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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise: Solo-Date-a-Thon Part 1 ~ Octavia & Iris

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today Rick will go on a Solo-Date-a-Thon with the rest of the contestants. First up is Octavia Dillon and Iris Costello (Part 1), followed by Naomi Mahina and Nami Chuu (Part 2). Rick will be taking all of the contestants to the Hare and Hedgehog Café in Windenburg. A perfect place to get a steaming cup of java, a mouth-watering dessert, and view some of the scenic surroundings. Now since these contestants did not win the Solo Date Competition or get a “First Kiss” as yet, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, have gone over The Bachelor in Paradise Show videos and come up with a summation for each of these contestants.

Once these four dates are completed, it will be time again to look at each contestant’s relationship stats with Rick. And, unfortunately, some of the contestants may have to participate in an elimination challenge. So, my advice for all the ladies is to shine on these dates and get your relationships up with Rick.

And now, let’s join Rick at the Bachelor House and peek in on his dates.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Solo Date With Octavia Dillon – Roxanna’s Summation:

Octavia is a feisty sim, originally from House 2, who has been known to “step on a few toes” to get closer to Rick, which is quite an irritation to some of the other contestants. In fact, you would think that with all the flirting she does and the man-grabbing attitude she has, that her relationship with Rick would be higher. After their first Solo Date, she went from Acquaintances to Romantic Interest. Octavia was even a Lovebird briefly. But her relationship then dwindled down to Acquaintances again, where it has been for a while. Octavia had to partake in an Elimination Challenge, but she had the second highest score, so she was able to remain as a contestant. Although she is always flirty with Rick, her rebuff of his “blow a kiss” romantic interaction on the Pirate Group Date, came as quite a shock. Rejecting Rick, and playing hard to get (especially now), is not a good move. So, is Octavia just “toying” with Rick, or, is Octavia in it for the long run? If the latter is the case, will Octavia be able to redeem herself to get her relationship up with Rick? Let’s find out.

It’s early morning at the Bachelor House, and Rick spies Octavia near the bar. Making sure no other contestants are around, he decides to ask Octavia on a date. Now this could end up badly, as she is only an “Acquaintance”, so she may say no. But, Rick takes the plunge anyway, and Octavia says yes, but says she needs to change first. Okay!

And here they are in front of the Hare and Hedgehog Café. Rick thinks that Octavia looks rather lovely in that dress and starts the date by complimenting her outfit.

They head inside and Rick orders a cannoli and a Barista’s drink recommendation. Octavia had ordered an espresso and pain au chocolat. Whatever the barista is making for Rick sure is frothy and he tells Rick that “it’s a little unusual.”

Katrina Caliente shows up and steps between Rick and Octavia. She seems to be the “third wheel” on the date. And how funny is this? Both Katrina and Octavia have the same dress design, just a different fabric. For some reason, Katrina is not in a very good mood. Well, we don’t need any bad moods to interfere with this date, so move along there Katrina.

Rick and Octavia head over to a table to sit down together. Well, sort of. It seems that a townie has decided to be friendly with Octavia and sits between Octavia and Rick. Um, excuse me….we’re on a date. But this townie doesn’t seem to get the hint, and keeps talking to Octavia. Rick decides to switch tables.

There are some nice patio tables outside, so they head to a table for two so they can be alone. No townies follow them, thank goodness. But their food and drink doesn’t come with them either. Oh well! Rick tells Octavia a joke, and he gets in a playful mood.

Things are going along smoothly, and then Rick gets two whims for Octavia. One is to “ask to be girlfriend”, which is a no. The other is to “chat with” Octavia, which he does. He discusses interests with her.

There is a small park nearby, so Rick and Octavia head there. Rick gets another whim “to be friendly” with Octavia and he continues chatting with her. The date portion wants them both to be flirty at the same time. So, Rick decides to go “all out” and does a little flirt with Octavia, and she likes it! Of course she does, because she is always into flirting for sure. So far, so good.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is compliment-appearance-works-too.png

The date is almost over and neither Rick nor Octavia have become flirty as yet. This is quite unusual for Octavia, as she is more often than not in a flirty mood. Rick hasn’t given up and compliments Octavia’s appearance and then tells her a flirtatious joke. All are accepted. But time runs out and there are no more whims for Octavia. The date ends.

*Gold Date Achieved* Rick had 1 romantic and 2 friendly whims for Octavia. Relationship Status remains unchanged at Acquaintances.

