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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise ~ Elimination # 4 ~ Reader Vote

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today marks a rather sad day as some of our contestants are up for elimination. And the producers have decided that “an outside consultant” will be used. And that is where, you, dear readers, come in!

There are currently 7 contestants in the house. Their stats are as follows:

Top Row from Left to right: Nami Chuu (Lovers), Coral Reeves (Lovers), Iris Costello (Romantic Interest), and Octavia Dillon (Acquaintances),

Second row from Left to right: Naomi Mahina (Romantic Interest), Brianna Hammond (Lovers), and Raven Xang (Lovers).

Not all of the contestants will be in the Elimination Reader Vote. Those contestants who have the “Lovers” status are SAFE (Nami, Coral, Brianna and Raven).

Unfortunately, this means that Iris, Octavia and Naomi are up for Elimination. And, in fact, the producers have decided that TWO of these contestants will be heading home. So, please vote for the two who you feel should head home. Results will be revealed at the next Rose Ceremony. Good luck!

Deadline to Vote is Friday, September 11, 2020 at midnight.


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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise: Solo-Date-a-Thon ~ Part 2 ~ Naomi & Nami

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. We now continue with Part 2 of Rick’s Solo-Date-a-Thon with Naomi Mahina and then Nami Chuu. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, have again looked over The Bachelor in Paradise Show videos and compiled a summation for each of the contestants.

Unlike Octavia and Iris, who had a recent “faux pas” on the Pirate Group Date; Naomi and Nami have always welcomed Rick’s romantic overtures. But who knows what will happen on these dates. I can only say give it your all, ladies!

And now, let’s head on over to the Hare and Hedgehog Café in Windenburg where Rick is meeting his Solo dates.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Solo Date With Naomi Mahina – Roxanna’s Summation:

Naomi is a quiet, shy Sim-mermaid. She is definitely the “sleeper”contestant. While Naomi tends to stay in the background, she should definitely not be underestimated. She was one of four contestants to win the Sand Sculpture Solo Date Competition, and after her first Solo Date, went from Romantic Interest to Lovebirds. But since then, her relationship with Rick has dwindled down to Romantic Interest again, where it remains. Naomi had to partake in an Elimination Challenge, and her strategy of staying until the end in the Pressure Cooker Room was indeed a surprise, which earned her the win. Naomi becomes very tense and uncomfortable around crowds and on group outings. Sometimes, this puts her relationship with Rick at risk, as Naomi tends to “hide away”, and misses out on opportunities to socialize with him. Will Naomi surprise us again and be able to take her relationship to the next level with Rick? Let’s find out.

Once Iris leaves, Rick phones Naomi and asks her on a date. The date location is the Hare and Hedgehog Café in Windenburg. Naomi arrives within minutes and Rick starts off the date by complimenting Naomi on her dress. That color looks so pretty on her.

Celebrity Brytani Cho arrives and Naomi turns to look who it is. Brytani doesn’t look like she’s in a good mood, so Rick and Naomi head inside to order their coffees.

The place is even busier than before and Brytani is lamenting the fact that she has to wait in line. Such a drama queen. Seconds tick by…will Naomi be okay with all these sims in here?

Rick orders a barista’s recommendation and Naomi orders a mocha coffee.

And even though Naomi does have a “tense” moodlet showing “stranger danger”, she is happy, and her happy moodlet will last a few hours. So, maybe Naomi will indeed be fine and won’t actually get tense on the date.

Naomi heads to a table to sit down. And, of course, a townie plops down beside her and starts chatting non-stop to her. Naomi is not really paying any attention to this townie, and is wondering where Rick is. Naomi’s look is more like, “Rick, where are you? Save me from this guy!”

Rick, knowing that Naomi doesn’t like crowds, heads to an outdoor table. That is so considerate of Rick and so much better. Rick gets his first whim to “Be Friendly with Naomi.” And look! They both have their coffees with them! That’s a first. Rick discusses fitness techniques with Naomi.

Rick certainly has “fitness” on the mind, and gets a whim to woohoo with Naomi, which is canceled. From being friendly to woohoo in one swoop. In fact, this happens twice on the same date in the same order. Rick, get a grip! Look at Naomi! Do you remember how she welcomed all those romantic gestures you made towards her on the Pirate Group Date last night? Where is the flirt whim? Where is the make a move whim? Where is that darn kiss whim? What gives, Rick?

Maybe a change of scenery will help, so they head to a bench near the water.

Rick gets a whim “To Chat with Naomi” and he continues to have a deep conversation with her.

Suddenly, Naomi becomes rather flirty. Oh Naomi! Rick are you noticing this? What were you two talking about for Naomi to get so flirty? Or maybe it’s just Rick’s deep voice and the deep and deeper conversations. Because, you know, he has to have two deep conversations with Naomi for the date goals. But, yeah, it’s probably Rick’s sexy deep voice that is having an effect on Naomi.

And it seems that Rick has noticed the mood change, and finally Rick gets a romantic whim that he can actually do! Yes! So Rick flirts a little with Naomi. And Naomi definitely enjoys this.

Oh, and what’s this? Naomi does a little autonomous flirt back to Rick. My, my, my! And Rick even looks a bit surprised by Naomi’s behavior. Maybe Naomi isn’t as shy as he thinks she is. Va Va Voom, Naomi!

So sweet. Rick looked at Naomi and couldn’t help but notice how happy she looked. They both had happy and deep connection moodlets. There are no more whims for Naomi, and the date ends.

*Gold Date Achieved.* Rick had 3 romantic and 3 friendly whims for Naomi. Relationship remains at Romantic Interest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Solo Date With Nami Chuu – Roxanna’s Summation:

Nami is a friendly, out-going Sim-alien, formerly of House 2. She shares the good trait with Rick, and her relationship with Rick has remained consistent, going from Romantic Interest to Lovebirds, where it remained. She was one of the first sims who Rick had a whim for in the House 2 Meet & Greet, and often, on House 2 Group Dates, Nami was the only one Rick had a whim for. They have a very strong connection, and even survived a fire together on a Group Party Date, which upped their relationship to Lovebirds. On their first Solo Date, Rick had many romantic whims for Nami, including a “First Kiss” whim. But at that time, there was a “kissing ban” in effect, so Nami hasn’t had her first kiss as yet. Quite possibly, Nami might be the sim who Rick is autonomously flirting with (which is always seen by Iris). In the last Pirate Group Date, Nami advanced to Lovers relationship status with Rick. With all the previous whims that Rick has had for Nami, will this be the date where Nami might finally get her first kiss? Let’s find out.

The following day, Rick continues his Solo Date-A-Thon. Yes, he’s wearing the same outfit. It’s his Solo-Date-a-Thon date outfit. Nami arrives, and both Nami and Rick are in playful moods. Rick starts off the date by complimenting Nami on her dress.

And Boom! Rick gets his first whim “To Be Funny With Nami.” So, Rick tells her a joke and she finds it quite humorous. Great start to the date. He then gets a whim to “Be Friendly” with Nami, and they talk about fishing. Rick suggests they head inside the café.

While walking towards the entrance of the café, Rick keeps getting all these romantic whims for Nami. I cancel out his whim to ask Nami to be Girlfriend twice.

And then this comes up! Oh my gosh! Yes! Rick looks like he wants to take Nami in his arms right now and kiss her. Oh he so wants to! But perhaps a more romantic spot would be nice for a “First Kiss”, so he saves that for later.

They enter the café together and Nami orders an espresso. Rick orders the barista’s recommendation, and the barista tells Rick it’s a “secret recipe.”

And Brytani Cho makes another appearance, on another of Rick’s dates, just barging right between Rick and Nami. Manners, Brytani, manners! But nothing is getting rid of the thought of kissing Nami, which seems to be stuck in Rick’s head. And he gets another whim to “Kiss Nami.” Two “kiss” whims for Nami within minutes of each other.

Rick and Nami head outside and sit at the patio table. Then, quite unexpectedly, Nami autonomously does a mind probe on Rick. Maybe she is trying to find out how Rick feels about her. Oh Nami, you are going to find out soon enough. Oh, yes you are!

They head to a bench near the water and Rick chats and has a deep conversation with Nami. He gets a whim to “Compliment Nami” and compliments her appearance. He also gets a whim to “flirt with” Nami.

Rick then gets two more whims for Nami. Woohoo, which is canceled, and embrace, which he does. The woohoo whim comes up again later, but that is a no, no, no.

Feeling Nami so close to him makes Rick feel very, very happy.

Rick decides to head down to the waterfront with Nami, and does another flirt with her. Nami is very flirty, glowing pink, and feeling so hot that she has to fan herself with her hand.

