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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise: Solo-Date-a-Thon ~ Part 2 ~ Naomi & Nami

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. We now continue with Part 2 of Rick’s Solo-Date-a-Thon with Naomi Mahina and then Nami Chuu. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, have again looked over The Bachelor in Paradise Show videos and compiled a summation for each of the contestants.

Unlike Octavia and Iris, who had a recent “faux pas” on the Pirate Group Date; Naomi and Nami have always welcomed Rick’s romantic overtures. But who knows what will happen on these dates. I can only say give it your all, ladies!

And now, let’s head on over to the Hare and Hedgehog Café in Windenburg where Rick is meeting his Solo dates.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Solo Date With Naomi Mahina – Roxanna’s Summation:

Naomi is a quiet, shy Sim-mermaid. She is definitely the “sleeper”contestant. While Naomi tends to stay in the background, she should definitely not be underestimated. She was one of four contestants to win the Sand Sculpture Solo Date Competition, and after her first Solo Date, went from Romantic Interest to Lovebirds. But since then, her relationship with Rick has dwindled down to Romantic Interest again, where it remains. Naomi had to partake in an Elimination Challenge, and her strategy of staying until the end in the Pressure Cooker Room was indeed a surprise, which earned her the win. Naomi becomes very tense and uncomfortable around crowds and on group outings. Sometimes, this puts her relationship with Rick at risk, as Naomi tends to “hide away”, and misses out on opportunities to socialize with him. Will Naomi surprise us again and be able to take her relationship to the next level with Rick? Let’s find out.

Once Iris leaves, Rick phones Naomi and asks her on a date. The date location is the Hare and Hedgehog Café in Windenburg. Naomi arrives within minutes and Rick starts off the date by complimenting Naomi on her dress. That color looks so pretty on her.

Celebrity Brytani Cho arrives and Naomi turns to look who it is. Brytani doesn’t look like she’s in a good mood, so Rick and Naomi head inside to order their coffees.

The place is even busier than before and Brytani is lamenting the fact that she has to wait in line. Such a drama queen. Seconds tick by…will Naomi be okay with all these sims in here?

Rick orders a barista’s recommendation and Naomi orders a mocha coffee.

And even though Naomi does have a “tense” moodlet showing “stranger danger”, she is happy, and her happy moodlet will last a few hours. So, maybe Naomi will indeed be fine and won’t actually get tense on the date.

Naomi heads to a table to sit down. And, of course, a townie plops down beside her and starts chatting non-stop to her. Naomi is not really paying any attention to this townie, and is wondering where Rick is. Naomi’s look is more like, “Rick, where are you? Save me from this guy!”

Rick, knowing that Naomi doesn’t like crowds, heads to an outdoor table. That is so considerate of Rick and so much better. Rick gets his first whim to “Be Friendly with Naomi.” And look! They both have their coffees with them! That’s a first. Rick discusses fitness techniques with Naomi.

Rick certainly has “fitness” on the mind, and gets a whim to woohoo with Naomi, which is canceled. From being friendly to woohoo in one swoop. In fact, this happens twice on the same date in the same order. Rick, get a grip! Look at Naomi! Do you remember how she welcomed all those romantic gestures you made towards her on the Pirate Group Date last night? Where is the flirt whim? Where is the make a move whim? Where is that darn kiss whim? What gives, Rick?

Maybe a change of scenery will help, so they head to a bench near the water.

Rick gets a whim “To Chat with Naomi” and he continues to have a deep conversation with her.

Suddenly, Naomi becomes rather flirty. Oh Naomi! Rick are you noticing this? What were you two talking about for Naomi to get so flirty? Or maybe it’s just Rick’s deep voice and the deep and deeper conversations. Because, you know, he has to have two deep conversations with Naomi for the date goals. But, yeah, it’s probably Rick’s sexy deep voice that is having an effect on Naomi.