Author’s Notes:

Of course, just as the date ends, Octavia gets flirty. Go figure!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Solo Date With Iris Costello – Roxanna’s Summation:

Iris, who shares the good trait with Rick, is originally from House 3. She was the very first contestant to actually speak to Rick. On her first Solo Date, she went from Romantic Interest to Lovebirds, where she remained. Iris appeared to be a strong contender, but for some reason, on three of the Group Dates, Iris is the only one who always witnesses Rick flirting with another contestant. Needless to say, this has put quite a damper on their relationship. At the last Pirate Group Date, Iris’s relationship was dealt a further blow as she dropped down to Romantic Interest again when she refused Rick’s romantic “embrace”. Rejecting Rick, especially for a romantic hug, is not a good move. Will Iris be able to overcome her jealous tendencies and redeem herself in time to get her relationship up with Rick? Let’s find out.

Since Rick was already at the date location, he called Iris and asked her on a date. She arrived seconds later, and Rick starts off the date by complimenting Iris on her dress.

And they haven’t even gone into the café yet, and some townie is trying to “pick up” Iris. I don’t think Iris knows what to do, and looks a bit uncomfortable. This townie really seems to be intensely eyeing Iris. Rick is rather nonchalant about the whole thing. Maybe Rick is trying to show Iris that when she thinks she sees Rick flirting, it is really someone else flirting with him. Good point, there, Rick.

The place is bustling and there is a line-up almost out the door! Iris orders a macciato, and Rick orders the Barista’s special again. The barista tells Rick that “not too many Sims get to taste this one.” Maybe there is some special banana flavor in that drink that Rick loves. Oh no! And look to the right…isn’t that the same sim who tried to crash Raven’s date with Rick? Um, Rick, you may have a stalker.

And they just started the date and Rick gets his first romantic whim for Iris. Oh gosh! If Iris rejected an embrace last night, how is she going to react to this? Rick is rather hopeful, so this is pinned for later.

And Iris decides to sit at another table, leaving Rick to sit all alone. Poor Rick! And I think the barista is drinking Iris’s macciato, because Iris doesn’t seem to have a beverage in front of her.

But have no fear! Rick gets a whim to “Be Funny With Iris”, and starts telling Iris jokes and soon she only has eyes for Rick again. In fact, she really, really likes Rick’s jokes, and gets an “amused by story” moodlet.

The date is progressing well, and there are some benches near the water, so Rick and Iris head over there. For the date, they are supposed to become flirty, but right now they are both very playful. Rick then gets a romantic whim to “flirt with” Iris. To be honest, he is nervous about this interaction. What if Iris rejects him again? But, Rick does a little flirt with Iris and it goes very well. Iris accepts the flirt. Go Iris!

The date is almost over and Rick is feeling rather bold after that. He decides to “make-out with Iris” (from his earlier pinned whim). The only problem is, there is no interaction for that, so he does Make a Move instead. And, you know, he’s just stretching his arm…

And success! So sweet! And Iris even leans into him a bit. That was rather unexpected. Even Rick is a bit surprised.

Well actually maybe Iris was thinking of using Rick’s shoulder as a pillow. She looks rather tired and stifles a yawn. Rick gets another whim to “Get to Know” Iris, but he is not able to do the interaction, as the date ends.

Rick stands up (because he has to use the facilities), and Iris couldn’t wait to lie down on that bench. Gah! Well at least Iris didn’t fall asleep on the date! Sweet dreams Iris.

*Gold Date Achieved* Rick had 2 romantic and 2 friendly whims for Iris. Relationship Status remains at Romantic Interest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Both of these Solo Dates went very well, and both Octavia and Iris were receptive to Rick’s romantic gestures. This was certainly an improvement for both of them compared to their rejection of Rick’s romantic endeavors at the Pirate Group Date. And although Rick did have romantic and friendly whims for both of them, he did not have a “Kiss” or “Have First Kiss With” whim for either Octavia or Iris. And so Octavia’s relationship stands at Acquaintances with Rick, and Iris’s relationship stands at Romantic Interest with Rick. This might be a case of “too little, too late”, as I fear that both of these contestants may be at risk.


3 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise: Solo-Date-a-Thon Part 1 ~ Octavia & Iris

  1. It’s so hard to get them both flirty at the same time unless there’s a romantic trait on the lot (which is fun to have–I did that for my last two solo dates to get them in the mood right off the bat!)

    Looking forward to the next two dates!

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