The sun was starting to set and Rick didn’t want to miss this opportunity. Rick took Nami’s hands in his. “Nami, I have a confession. On the night of the fire on that Group Date, I had wanted to do something then, but couldn’t. And on our first Solo Date, too. I don’t want this date to end without doing it now.”

And with that, Rick kissed Nami. It was a quick kiss, but he had felt Nami’s soft lips yield to his. Had Nami known the kiss was coming, for there was no look of shock on her face.

And afterward, Rick looked at Nami expectantly. She didn’t say a word, but when she turned to look at Rick, her face said it all. It wasn’t just a kiss, it was the hope of something more.

The sun had almost set and the sky had turned a rosy-purple hue. The date was almost over, but there was one more date goal. Something that hadn’t come up on anyone else’s date. Rick asked Nami if she would like a massage. Nami said she’d welcome one, as her shoulders were sore from playing too much “Sims Forever” video games.

Rick gently rubbed Nami’s shoulders and he could feel her tremble slightly from his touch. Was she cold? Why hadn’t she said anything to Rick about their first kiss? Was she having second thoughts about it now?

“Does that feel better, Nami?” asked Rick soothingly.

Nami had come around quickly and fit so naturally into Rick’s open arms. “Yes, so much better,” answered Nami.

Rick couldn’t deny how he felt about Nami. All those group dates, their first solo date, and even at a Rose Ceremony, he had amorous thoughts of her. And now, here she was, as if by magic, in his arms. And the way she looked at him…

…Could she read his mind? Did she know what he longed for? Did she want this, too? He placed his hand on her arm and he felt her tremble slightly again. Was she nervous? Her eyes seemed to be telling Rick to kiss her again, but he didn’t want to rush things. Didn’t want to pressure her. He would take things slow, if that’s what she wanted.

And then she said it. “Kiss me,”* Nami whispered softly, as she placed her arm around his waist. And that was all Rick needed to hear to lower his lips to hers and kiss her tenderly. And when their lips touched, the world seemed to disappear around them. And all that was left was Rick and Nami and that kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Gold Date achieved*. Rick had 3 friendly and 8 romantic whims for Nami. Relationship remains Lovers. The second kiss that Rick and Nami shared was from Rick’s second “kiss” whim.

“Kiss Me”, song by Sixpence None The Richer, 1998, (used in the movie She’s All That, 1999).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Naomi’s Date:

Naomi had started this date in a Romantic Interest relationship with Rick. I was so proud of Naomi on this date. Although she had the “stranger danger” moodlet with all those sims around, her happiness shone through and she never got tense the whole time. The date flowed smoothly, and I had high hopes for Naomi. I was sure that there would be a “First Kiss” or “Kiss” whim on this Solo Date, but, alas, it never came up. I couldn’t believe it myself. So, the fault is not Naomi’s…she was charming, happy and flirty the whole time. Perhaps if Rick had gotten more romantic whims, other than “woohoo”, and bizarre whims like “buy a bee box”, things would have gone differently. The question is, though, is her relationship with Rick strong enough to stay in the competition?

Nami’s Date:

Nami had started this date in a Lovers relationship status with Rick. Almost from the second this date started, Rick had a lot of romantic whims for Nami. And within minutes of each other, two kiss whims. It was interesting how Nami did an autonomous mind probe on Rick during their date. Was she trying to find out how he felt about her, or something else? And yes! Nami gets her first kiss. And then, an even more romantic second kiss. Ah, love! Overall, a perfect date.

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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise: Solo-Date-a-Thon Part 1 ~ Octavia & Iris

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today Rick will go on a Solo-Date-a-Thon with the rest of the contestants. First up is Octavia Dillon and Iris Costello (Part 1), followed by Naomi Mahina and Nami Chuu (Part 2). Rick will be taking all of the contestants to the Hare and Hedgehog Café in Windenburg. A perfect place to get a steaming cup of java, a mouth-watering dessert, and view some of the scenic surroundings. Now since these contestants did not win the Solo Date Competition or get a “First Kiss” as yet, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, have gone over The Bachelor in Paradise Show videos and come up with a summation for each of these contestants.

Once these four dates are completed, it will be time again to look at each contestant’s relationship stats with Rick. And, unfortunately, some of the contestants may have to participate in an elimination challenge. So, my advice for all the ladies is to shine on these dates and get your relationships up with Rick.

And now, let’s join Rick at the Bachelor House and peek in on his dates.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Solo Date With Octavia Dillon – Roxanna’s Summation:

Octavia is a feisty sim, originally from House 2, who has been known to “step on a few toes” to get closer to Rick, which is quite an irritation to some of the other contestants. In fact, you would think that with all the flirting she does and the man-grabbing attitude she has, that her relationship with Rick would be higher. After their first Solo Date, she went from Acquaintances to Romantic Interest. Octavia was even a Lovebird briefly. But her relationship then dwindled down to Acquaintances again, where it has been for a while. Octavia had to partake in an Elimination Challenge, but she had the second highest score, so she was able to remain as a contestant. Although she is always flirty with Rick, her rebuff of his “blow a kiss” romantic interaction on the Pirate Group Date, came as quite a shock. Rejecting Rick, and playing hard to get (especially now), is not a good move. So, is Octavia just “toying” with Rick, or, is Octavia in it for the long run? If the latter is the case, will Octavia be able to redeem herself to get her relationship up with Rick? Let’s find out.

It’s early morning at the Bachelor House, and Rick spies Octavia near the bar. Making sure no other contestants are around, he decides to ask Octavia on a date. Now this could end up badly, as she is only an “Acquaintance”, so she may say no. But, Rick takes the plunge anyway, and Octavia says yes, but says she needs to change first. Okay!

And here they are in front of the Hare and Hedgehog Café. Rick thinks that Octavia looks rather lovely in that dress and starts the date by complimenting her outfit.

They head inside and Rick orders a cannoli and a Barista’s drink recommendation. Octavia had ordered an espresso and pain au chocolat. Whatever the barista is making for Rick sure is frothy and he tells Rick that “it’s a little unusual.”

Katrina Caliente shows up and steps between Rick and Octavia. She seems to be the “third wheel” on the date. And how funny is this? Both Katrina and Octavia have the same dress design, just a different fabric. For some reason, Katrina is not in a very good mood. Well, we don’t need any bad moods to interfere with this date, so move along there Katrina.

Rick and Octavia head over to a table to sit down together. Well, sort of. It seems that a townie has decided to be friendly with Octavia and sits between Octavia and Rick. Um, excuse me….we’re on a date. But this townie doesn’t seem to get the hint, and keeps talking to Octavia. Rick decides to switch tables.

There are some nice patio tables outside, so they head to a table for two so they can be alone. No townies follow them, thank goodness. But their food and drink doesn’t come with them either. Oh well! Rick tells Octavia a joke, and he gets in a playful mood.

Things are going along smoothly, and then Rick gets two whims for Octavia. One is to “ask to be girlfriend”, which is a no. The other is to “chat with” Octavia, which he does. He discusses interests with her.

There is a small park nearby, so Rick and Octavia head there. Rick gets another whim “to be friendly” with Octavia and he continues chatting with her. The date portion wants them both to be flirty at the same time. So, Rick decides to go “all out” and does a little flirt with Octavia, and she likes it! Of course she does, because she is always into flirting for sure. So far, so good.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is compliment-appearance-works-too.png

The date is almost over and neither Rick nor Octavia have become flirty as yet. This is quite unusual for Octavia, as she is more often than not in a flirty mood. Rick hasn’t given up and compliments Octavia’s appearance and then tells her a flirtatious joke. All are accepted. But time runs out and there are no more whims for Octavia. The date ends.

*Gold Date Achieved* Rick had 1 romantic and 2 friendly whims for Octavia. Relationship Status remains unchanged at Acquaintances.

Author’s Notes:

Of course, just as the date ends, Octavia gets flirty. Go figure!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Solo Date With Iris Costello – Roxanna’s Summation:

Iris, who shares the good trait with Rick, is originally from House 3. She was the very first contestant to actually speak to Rick. On her first Solo Date, she went from Romantic Interest to Lovebirds, where she remained. Iris appeared to be a strong contender, but for some reason, on three of the Group Dates, Iris is the only one who always witnesses Rick flirting with another contestant. Needless to say, this has put quite a damper on their relationship. At the last Pirate Group Date, Iris’s relationship was dealt a further blow as she dropped down to Romantic Interest again when she refused Rick’s romantic “embrace”. Rejecting Rick, especially for a romantic hug, is not a good move. Will Iris be able to overcome her jealous tendencies and redeem herself in time to get her relationship up with Rick? Let’s find out.

Since Rick was already at the date location, he called Iris and asked her on a date. She arrived seconds later, and Rick starts off the date by complimenting Iris on her dress.