And it seems that Rick has noticed the mood change, and finally Rick gets a romantic whim that he can actually do! Yes! So Rick flirts a little with Naomi. And Naomi definitely enjoys this.

Oh, and what’s this? Naomi does a little autonomous flirt back to Rick. My, my, my! And Rick even looks a bit surprised by Naomi’s behavior. Maybe Naomi isn’t as shy as he thinks she is. Va Va Voom, Naomi!

So sweet. Rick looked at Naomi and couldn’t help but notice how happy she looked. They both had happy and deep connection moodlets. There are no more whims for Naomi, and the date ends.

*Gold Date Achieved.* Rick had 3 romantic and 3 friendly whims for Naomi. Relationship remains at Romantic Interest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Solo Date With Nami Chuu – Roxanna’s Summation:

Nami is a friendly, out-going Sim-alien, formerly of House 2. She shares the good trait with Rick, and her relationship with Rick has remained consistent, going from Romantic Interest to Lovebirds, where it remained. She was one of the first sims who Rick had a whim for in the House 2 Meet & Greet, and often, on House 2 Group Dates, Nami was the only one Rick had a whim for. They have a very strong connection, and even survived a fire together on a Group Party Date, which upped their relationship to Lovebirds. On their first Solo Date, Rick had many romantic whims for Nami, including a “First Kiss” whim. But at that time, there was a “kissing ban” in effect, so Nami hasn’t had her first kiss as yet. Quite possibly, Nami might be the sim who Rick is autonomously flirting with (which is always seen by Iris). In the last Pirate Group Date, Nami advanced to Lovers relationship status with Rick. With all the previous whims that Rick has had for Nami, will this be the date where Nami might finally get her first kiss? Let’s find out.

The following day, Rick continues his Solo Date-A-Thon. Yes, he’s wearing the same outfit. It’s his Solo-Date-a-Thon date outfit. Nami arrives, and both Nami and Rick are in playful moods. Rick starts off the date by complimenting Nami on her dress.

And Boom! Rick gets his first whim “To Be Funny With Nami.” So, Rick tells her a joke and she finds it quite humorous. Great start to the date. He then gets a whim to “Be Friendly” with Nami, and they talk about fishing. Rick suggests they head inside the café.

While walking towards the entrance of the café, Rick keeps getting all these romantic whims for Nami. I cancel out his whim to ask Nami to be Girlfriend twice.

And then this comes up! Oh my gosh! Yes! Rick looks like he wants to take Nami in his arms right now and kiss her. Oh he so wants to! But perhaps a more romantic spot would be nice for a “First Kiss”, so he saves that for later.

They enter the café together and Nami orders an espresso. Rick orders the barista’s recommendation, and the barista tells Rick it’s a “secret recipe.”

And Brytani Cho makes another appearance, on another of Rick’s dates, just barging right between Rick and Nami. Manners, Brytani, manners! But nothing is getting rid of the thought of kissing Nami, which seems to be stuck in Rick’s head. And he gets another whim to “Kiss Nami.” Two “kiss” whims for Nami within minutes of each other.

Rick and Nami head outside and sit at the patio table. Then, quite unexpectedly, Nami autonomously does a mind probe on Rick. Maybe she is trying to find out how Rick feels about her. Oh Nami, you are going to find out soon enough. Oh, yes you are!

They head to a bench near the water and Rick chats and has a deep conversation with Nami. He gets a whim to “Compliment Nami” and compliments her appearance. He also gets a whim to “flirt with” Nami.

Rick then gets two more whims for Nami. Woohoo, which is canceled, and embrace, which he does. The woohoo whim comes up again later, but that is a no, no, no.

Feeling Nami so close to him makes Rick feel very, very happy.

Rick decides to head down to the waterfront with Nami, and does another flirt with her. Nami is very flirty, glowing pink, and feeling so hot that she has to fan herself with her hand.

