim that he was on a date, but she insisted.

“Now don’t you worry, dear,” she said to Coral, “‘Island Rick’ will be back soon, and you can chat with Lalita.” The elder sim ushered Rick along, and Coral only heard snatches of the conversation about someone not showing up and she needed Rick to do something…and she also heard the word fire. Hmmm…maybe the elder sim needed Rick to chop some firewood or something.

A few minutes later, a sim went to the microphone and announced that their own ‘Island Rick’ would perform the famous and dangerous fire dance. There were a lot of oohs and ahhs from the audience, and Coral looked over at the bonfire, and there stood Rick in an island costume, complete with tribal face paint. This was the odd job? Oh my gosh!

Rick had finished the fire dance and the audience applauded loudly. Coral went over to him. “That was amazing Rick! I never knew these were the type of odd jobs you did. And this one…was so dangerous…you could have been hurt…” Coral was overcome with emotion at the thought of anything happening to Rick, and hugged him. Rick didn’t want this moment to end, but pulled away slowly and said that he wanted to change and wash off the face paint.

Author’s Note: I had made another outfit for Coral and was going to have her hula dance, but decided against it. I loved this screenie, and even though she’s in the other outfit, which you can barely make out, I had to use the photo.

Once Rick had changed, he and Coral had another kava drink.

Coral sits down at the bar area with her drink and seems to catch the eye of Don Lothario. Oh no! Don looks like he’s thinking of making a move on her. No! Stay away, Don, Coral is with someone.

Rick comes over just in time to chat with Coral, and it’s pretty obvious that she only has eyes for Rick. From the look on Don’s face, I think he knows he has no chance at all with Coral. Too funny! Better luck next time Don!

A sim was taking photos at the luau and they snapped a photo of the two of them. And they look pretty amazing together. Rick tells Coral that there is somewhere special he would like to bring her which is just a short walk uphill from where they were.

“It’s a place where I got the stone I gave you,” said Rick as they took in the great views along the path.

As they crested the hill, Rick took her hand and told Coral to stay close, “I wouldn’t want you to fall into that,” Rick said as he pointed to the lava crater pit.

“Oh my gosh! It’s an active volcano!” exclaimed Coral, feeling the heat on her cheeks, “But…how did you get that stone? You didn’t go in THERE for it, did you?” Coral asked, turning to Rick.

“Oh no…,” laughed Rick, “It’s called a green plumbite stone, and it’s found in volcanic ash. You can actually find it along the shoreline and it’s quite something to see when the sun shines down and the sand glistens green. And that’s where I found it, but this is where it came from” Rick said holding Coral’s hands.

“The stone is so beautiful,” replied Coral.

“Yes, it is beautiful and called the ‘evening emerald.’ It was worn by some of the greatest sims in history, like the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra of Simhara. And it was rumored that when they met, Mark Anthony gave Cleopatra this stone as a gift…”

“And they…became friends?” Coral asked not knowing who these sims were.

“Oh much, much more…Cleopatra and Mark Anthony were in love. So in love, in fact, that when they died, they were buried together, to be together for all time,” Rick explained looking longingly at Coral.

And whether it was the heat from the volcano, the intoxicating fragrance of the flowers in Coral’s hair, or their closeness, Rick found himself so drawn to Coral at that moment. “She looks so beautiful,” thought Rick.

“So, this stone…it’s a gift of love…” Coral said looking lovingly into Rick’s eyes.

“…well, when worn close to your heart, it allows you to fall in love…” Rick said quietly. They stood together, not speaking, staring into each other’s eyes. And Rick knew that the moment was now. He gently wrapped his arms around Coral and lightly kissed her soft, red lips. It was a very fleeting first kiss, but one that burned with something more.

Rick looked deeply into Coral’s eyes. The way she looked at him, and the way he felt in that moment, he would do anything for her. He would even walk ‘through the fire’* to be with her. And as Rick pulled Coral close to him once more, he whispered to her, “My ‘Island Coral’, your kisses burn like fire*…”, and with that he bent his head towards her and met her lips with his. They seemed to melt into each other as they shared a longer, almost fiery, kiss. A kiss that burned in their hearts and one they would both remember.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Coral’s Date Thoughts:

Have you ever floated on water before? Felt the water ebb and flow over you, while the sun shone down, making you feel warm all over? Like you could stay like that all day. Perfectly floating. No worries. No cares. Well, that is how this date felt, just like floating on water. It was wonderful. And I was so happy that I could give Rick a gift, too. Watching his surprised face as the rain clouds parted to clear skies was the best. And, I’m glad I did that because we had such fun at The Bluffs together. Maybe we’ll go there another time and be able to see that sea creature. But that, to me, wasn’t really important, as much as spending time with Rick was. And this evening…sigh…this evening…the whole time together, Rick made me feel so special. And that gorgeous outfit he picked out for me, I really did feel like his ‘Island Girl’. And then at the volcano…oh my gosh…when his lips touched mine…and he kissed me…my whole body felt tingly. And when he kissed me again…it’s like Rick’s kiss ignited something inside of me. All I can say is, it was smoldering and it left me wanting more. Oh sure, you’re probably thinking that a mermaid such as myself has never kissed anyone before. Well, I have! But it just never felt like the one I had with Rick. And that stone he gave me and the story of the love between Cleopatra and Mark Anthony…what does it mean? Is Rick trying to tell me that perhaps he wants me to fall in love with him? Oh Rick, if only you knew how I felt, and how your kisses “burn me up with fire…”*

Relationship Status remains unchanged at Lovebirds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Oh my! That was some date! And Coral used her mermaid powers to clear the skies as a gift to Rick! That was pretty amazing. But possibly not as amazing as that hot volcano kiss that Rick and Coral shared. Wowzers! These two were sizzling on their date. The actual date was at the luau. *Gold Date Achieved*

“I believe I can fly/ I believe I can touch the sky…Spread my wings and fly away…”, lyrics from the song I Believe I can Fly” by R. Kelly for the movie Space Jam, 1996.

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, 1895. A science-fiction book about an English scientist who creates a time machine and travels to a distant future.

Gemstone Information – Peridot – The information on the “plumbite” stone is really about peridot. I needed something for the volcano clue for the date which was sims-related. I was originally going to have Rick give Coral a fire opal, which is a gem in the Sims 4, but I changed the gift after reading that if you receive opal as a gift, it’s bad luck. There is no peridot in Sims 4, but there is plumbite, which I thought would work for peridot, since they are both green. The section I wrote about Mark Anthony giving Cleopatra a peridot as a “love gift”, was made up, but Cleopatra did like peridots, so, who knows, it could have been true.

5 Facts About Peridot article.

“Through the Fire” song by Chaka Khan, 1984.

“Fire”, song by The Pointer Sisters, 1978.

Thanks to this simmer for the wonderful luau build. I did add some kava bowls, the buffets, and placed a bonfire where the island feast pit was. Placed on the Caldera Camp lot on Mua Pel’am, it had a lot trait of volcanic activity, but no lava bombs descended on them thankfully.


5 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date With Coral

  1. That date was hot hot HOT!

    Everything was so amazing from the hot lava to the mermaid belly flop. 😂

    Here’s to Coral. I think she’s perfect! 🥂

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Yes, that volcano kiss was rather hot. I really think, though, that all three Solo Dates went really well. They were all different and unique, and all very, very romantic.

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