And they haven’t even gone into the café yet, and some townie is trying to “pick up” Iris. I don’t think Iris knows what to do, and looks a bit uncomfortable. This townie really seems to be intensely eyeing Iris. Rick is rather nonchalant about the whole thing. Maybe Rick is trying to show Iris that when she thinks she sees Rick flirting, it is really someone else flirting with him. Good point, there, Rick.

The place is bustling and there is a line-up almost out the door! Iris orders a macciato, and Rick orders the Barista’s special again. The barista tells Rick that “not too many Sims get to taste this one.” Maybe there is some special banana flavor in that drink that Rick loves. Oh no! And look to the right…isn’t that the same sim who tried to crash Raven’s date with Rick? Um, Rick, you may have a stalker.

And they just started the date and Rick gets his first romantic whim for Iris. Oh gosh! If Iris rejected an embrace last night, how is she going to react to this? Rick is rather hopeful, so this is pinned for later.

And Iris decides to sit at another table, leaving Rick to sit all alone. Poor Rick! And I think the barista is drinking Iris’s macciato, because Iris doesn’t seem to have a beverage in front of her.

But have no fear! Rick gets a whim to “Be Funny With Iris”, and starts telling Iris jokes and soon she only has eyes for Rick again. In fact, she really, really likes Rick’s jokes, and gets an “amused by story” moodlet.

The date is progressing well, and there are some benches near the water, so Rick and Iris head over there. For the date, they are supposed to become flirty, but right now they are both very playful. Rick then gets a romantic whim to “flirt with” Iris. To be honest, he is nervous about this interaction. What if Iris rejects him again? But, Rick does a little flirt with Iris and it goes very well. Iris accepts the flirt. Go Iris!

The date is almost over and Rick is feeling rather bold after that. He decides to “make-out with Iris” (from his earlier pinned whim). The only problem is, there is no interaction for that, so he does Make a Move instead. And, you know, he’s just stretching his arm…

And success! So sweet! And Iris even leans into him a bit. That was rather unexpected. Even Rick is a bit surprised.

Well actually maybe Iris was thinking of using Rick’s shoulder as a pillow. She looks rather tired and stifles a yawn. Rick gets another whim to “Get to Know” Iris, but he is not able to do the interaction, as the date ends.

Rick stands up (because he has to use the facilities), and Iris couldn’t wait to lie down on that bench. Gah! Well at least Iris didn’t fall asleep on the date! Sweet dreams Iris.

*Gold Date Achieved* Rick had 2 romantic and 2 friendly whims for Iris. Relationship Status remains at Romantic Interest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Both of these Solo Dates went very well, and both Octavia and Iris were receptive to Rick’s romantic gestures. This was certainly an improvement for both of them compared to their rejection of Rick’s romantic endeavors at the Pirate Group Date. And although Rick did have romantic and friendly whims for both of them, he did not have a “Kiss” or “Have First Kiss With” whim for either Octavia or Iris. And so Octavia’s relationship stands at Acquaintances with Rick, and Iris’s relationship stands at Romantic Interest with Rick. This might be a case of “too little, too late”, as I fear that both of these contestants may be at risk.

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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Party Like A Pirate ~ Group Date

princess roxanna cover

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. With the Competition Solo Dates completed, it is now time for a Group Date. And since today marks the end of Pirate Week, what better way to celebrate than with a party! But not just any party. This is a party aboard a pirate ship! The Sulani Preservation Society has opened Captain Samwell Handwich’s* pirate ship for the event. As Sulani history reveals, Captain Handwich ran his ship aground on the jagged rocks surrounding the island. The ship sat partially submerged off of Sulani for centuries until a salvaging firm, under the direction of the Specter Family*, hauled the ship ashore, restored it, and then donated it to the Sulani Preservation Society. And, once a year, as the finale of Pirate Week, a “Pirate Party” is held onboard. Of course, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, have been given the esteemed privilege of portraying Princess Cordelia herself. I mean who else but “moi” could fit that role?

Now some locals claim that the ship is haunted and have seen ghostly apparitions float about the ship. Well, this is Sulani, so anything is possible, and I certainly have seen my share of oddities on this show. But have no fear, as I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, have contacts, and one of them just happens to be a paranormal investigator who loaned me their Banshee Banisher.* So if any of you ghost gals are watching The Bachelor in Paradise Show and are thinking about making a move on Rick – think again! Hands off the Bachelor or be banished! Enough said!

roxanna and benny pirate garb

Of course, a Princess could never go unescorted to a party, so Benny has donned some pirate garb. Here he comes now…and he looks…oh my! I can now understand why Princess Cordelia had a penchant for Pirate Captains! Blimey!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pirate-party-start.png

Shiver Me Timbers! Sulani has been overrun by pirates. Oh wait a minute! It’s Captain Rick and his notorious pirate crew. From left to right: Coral Reeves, Iris Costello, Naomi Mahina, Raven Xang, Rick (of course), Octavia Dillon, Brianna Hammond, and Nami Chu.

Author’s Notes: I didn’t want everyone to have the same pirate costume, so created some unique ones. There were two sims who had pirate outfits in their original costumes, but I changed them slightly. And Brianna, have you been working out — where did those abs come from? And doesn’t Iris look like she should have a parrot sitting on her shoulder?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is captain-handwich-ship.png

Avast Ye! A sideview of Captain Handwich’s pirate ship, the Jolly Roger flag still flying high. It does appear rather ghostly, don’t you agree?

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is captain-rick.png

Ahoy me hearties! Captain Rick is looking mighty fine today! He inspects the crew and does a “Brighten Day” with each one. With that done, it’s time to board the ship and get some of the finest “grog” for everyone.


Yo Ho Ho and a barrel (or two) of rum! They head downstairs and Rick orders a round of some flaming drinks for everyone. Since this is an Incognito Costume Party, Rick compliments everyone on their costumes.

Author’s Note: The game assigns random costumes for the Incognito Costume Party, so I just changed them into their pirate costumes.


Ahoy Matey! Iris, Naomi and Brianna chatting. Maybe they want to know the details about Brianna’s Solo Date with Rick, but it looks like Brianna’s lips are sealed. And there is always one sim who needs two drinks, and today it’s Naomi. Maybe this will help Naomi relax, since she always gets tense around crowds. Or maybe Naomi was thinking of dumping the spare drink over Brianna’s head. Nah…she wouldn’t do something like that. Would she?


Good day me lassies! Captain Rick chatting with Octavia and Coral. Hmm…is Rick giving Coral some steamy looks? Oh, and look at Nami, giving Rick a sideways glance.


Ahoy! And Raven is standing behind the bar just observing everything and looking quite fetching.


And here we go, Rick gets his first whim to Make Out With Raven.


Tally Ho! It’s not only the drinks here that are hot! Steamy looks going on between Captain Rick and that “wench” Raven!

Author’s Notes: There was a secluded bench near the restrooms, so I had Rick and Raven head over there. You know, to be discreet.


“Zombies, pirates…you certainly can make any costume look good. And that costume…ahem…I have never seen a pirate looking quite like that before. Care to give the Captain a kiss?” Rick said flirtatiously.


“Aye, aye Captain,” said Raven as they drew closer together and shared a kiss. Hubba Hubba! The dinner bell gonged and Captain Rick had duties to attend to, so they parted ways. But Raven was certainly on Rick’s mind and he got another whim to “be friendly with Raven.” I would say that they were rather friendly already…don’t you agree?

the treasure room

Captain Rick heads upstairs to the Captain’s quarters, which is filled with pirate “booty”. He puts out some appetizers and punch. There is a long table on the right hand side and that is where they were to eat dinner, but because they kept heading down to the bar to eat, and order more “grog”, I changed their dining location to outside.

dining al fresco

And so here they are, dining al fresco outside. The caterer seems to have left some unfinished items on the table, but there is also a buffet, so they help themselves.

Author’s Notes: I had built a small outdoor kitchen, but for some reason, it wasn’t working. Or maybe the caterer was implying that she didn’t cook for “scurvy pirates” and they should cook their own food. Who knows?

having dinner together sort of

And it looks like Ulrike Faust has joined their table as well. Maybe she wants to be part of Rick’s pirate crew. She seems rather enthralled by Captain Rick’s stories of the high seas. Um, Ulrike, don’t get any romantic notions about Rick. Believe me, he already has his hands full.

not too happy tense

Oh no! What’s up with Naomi? She is tense. Her Loner trait is giving her the stranger danger warning. Or possibly scowling and wondering why Ulrike is sitting with them. Well, hopefully her mood won’t last long.


After dinner, they all want to head down to the bar area again. Captain Rick hires a guitarist, although no-one seems to be paying attention to them. He was rather hoping for a rousing chorus of Yo Ho: A Pirate’s Life For Me, but his crew seems to be more interested in imbibing more rum.