The sun was starting to set and Rick didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Rick took Nami’s hands in his. “Nami, I have a confession. On the night of the fire on that Group Date, I had wanted to do something then, but couldn’t. And on our first Solo Date, too. I don’t want this date to end without doing it now.”

And with that, Rick kissed Nami. It was a quick kiss, but he had felt Nami’s soft lips yield to his. Had Nami known the kiss was coming, for there was no look of shock on her face.

And afterward, Rick looked at Nami expectantly. She didn’t say a word, but when she turned to look at Rick, her face said it all. It wasn’t just a kiss, it was the hope of something more.

The sun had almost set and the sky had turned a rosy-purple hue. The date was almost over, but there was one more date goal. Something that hadn’t come up on anyone else’s date. Rick asked Nami if she would like a massage. Nami said she’d welcome one, as her shoulders were sore from playing too much “Sims Forever” video games.

Rick gently rubbed Nami’s shoulders and he could feel her tremble slightly from his touch. Was she cold? Why hadn’t she said anything to Rick about their first kiss? Was she having second thoughts about it now?

“Does that feel better, Nami?” asked Rick soothingly.

Nami had come around quickly and fit so naturally into Rick’s open arms. “Yes, so much better,” answered Nami.

Rick couldn’t deny how he felt about Nami. All those group dates, their first solo date, and even at a Rose Ceremony, he had amorous thoughts of her. And now, here she was, as if by magic, in his arms. And the way she looked at him…

…Could she read his mind? Did she know what he longed for? Did she want this, too? He placed his hand on her arm and he felt her tremble slightly again. Was she nervous? Her eyes seemed to be telling Rick to kiss her again, but he didn’t want to rush things. Didn’t want to pressure her. He would take things slow, if that’s what she wanted.

And then she said it. “Kiss me,”* Nami whispered softly, as she placed her arm around his waist. And that was all Rick needed to hear to lower his lips to hers and kiss her tenderly. And when their lips touched, the world seemed to disappear around them. And all that was left was Rick and Nami and that kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Gold Date achieved*. Rick had 3 friendly and 8 romantic whims for Nami. Relationship remains Lovers. The second kiss that Rick and Nami shared was from Rick’s second “kiss” whim.

“Kiss Me”, song by Sixpence None The Richer, 1998, (used in the movie She’s All That, 1999).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Naomi’s Date:

Naomi had started this date in a Romantic Interest relationship with Rick. I was so proud of Naomi on this date. Although she had the “stranger danger” moodlet with all those sims around, her happiness shone through and she never got tense the whole time. The date flowed smoothly, and I had high hopes for Naomi. I was sure that there would be a “First Kiss” or “Kiss” whim on this Solo Date, but, alas, it never came up. I couldn’t believe it myself. So, the fault is not Naomi’s…she was charming, happy and flirty the whole time. Perhaps if Rick had gotten more romantic whims, other than “woohoo”, and bizarre whims like “buy a bee box”, things would have gone differently. The question is, though, is her relationship with Rick strong enough to stay in the competition?

Nami’s Date:

Nami had started this date in a Lovers relationship status with Rick. Almost from the second this date started, Rick had a lot of romantic whims for Nami. And within minutes of each other, two kiss whims. It was interesting how Nami did an autonomous mind probe on Rick during their date. Was she trying to find out how he felt about her, or something else? And yes! Nami gets her first kiss. And then, an even more romantic second kiss. Ah, love! Overall, a perfect date.


4 thoughts on “Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise: Solo-Date-a-Thon ~ Part 2 ~ Naomi & Nami

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I thought those dates went rather well myself, and yes, definitely Nami’s date was hot hot hot! Whenever one of the contestants gets their First Kiss, I try to tie it in with a song that I think fits the setting and that sim. “This Kiss” by Faith Hill for Brianna, “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” by LeAnn Rimes for Raven, “Through The Fire” by Chaka Khan for Coral. I know, I get too tied up in my stories, lol 🙂

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