Captain Rick gets a chance to fulfill his earlier whim of being friendly with Raven. He then gets a whim to “woohoo” with Raven, but that is cancelled.


Captain Rick’s chair near the ladies’ room gives him a great view of his pirate crew. Steamy looks between Rick and Brianna, and Rick gets a whim to “woohoo” with Brianna as well. Uh, no. Dang Rick! Reign in those hormones!


And here comes Naomi surrounded by a green fog. Oh my gosh! She is totally dehydrated and has peed herself. Poor Naomi.

Author’s Notes: I went into build mode and added a shower to the lot. Naomi didn’t need any prompting and headed straight for it.


Captain Rick hires a DJ and the pirate crew hit the dance floor, stepping to a lively jig.


Some landlubber tries to “pick-up” Pirate Coral, but when he hears she is part of Captain Rick’s crew, he wisely scurries off. Wise choice.


The pirate crew is having a great time. And Octavia seems to be doing some type of “come hither” dance to Captain Rick. Is it working?

Bronze party

And so ends the Incognito Costume Party portion. No gold this time, just Bronze. Probably because of that “son of a biscuit eater” caterer. Where was the cake? Where was the taco casserole? Did the caterer even cook? I heard that shortly after this “reward” was announced, that the caterer had to walk the plank.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Now me buccaneers, this is not where the story ends. Parties are so demanding on a host’s time, and not nearly enough time for Captain Rick to have a little “alone” time with each alluring member of his pirate crew. And so, we have the after-party. Captain Rick plans to have a little tête-à-tête in a private spot near the ship’s helm with each pirate. He needs to know if indeed they were loyal to just him. And so, our swashbuckling Bachelor will woo these scallywags with three romantic actions – “compliment appearance, flirt, and blow a kiss”. Who could resist him? Will they lay claim to a piece of the Captain’s heart, or be found guilty of mutiny? Yo ho ho! Let it begin and the tale be told.


And the first to hasten to Captain’s Rick’s call is Pirate Iris. Oh, she is a sad sort on this group outing. Again! Why is Pirate Iris the only one witnessing these “alleged” flirtations between Captain Rick and another pirate? No other pirate ever seems to have these moodlets. Perhaps Pirate Iris has had too much grog which has dimmed her senses and she is having “visions”. Alas, Captain Rick doth fancy her as a Lovebird, and so he commences the test.


Now Pirate Iris certainly swoons at the compliment that Captain Rick gives her. So, things seem to be fine and perhaps she has forgiven Captain Rick for his “supposed” actions. Captain Rick suddenly has a whim to “embrace” Pirate Iris, and even though it strays from his plan, Captain Rick goes for it.


And then the unthinkable happens just as Captain Rick is about to embrace Pirate Iris. She says no! “Heave to!” And yet Iris had romantic whims for Rick. What happened?


Shiver me timbers! Look at the shock on Captain Rick’s face!


Aaaarrrggghhh! And then the pure embarrassment of what happened sinks in.


And Pirate Iris realizes that she may have made a fatal mistake. Has she fallen out of favor with Captain Rick? Pirate Iris excuses herself and sallies forth to the “head”.

Author’s Note: Oh gosh! From Lovebirds down to Romantic Interest in one swoop. Iris did have to use the facilities, so perhaps Rick’s romantic gesture was ill-timed. But I wasn’t going to have Rick attempt any more romantic interactions with Iris in case their relationship went even lower.


Captain Rick next calls on Pirate Brianna to join him. This time, he’s sticking to his plan. But, will his Lovebird rebuff him, too? Ah, but no, his plan works perfectly and desirable Pirate Brianna gets a promotion to “Lovers”!


Next is Pirate Coral. His Lovebird greets him with a joke, and Captain Rick gets a whim to “tell a joke” to Pirate Coral, too. Was this a wise move on his part? Oh yes! As all of Captain Rick’s romantic overtures are readily accepted. A bewitching and loyal crew member, Pirate Coral justly deserves a promotion to “Lovers”.

rick and nami one on one

Captain Rick calls Pirate Nami next. Pirate Nami does look rather beautiful in her costume, and passes all of Captain Rick’s tests. Perhaps the object of Captain’s Rick previous flirtations, which Pirate Iris saw, Pirate Nami gets a promotion to “Lovers”. I guess a little flirting with the Captain never hurt.


Captain Rick sends for Pirate Naomi. She hasn’t had a very good time on this Group date, and brings a glass of rum with her. An offering to Captain Rick? But no, she is trying to stay hydrated. Captain Rick is unsure of how Pirate Naomi will react to his tests.


But by the time the last test is done, it is clear that the lovely Pirate Naomi is loyal to Captain Rick and remains a Romantic Interest.

the way octavia is flirting you would think it was a go

Captain Rick next summons Pirate Octavia. Even though, she is just an Acquaintance, Pirate Octavia is being very flirty with Captain Rick. Perhaps she is hoping for a relationship status boost. Captain Rick begins his test.


Pirate Octavia rather enjoys the compliment, and even succumbs to Captain Rick’s flirt. However, Pirate Octavia draws the line on Captain Rick’s attempt to “blow a kiss”, and firmly says no. Aaaarrrggghhh! Not another pirate jumping ship.


But, Pirate Octavia seems to redeem herself and does an autonomous hug with Captain Rick before she heads down to the bar again. And Pirate Octavia retains her rank as an Acquaintance.


And last is Pirate Raven. Such a captivating Lovebird, Pirate Raven is even flattered by Captain Rick’s humorous attempts at flirting.


But it seems that Pirate Raven (or Captain Rick) might have an admirer.

Captain Rick speaking to the stalker: “Are you “sqiffy” coming up here while I am testing a crew member on her worthiness?”

Stalker: “Oh hi, I was wondering where I could get a pirate outfit like that? Did you buy it on plopsy?”

Captain Rick: “Be gone you landlubber!”

The stalker leaves and Captain Rick is alone once again with Pirate Raven. She passes his last test. Perhaps Captain Rick saw how Pirate Raven attracted the attention of mere swabbies, and does not want her to be lured away. He readily promotes her to “Lovers”.


With Captain Rick’s tests now completed with his pirate crew, it was time for more fun and games as they headed outside to the gaming tables. The dining table and outdoor kitchen have been removed, so no reminders of that mere “Bronze” reward from the group date remained.

Captain Rick had summoned three crew members to play Don’t Wake The Llama with him. Pirate Iris, Octavia and Naomi. However, Pirate Naomi was otherwise occupied at the “head”, so unfortunately, they started the game without her. Captain Rick was victorious and “the llama slept tonight” in this round.


Even though Pirate Naomi misses the first game, Captain Rick, being the fair captain that he is, plays a solo game with her. It looks like a rather tense game, but Pirate Naomi smartly allows Captain Rick to win and remains in Captain Rick’s good graces.


Meanwhile, Pirate Raven had decided to play cards with Brianna, Coral, and Nami. But Nami was nowhere to be seen, so they started the game without her. Raven is indeed the card shark and wins this round. But where is Nami?


Ah, there is Pirate Nami. Looks like she had too many trips to the bar, as she appears to be “three sheets to the wind” and has passed out in front of the “head”. Captain Rick decides that shore leave is over.

“Weigh Anchor and Hoist the Mizzen!” Captain Rick shouts and he and his infamous pirate crew sail off to their secret pirate cave.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Relationship Stats After Group Date:


Naomi (Romantic Interest-same), Iris (Romantic Interest-down from Lovebirds), Octavia (Acquaintances-same), Raven, Coral, Brianna and Nami (all Lovers-up from Lovebirds). “Lovers: To be in love in a beautiful thing.”

Author’s Notes:

The tale of Captain Samwell Handwich is revealed when finding the Heart of Sulani necklace (See Visit with Keala Hoapili – Part 2 for the full story).

The Specter family is a pre-made sim family introduced in The Sims 2. Olive Specter’s son, Nervous Subject, is rumored to be the son of the Grim Reaper. Olive’s backyard has several gravestones and she is often visited by ghosts. I just randomly picked this family as being a benefactor of the museum. Since the ship is “haunted”, I thought it was a good fit.

In the Sims 3, there is a Ghost Hunter Career and a Banshee Banisher is an instrument a ghost hunter uses to catch ghosts.

Pirate Lingo – I thought it would be fun to add some pirate lingo to the story.

Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me) a Disney song.

Thanks to this simmer for this wonderful build. I added some gaming tables outside, the buffet and made the table in the Captain’s quarters accessible. Also, added a few items up near the ship’s wheel.


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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date With Coral

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today, our Bachelor heads off on the last of the Competition Solo Dates with Coral Reeves. Rick has certainly been imaginative with his date locations for both Brianna and Raven. And the question today is, where in the sim world will ‘Island Rick’ be taking his ‘Island Girl’ on her date?

Well, let’s not waste any time and head on over to the Bachelor House and peek in on Coral and Rick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Coral: Last night, as I headed into my room, I saw some items on the table at the foot of my bed. Oh my gosh! There was a red rose, a gift box and a letter. I knew these had to be gifts from Rick. I opened the letter first.

“Coral, a few gifts for you. I am looking forward to going on a date with my ‘Island Girl’ tomorrow. Until then, sweet dreams.” Rick.

Coral opened the gift box and after unwrapping all the tissue paper, three items lay inside. The first looked like a water globe with a little green sea creature inside. Coral shook the globe and little flecks of white swirled through the water. She had never seen anything like it before. The second gift was a green stone, almost translucent, allowing the sun to shine through it. The third item was a beautiful island outfit and Coral fingered the skirt material. A note was pinned to it “Bring with you for the evening”.

“These are so beautiful and Rick was so thoughtful in choosing them for me” exclaimed Coral, “I think I want to give Rick a gift back. But…what shall I get him…?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rick had asked Coral to meet him in front of the Bachelor House at sunrise. Rick didn’t have to wait long as Coral skipped down the stairs and walked over to where he stood. Before he could even greet her, Coral engulfed him in a warm hug.

“Rick, I wanted to say thank you so much for all those gifts! I am so excited about our date today. And that outfit…oh my gosh…I carefully packed it in my bag for this evening,” said Coral, pointing to her bag.

Rick smiled at Coral. She was always so full of life and wonderment. That’s what he liked about her…well, that, and how incredibly beautiful she looked.

Rick took Coral’s hands in his, “I’m glad you liked them,” Rick said, “But no gift can compare to your beautiful green eyes and how they glint in the sunlight. They’re magical.”

Coral seemed to blush at the compliment. “But not as magical as yours, Rick. I can see the ocean in your blue eyes…” Coral replied as they stood together holding hands.

Just then a limo pulled up and Rick let go of Coral’s hands to motion to the driver. “Are you ready to start our day together, my ‘Island Girl’?” asked Rick, again taking Coral’s hand in his, helping her in the limo.

“I am, ‘Island Rick’, but may I ask where we’re going?” asked Coral.

As Rick packed the day bags and cooler in the trunk, he explained that they would be heading to a private airport, and from there, they would board a helicopter for their destination.

“A helicopter?” enthused Coral, “I’ve never been on one before! It’ll be like I’m a bird! You know, I always wanted to be a bird. Spread my wings and fly…and touch the sky…”*

Rick looked at Coral then and knew that no matter what they did, it would certainly be a fun and interesting date.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The helicopter landed on Windenburg Island in a grassy field near the Villareal’s estate. Rick helped Coral out, and grabbed the day packs and the small cooler they had brought. The pilot waved them good-bye and told Rick he would be back in a few hours to pick them up.

“So, do you like to explore secret caves?” Rick winked at Coral, hoisting the day pack over his shoulder.

“A cave? Oh, that sounds exciting. I’ve only ever explored sea caves,” replied Coral.

“Well, this is more like a secret passageway to another time and place,” answered Rick, wondering what Coral would think of that.

Coral looked at him dumb-founded, “Oh my gosh! We’re going to time travel? Like in that book I read once, umm…The Time Machine*…oh, but it was kind of scary, too.”

Rick looked at Coral and laughed, “Not real time travelling and nothing scary. Just stay with me and you’ll be fine.”

And they made it through! It was rather overcast, and then Rick felt it. The first drop of rain. Oh no! There really was no shelter at this location, and he didn’t think that Coral wanted to be outdoors in the rain for the next few hours. And what if it turned into a thunderstorm? Rick checked his phone – no service.

“Coral, I’m so sorry. The weather is not going to make this a very nice location for a date. Perhaps we should head back through the passageway and head to that house and use their phone. We can go somewhere else for our date,” Rick said looking rather apologetic, as the rain pelted down harder on them.

Oh, it looks like a really special spot. Rick, I’ve been thinking…you have been so nice and bought me all those gifts, I would like to give you a gift,” Coral said.

“Oh, well that is very nice, Coral, but maybe we should head to that house first…” said Rick using his hand as a shield against the rain.

“Well, I could give you your gift now, but I would have to use some mermaid powers…”Coral remarked.

Rick looked at her quizzically.

“Oh, no…it’s nothing like that…like, I am NOT going to use my powers to…umm…make you like me more. We all swore a promise that we wouldn’t do that. I…um…I just…I want to make the day a bit brighter…” Coral said smiling.

And with that, she pulled out a conch shell and blew into it.

And suddenly the clouds dispersed and the sun started to shine. “You see, clear skies! Now we can stay here for our date like you planned,” Coral said smiling.

“Wow! I always knew you were pretty amazing, but this…this is incredible, Coral! And will it stay sunny all day now?” asked Rick.

“Well, it will be sunny for a few hours, but if it starts raining again, I won’t be able to control the weather. Well, not until tomorrow.” replied Coral.

This is certainly an impressive gift. Thank you for sharing it with me,” said Rick looking at Coral fondly. “But this gift…what happens to you when you use your gifts?”

“I get very uncomfortable and dehydrated. If I get too dry, I will pass out. And when that happens, if I don’t get into water or drink water, I will die,” explained Coral quietly.

“Oh my gosh, Coral! Let’s get you something to drink!” said Rick as he opened the cooler and handed Coral a beverage.

Coral took the drink and sipped it gratefully. “It doesn’t happen that fast, but thank you,” Coral said almost shyly.

Rick took Coral’s hand in his and led her down a pathway. “I wanted to show you this place, as I thought you might like it. It’s called The Bluffs and is the site of some ancient ruins and a natural pool. Some sims lived here many centuries ago and I always pictured this place to be the ruins of a formidable castle. It certainly would be impenetrable from the sea with the sheer rock cliffs surrounding it. You could see for miles in any direction and spot any approaching ships. You could also spot the fabled sea serpent that is rumored to swim in these waters…” Rick recounted as he pointed out to the ocean.

“A sea serpent? One lives here?” Coral said in amazement looking out towards the water.

“Yes, apparently many sims have seen her swimming out there. And they’ve even named her Emily,” Rick said as they stood there together looking out over the water for several minutes. And even though they scanned the waterway thoroughly, there was no sign of the sea serpent.

“Oh, that’s too bad. It doesn’t look like she’ll make an appearance for us today. But at least you have the snowglobe gift so you know what she looks like,” Rick smiled.

“The gift! The one with the green sea creature in it! Oh how wonderful,” Coral thought.

“Well, we can look out every now and then and maybe we’ll spot her. In the meantime, I was wondering if you’re up for some swimming…and maybe some diving…” Rick said.

“Swimming! I love swimming!” Coral exclaimed, as she hurried off towards the natural pool.

They swam together and Rick had to admit that it was a beautiful day. He loved this secluded spot, loved swimming in the warm pool, but he mostly loved how Coral looked. So lovely both in and out of the water.

Coral must have thought Rick looked pretty good, too, and blew him an autonomous kiss. Ooh la la!

They swam together most of the morning and then Rick got out and explored the area. He found a stone diving platform and challenged Coral to a diving match.

And Rick performs the perfect back flip into the water. Showing off a bit there Rick?

“Rick is so athletic, and that dive was pretty good. But now to show him what a dive really looks like!” thought Coral.

It was now Coral’s turn. Rick figured that mermaids were naturals at diving, but Coral looked a bit awkward standing up on that rock ledge. Rick thought that she hesitated a moment, as if thinking about something, and then took the plunge.

SPLASH! Coral does a belly flop right into the water. Ugh! Poor Coral!

Oops! Rick had no idea that mermaids could do belly flops!

“Well, maybe there are a few things I can still teach Coral in the water,” Rick laughs as he heads over to make some lunch for them.

“Is Rick looking my way? No? Okay, don’t tell him I ‘faked’ that dive. I was going to do a rather impressive dive, but changed my mind. If Rick saw how I could really dive, he’d be feeling rather bad right now. So, shhhh, let’s not spoil his day, shall we?” Coral whispered.

Rick opened the cooler and unpacked the picnic items. There was a drum bar-b-q and an old picnic table, and Rick grilled some veggie burgers for lunch.

They were both rather hungry after their swim. Especially Rick. Talk about devouring a hamburger in one bite! Rick! Well, let’s just say that Rick isn’t the neatest of eaters. But it doesn’t seem to faze Coral in the least. Their conversation flowed, and they chatted together and Rick told a few jokes.

And then Rick does an autonomous flirt with Coral. Oh yeah! Maybe Rick is hungry for more than just burgers!

“Coral, the helicopter will be returning soon, and I just wanted to say thank you for changing the weather. This has been a wonderful day so far. And I was wondering…there is a special event being held tonight, and…well, I was hoping that you would like to accompany me, my ‘Island Coral’,” Rick asked.

“Oh, I would love to go, my ‘Island Rick’,” replied Coral, happy that they would be spending more time together.

Coral said she had to use the “facilities” and headed towards the nearest bush. “No, peeking now, Rick!” she joked.

Rick let Coral have her privacy and headed over to a bonfire and lit it. Maybe he and Coral could snuggle by the fire before they departed.

Or maybe not…Rick heard the thunder first. It had started to rain again, which kind of squelched any romantic notions that Rick was having. He called to Coral to say they were leaving.

Meanwhile, Coral seemed non-pulsed by the thunderstorm and decided to shower in the rain. But when she heard Rick calling to her, she quickly stopped and headed over to his side.

Rick hoped that the weather would be better at their next destination. But he knew, it was definitely a good time to head out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The helicopter dropped them off in a clearing on Mua Pel’am, and they had to walk up a path. They arrived at an outdoor area which was surrounded by beautiful flowers and palm trees. Island music was playing and the smell of a delectable feast filled the air. Rick told Coral that they would be attending an island luau together. Coral was pretty excited because she had never been to one before.

“There are some restrooms on the other side where you can change and freshen up. I’ll head there in a bit, but I just wanted to make sure that they had two kava drinks for us. It goes pretty fast, and I remember you said you liked it,” Rick said giving Coral a glance as she headed off towards the restrooms.

Rick had changed quickly and sat at one of the tables waiting for Coral. And it wasn’t long before she appeared. And what an entrance she made! Rick had donned a lei, but Coral had fashioned the flowers in her hair, and she looked quite gorgeous.

“You look lovely, Coral, and every bit like an ‘Island Girl'”, Rick complimented Coral.

“And in that shirt and lei, I understand why you are called ‘Island Rick’. You certainly look like an islander to me,” remarked Coral.

They headed up to the bar area to get some kava, and there were a lot of sims who knew ‘Island Rick’ by name.

Especially the female sims. Young or old, they seemed to flock in his direction. In fact, an elder female sim was rather happy he was there tonight because she wanted him to help her out with an ‘odd job‘. Rick tried to tell the sim that he was on a date, but she insisted.

“Now don’t you worry, dear,” she said to Coral, “‘Island Rick’ will be back soon, and you can chat with Lalita.” The elder sim ushered Rick along, and Coral only heard snatches of the conversation about someone not showing up and she needed Rick to do something…and she also heard the word fire. Hmmm…maybe the elder sim needed Rick to chop some firewood or something.

A few minutes later, a sim went to the microphone and announced that their own ‘Island Rick’ would perform the famous and dangerous fire dance. There were a lot of oohs and ahhs from the audience, and Coral looked over at the bonfire, and there stood Rick in an island costume, complete with tribal face paint. This was the odd job? Oh my gosh!

Rick had finished the fire dance and the audience applauded loudly. Coral went over to him. “That was amazing Rick! I never knew these were the type of odd jobs you did. And this one…was so dangerous…you could have been hurt…” Coral was overcome with emotion at the thought of anything happening to Rick, and hugged him. Rick didn’t want this moment to end, but pulled away slowly and said that he wanted to change and wash off the face paint.

Author’s Note: I had made another outfit for Coral and was going to have her hula dance, but decided against it. I loved this screenie, and even though she’s in the other outfit, which you can barely make out, I had to use the photo.

Once Rick had changed, he and Coral had another kava drink.

Coral sits down at the bar area with her drink and seems to catch the eye of Don Lothario. Oh no! Don looks like he’s thinking of making a move on her. No! Stay away, Don, Coral is with someone.

Rick comes over just in time to chat with Coral, and it’s pretty obvious that she only has eyes for Rick. From the look on Don’s face, I think he knows he has no chance at all with Coral. Too funny! Better luck next time Don!

A sim was taking photos at the luau and they snapped a photo of the two of them. And they look pretty amazing together. Rick tells Coral that there is somewhere special he would like to bring her which is just a short walk uphill from where they were.

“It’s a place where I got the stone I gave you,” said Rick as they took in the great views along the path.

As they crested the hill, Rick took her hand and told Coral to stay close, “I wouldn’t want you to fall into that,” Rick said as he pointed to the lava crater pit.

“Oh my gosh! It’s an active volcano!” exclaimed Coral, feeling the heat on her cheeks, “But…how did you get that stone? You didn’t go in THERE for it, did you?” Coral asked, turning to Rick.

“Oh no…,” laughed Rick, “It’s called a green plumbite stone, and it’s found in volcanic ash. You can actually find it along the shoreline and it’s quite something to see when the sun shines down and the sand glistens green. And that’s where I found it, but this is where it came from” Rick said holding Coral’s hands.

“The stone is so beautiful,” replied Coral.

“Yes, it is beautiful and called the ‘evening emerald.’ It was worn by some of the greatest sims in history, like the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra of Simhara. And it was rumored that when they met, Mark Anthony gave Cleopatra this stone as a gift…”

“And they…became friends?” Coral asked not knowing who these sims were.

“Oh much, much more…Cleopatra and Mark Anthony were in love. So in love, in fact, that when they died, they were buried together, to be together for all time,” Rick explained looking longingly at Coral.

And whether it was the heat from the volcano, the intoxicating fragrance of the flowers in Coral’s hair, or their closeness, Rick found himself so drawn to Coral at that moment. “She looks so beautiful,” thought Rick.

“So, this stone…it’s a gift of love…” Coral said looking lovingly into Rick’s eyes.

“…well, when worn close to your heart, it allows you to fall in love…” Rick said quietly. They stood together, not speaking, staring into each other’s eyes. And Rick knew that the moment was now. He gently wrapped his arms around Coral and lightly kissed her soft, red lips. It was a very fleeting first kiss, but one that burned with something more.

Rick looked deeply into Coral’s eyes. The way she looked at him, and the way he felt in that moment, he would do anything for her. He would even walk ‘through the fire’* to be with her. And as Rick pulled Coral close to him once more, he whispered to her, “My ‘Island Coral’, your kisses burn like fire*…”, and with that he bent his head towards her and met her lips with his. They seemed to melt into each other as they shared a longer, almost fiery, kiss. A kiss that burned in their hearts and one they would both remember.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Coral’s Date Thoughts:

Have you ever floated on water before? Felt the water ebb and flow over you, while the sun shone down, making you feel warm all over? Like you could stay like that all day. Perfectly floating. No worries. No cares. Well, that is how this date felt, just like floating on water. It was wonderful. And I was so happy that I could give Rick a gift, too. Watching his surprised face as the rain clouds parted to clear skies was the best. And, I’m glad I did that because we had such fun at The Bluffs together. Maybe we’ll go there another time and be able to see that sea creature. But that, to me, wasn’t really important, as much as spending time with Rick was. And this evening…sigh…this evening…the whole time together, Rick made me feel so special. And that gorgeous outfit he picked out for me, I really did feel like his ‘Island Girl’. And then at the volcano…oh my gosh…when his lips touched mine…and he kissed me…my whole body felt tingly. And when he kissed me again…it’s like Rick’s kiss ignited something inside of me. All I can say is, it was smoldering and it left me wanting more. Oh sure, you’re probably thinking that a mermaid such as myself has never kissed anyone before. Well, I have! But it just never felt like the one I had with Rick. And that stone he gave me and the story of the love between Cleopatra and Mark Anthony…what does it mean? Is Rick trying to tell me that perhaps he wants me to fall in love with him? Oh Rick, if only you knew how I felt, and how your kisses “burn me up with fire…”*

Relationship Status remains unchanged at Lovebirds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Oh my! That was some date! And Coral used her mermaid powers to clear the skies as a gift to Rick! That was pretty amazing. But possibly not as amazing as that hot volcano kiss that Rick and Coral shared. Wowzers! These two were sizzling on their date. The actual date was at the luau. *Gold Date Achieved*

“I believe I can fly/ I believe I can touch the sky…Spread my wings and fly away…”, lyrics from the song I Believe I can Fly” by R. Kelly for the movie Space Jam, 1996.

The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, 1895. A science-fiction book about an English scientist who creates a time machine and travels to a distant future.

Gemstone Information – Peridot – The information on the “plumbite” stone is really about peridot. I needed something for the volcano clue for the date which was sims-related. I was originally going to have Rick give Coral a fire opal, which is a gem in the Sims 4, but I changed the gift after reading that if you receive opal as a gift, it’s bad luck. There is no peridot in Sims 4, but there is plumbite, which I thought would work for peridot, since they are both green. The section I wrote about Mark Anthony giving Cleopatra a peridot as a “love gift”, was made up, but Cleopatra did like peridots, so, who knows, it could have been true.

5 Facts About Peridot article.

“Through the Fire” song by Chaka Khan, 1984.

“Fire”, song by The Pointer Sisters, 1978.

Thanks to this simmer for the wonderful luau build. I did add some kava bowls, the buffets, and placed a bonfire where the island feast pit was. Placed on the Caldera Camp lot on Mua Pel’am, it had a lot trait of volcanic activity, but no lava bombs descended on them thankfully.

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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date With Raven

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxanna intro raven date

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. With Rick’s first Solo Date done, it’s now time to move onto his second Solo Date with Raven Xang. As you may recall, Raven’s first Solo Date with Rick ended rather abruptly with Rick getting food poisoning. That was so nasty! But today is a new day, and if Rick’s date yesterday is any indication of what is in store for today, Raven is in for a treat. The only question that I, Roxanna Llama-Llama have, is, what gifts did he get Raven, and where is “Island Rick” taking his “Island Girl” today?

So, let’s head on over to the Bachelor House and peek in on Rick and Raven.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Raven: Yesterday, while Rick was out, there was a knock on my bedroom door and when I answered it, Afu was standing there. He handed me a rose, a gift box, and a letter from Rick. Afu also told me that Rick requested that I pack some formal evening wear for a special event. When the door closed, the first thing I did was tear open that letter to see what it said.

“Raven, a little surprise for you. I look forward to going on a date with my “Island Girl” tomorrow. Until then, sweet dreams.” Rick

Raven looked at the gift box and finally untied the ribbon and unwrapped the tissue paper which held three gifts. The first item was a small black cat statue, which Raven admired and set aside. The next item was some type of costume. Raven held it up and couldn’t believe what it was. A note was pinned to it, “Wear this for our date.” What the heck? Oh now, this was intriguing. The last item was wrapped in glitter tissue paper that sparkled when the sun shone on it. Inside was a book. And when she glanced at the title, she almost dropped the gift in surprise. The title was, “Warm Bodies”*. Oh gosh! This was the greatest zombie love story of all time and her favorite book!

gifts rick gave

“I’m such a fool,” Raven thought, “If Rick took this much trouble to select these gifts, he obviously has deep feelings for me. I was a fool to reject his advances at the spa, but I know if it happens again, I’m not going to stop him. I’m done with playing games.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

meeting at the skiff

Rick had asked Raven to meet him near the skiff beside the house at noon. When Raven arrived, Rick couldn’t help but smile at how amazing she looked in her costume.

are u ready raven

Rick offered Raven his hand to help her on-board, and Raven turned to him and said, “Rick, I wanted to thank you for the gifts and planning this date. I’ve been really looking forward to it.”

“It’s my pleasure, Raven,” Rick replied smiling, “But you know, I thought zombies were supposed to look scary, but you are much too good looking to scare anyone,” Rick said, giving her a flirtatious smile. Raven was thinking the same thing about Rick as she glanced at him.

“Are you ready for an adventure, my ‘Island Girl’? asked Rick, stowing the day bags in the boat and gesturing towards the seaplane.

joking with each other

“As long as I don’t have to be a wing walker* in this costume, “Island Rick”. I don’t think these rags would survive the wind,” Raven laughed back pointing at herself.

“Now there’s a thought…!” Rick replied, flirting with Raven as he pointedly looked at her. Raven nudged him with her elbow and Rick feigned a hurt look. They both laughed as Rick launched the boat into the water.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


They landed safely in Brindleton Bay and Rick told Raven that they were there for the Annual ZombieFest. It was a zombie-themed event, and the entire town was decorated. Pub crawls, themed-food vendors, concerts and a horror movie marathon, called Frightfest, were some of the activites. Raven now understood why they were dressed like zombies. Rick suggested they head to some of the unique shops in town. Later, they could stop for lunch at a pub which served some ‘unusual’ food. Raven thought that was a great idea as she was a tad hungry.


“Are you ready, my zombie island girl?” Rick asked, a mischievous smile played on his lips. Raven nodded and before she knew it, Rick yelled “Braaains”, and proceeded to shuffle along the sidewalk with his arms outstretched. Raven couldn’t believe it! But soon she had joined him and was yelling “Braaains,” herself. On their way to the shops, they shouted “Braaains” at any sim who passed. And no-one looked at them strangely. It was indeed a fun way to start the date.

1st store was a magic shop

They spent the afternoon wandering the quaint shops. Raven was intrigued by the magic shop. Rick wasn’t sure, but he thought he heard Raven ask the sales clerk if they had any love potions.


They even went to a fortune tellers to have their fortunes told.


But Raven didn’t say anything when her future love life question was answered. But by the look on her face, Rick figured it was a very positive response.


Rick then brought Raven to an antique bookshop. When they entered, the shopkeeper welcomed Rick by name.

“They seem to know you here,” Raven said as she eyed a book called The Sauntering Dead.

rick and raven in the bookstore


“Yes, I was here a while ago. This is where I found the book I gave you,” said Rick as he pointed to one of the massive bookshelves.

“Really?” replied Raven, “You came here to buy me a book?”

“Well, the author was here for a book signing, and, I ummm…thought that you might like it. It’s kind of a post-apocalyptic zombie story,” Rick started to say, “And at the beginning of the story, the main character, Z, who is a zombie, rescues this human named Julie, and as their relationship progresses, he becomes more human. You could almost say he was saved…he was saved by…” Rick absent-minded ran his finger along the spine of a nearby book.

“Yes….he was saved…saved by what Rick?” asked Raven, already knowing the answer to her own question.

Rick looked at her and said, “He was saved by love.”


Raven whispered to him, “Yes, I know. I’ve read it several times. It’s my favorite book.”

“Your favorite book? Why didn’t you tell me?” Rick laughed.

“Because I wanted to hear your critique of the book. But, Rick, why did you buy me THAT book?” Raven questioned.

its my fav book too

“Because it’s my favorite book, too,” replied Rick looking at Raven intently and saw the disbelief on her face. Rick thought she looked so vulnerable sometimes, and it was times like this that he just wanted to hold her in his arms.


And that’s when Raven autonomously blew Rick a kiss.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The pub was right next door. It was a gorgeous gothic manor that had been converted to a pub. They headed straight to the bar and Rick ordered them some “Granny Smash” drinks and a “zombie special” for lunch.

inside the pub

The “zombie special” turned out to be “cheesey eyeballs” and “brain popcorn shrimp”, which tasted pretty good to hungry zombies.

rick trying to get ravens attention

The bar had filled up quickly and Rick and Raven couldn’t get a seat together. Rick saw an empty table open up and tried to get Raven’s attention to head over there.

why was this sim coming to sit with rick

But it seems that this townie thought that Rick was motioning for her to sit beside him. Ummm….no! So, after finishing their drinks, they headed to the restrooms to change to their formal wear and headed down to the dock area. They were outta there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

it was overcast and they could barely see the island

As part of ZombieFest, they were showing horror movies on Deadgrass Isle. But tonight was a gala event, and Rick and Raven looked great in their formal wear. The sea mist was rolling in and they could barely make out the island in the distance. But what Rick did notice was how radiant Raven looked.

coming up the boat ramp together

They docked safely and headed up the ramp together and Rick couldn’t hide his excitement any longer. They walked over to the billboard advertising the Frightfest Film Fest.

i wanted to bring you somewhere speical tonight

Rick took Raven’s hands in his, “Raven, tonight is a rather special night. Frightfest Film Fest is showing a unique film…tonight only. I didn’t want to tell you earlier to spoil the surprise. You see, when I bought your book, the author was there at a book-signing event, and I had him autograph your book. He was promoting his new movie, and we got to talking, and well…tonight, they’re having a special premiere of the movie “Warm Bodies”. And you, my island girl, are on the guest list. Well, along with me, of course,” Rick said smiling warmly at Raven.

rick i cant believe yoou broought me here

“The movie is….the movie is “Warm Bodies”? It’s a movie now? And we’re guests to the movie premiere? Oh, Rick, I can’t believe it!” Raven looked like she was going to cry she was so happy. But instead she hugged him.

Perhaps Rick imagined it, but that hug seemed to last longer than usual. And as they held each other, Rick inhaled Raven’s perfume, a heady combination of smoky sweetness that assaulted his senses. As Rick nuzzled Raven’s hair, he found it almost impossible to fight the thoughts that were going through him. But they broke apart then, and he composed himself.

touring the museum and rick telling tales

The movie wasn’t starting for a bit and so they went into the museum to look at the displays. Rick told Raven the story of the St. Bernard ship and how it crashed onto Deadgrass Isle.

“…And all they found was a lifeboat full of cat and dog survivors , no sims…” Rick regaled the tale to Raven.

“Oh my gosh! It sounds so mysterious!” Raven said hanging onto Rick’s every word.

getting popcorn for the movie

After looking at the displays, they headed to the outdoor film area. The movie would be starting in a few minutes and, of course, what’s a movie without popcorn? Rick carried the two bowls and proceeded down the red carpet towards a seat at the front.

and its i dont know her name but i got her autograph

The film premiere had a lot of celebrities on the guest list, too.

“Oh my gosh, it’s…ummm…well, I don’t remember her name…but she’s famous, and I got her autograph!” Raven squealed in delight as she sat down beside Rick and showed it to him.

celebs at the movies

The place was starting to fill up and more celebrities made appearances.

watching the premier together

The movie had started…

too scary for you

Rick looked over at Raven for her reaction when Z’s heart started to beat for the first time…

i think that scene scared rick

“Oh! That was scary!”, Rick exclaimed, realizing he had almost dropped his popcorn on Raven.

rick is a bit scared

Ummm…Rick…I thought you liked horror movies.

oh that was scary

Raven’s eyes were glued to the screen but she jumped at one scene.

a little cuddle during the movie

Rick moved closer and suggested they snuggle during the movie…you know…to keep each other safe from the zombies. Oh, Rick…you’re a sly one…I do think Raven likes that idea.

this is the part that i love

And the movie was over all too soon. Raven couldn’t stop talking about the movie…the actors…the actresses…the setting… Rick just listened to her. He knew that Raven was having a good time on their date. He certainly was.

will u come with me raven

Afterward, several guests milled about chatting, while others headed to the bar for a drink, or down to the ferry to go back to the mainland. Rick had something else in mind and told Raven that he wanted to bring her somewhere special.

“Will you come with me, ‘Island Raven’?” asked Rick.

“Lead the way, ‘Island Rick’,” Raven replied, excited as to where Rick might take her next.

they ran along the road together

Rick motioned down a path but said they didn’t have much time as the last ferry left at midnight. They hurried together, Rick always keeping Raven insight.

what is this place graveyard

“What is this place, Rick?” asked Raven.

“It’s a pet cemetery, where the dogs and cats of that ill-fated ship were buried. Some say that their spirits still haunt the island,” Rick explained.

entering the graveyard

“I wanted to show you a special epitaph on a grave marker,” Rick said as they entered the graveyard together.

“You’ve been here before?” asked Raven incredulously.

“Well, during the day, they give guided tours of the island, including this cemetery. Every day, except today, as they had this special event going on. So, because I know you like graveyards, I didn’t want you to miss seeing this one,” explained Rick.

it was a ghost cat

“Oh my gosh, he came here because of me,” thought Raven. They walked in together holding hands, and Raven thought she saw a ghostly image on top of a grave marker. But when she looked again, it was gone.

Author’s Notes: Sorry for the dark screenies, but if you look to the right on top of that grave monument, you can make out a red shape, which is a ghost cat. Pure luck that one was here when they arrived.


They stopped at a grave marker and Rick read the epitaph.

epitaph on gravestone rick


“That is the sweetest epitaph I’ve ever read. Those pets must have been truly loved,” said Raven. And whether it was what she had just read, the spooky stillness of the graveyard, or Rick standing rather close to her, Raven was suddenly feeling very flirty.


They decided to explore the graveyard some more and Rick kept a watchful eye on Raven as she went to examine some gravestones near the entrance.


Raven heard a sound behind her and almost jumped at the noise. She turned around to see…a black cat! She must have given a little cry out loud because Rick was suddenly by her side.

raven and rick holding hands

“Raven, are you okay?” asked Rick, taking her hands in his, “I thought I heard you call out.”

“I’m…I’m fine. I just…I heard something and turned around and there was a black cat behind me. It just startled me, that’s all,” Raven replied looking all around for the black cat, but it had disappeared.

“Oh, that would be Salem, one of the many island residents. He likes to come around when there’s a tour on. Maybe he thought there was a tour tonight and figured he’d get a treat,” laughed Rick.

she was so beautiful in the moonlight

“Well, maybe they should give tours at night. I know it’s a graveyard, but look at how beautiful it looks. So quiet with its misty eeriness and the moon shining down on everything. It’s surreal,” Raven said in a hushed voice.

“Yes, everything is rather beautiful here tonight,”  Rick replied, staring at Raven as he said it.

“And the moon…the moon…it’s so bright…” Raven answered.

lovely in the moonlight

Rick certainly had to agree as they both stood quietly beside each other staring up at the moon. “Moonlight is so magical. It holds you in its spell and you can’t fight it,” Raven said quietly. Rick looked at Raven and couldn’t help thinking how hauntingly beautiful she looked, with her full lips, her pale, translucent skin, and her black hair which shimmered with silver streaks in the moonlight. “Gosh, she’s gorgeous,” he thought.

the moon graveyard

Rick wanted to kiss her but was worried that Raven might reject him again. And yet, this time was different, They were all alone. No-one to barge in and disturb their romantic moment. And as Rick stood there, the night breeze seemed to whisper to him, and he knew there was no better time than now.

the first kiss with raven

And then he kissed her. It was a light, fleeting kiss, but Rick was certain of one thing…Raven hadn’t resisted.

raven had fallen for him

rick couldnt fight the moonlight

And when they looked into each other’s eyes, Rick knew he wanted to kiss Raven again. “You’re right, my island girl…you can’t fight the moonlight…”* and with that, he cupped her face in his hands and tilted her head as he met her warm lips with his. Softly, ever so softly he kissed her. He felt her arms around his neck, grabbing his shirt collar, clinging to him, like she was afraid she would fall. And standing there under the stars, they were lost in the moment, in the slow, lingering kiss that they shared.

kiss in amongst the gravestones

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

raven date thioughts redo2

Raven’s Date Thoughts:

I’m in a dream, or maybe it’s a nightmare, I’m not sure which. This date with Rick…I never expected anything like it. It was an absolute dream. I was blown away! Let’s just put it this way, Rick has quite an imagination! Oh sure, he could have just taken me to a restaurant again, and that would have been fine. Well, except maybe a restaurant that didn’t serve tainted food like our first Solo Date. But, no, it’s like Rick planned the entire date around me and my interests. I never had such fun screaming “Braains” at sims before. Then, the premiere of the film…you know, I think my heart melted a bit when Rick told me what the movie was. And Rick is always so full of surprises. I mean, seriously, who brings their date to a cemetery? And did you see that black cat…like the gift Rick gave me…it was a hint. I am sure others would have thought that going to a graveyard was the worst date ever. But it was so wonderful, so unique, so eerie and exciting, so memorable, especially with that kiss in the moonlight. Yes….that kiss…the one I can’t forget. And that’s where the nightmare starts. You see, all my life, sims haven’t really liked me because I was different. But, I knew how to act. I was tough, not caring what others thought about me. I never let my guard down to get hurt. But Rick likes me for me. And when Rick kissed me, I felt that part of me that I’ve kept hidden away from everyone, open up. Like in the book he gave me, except I am that zombie boy and when Rick kissed me, MY heart started to beat. I became alive. And now my emotions are a mess…scared and excited all at the same time. I’m terrified with how I’m feeling about Rick, knowing that quite possibly I might get hurt. And I feel like I’m losing control. Like maybe I’m not that tough, strong sim I thought I was. Because now, when I look into Rick’s eyes, I get weak.*

Relationship status remains unchanged at Lovebirds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

These two, in the graveyard…who would have thought that this date would be so romantic? But I have to tell you that I was a bit nervous about having Rick kiss Raven. I really didn’t know what she would autonomously do. But she didn’t reject him, so that worked out well. And who could blame Rick for wanting to kiss her…under the stars…in the moonlight. So romantic. But I think there’s trouble ahead for Raven. I mean, did you see that look on Raven’s face after the first kiss with Rick? Such conflicting emotions. The date portion was on Deadgrass Isle. *Gold date achieved*.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wing Walking* is a daredevil stunt of moving along the wings of a plane (normally a biplane) while in flight. Wikipedia.

“Warm Bodies,” is a PG13-rated movie (from the book of the same name by author Isaac Marion). Deemed a “zombie” love story. In a post-apocalyptic future where a devastating plague has turned most of the population into zombies, a zombie named Z rescues a human, named Julie, from a zombie attack. When Z sees Julie, he feels his heart beat for the first time. As the two fall in love, Z becomes more and more human, and finally when Julie and Z kiss, Z is cured of the plague and becomes fully human. Cured by love.

Can’t Fight The Moonlight*, a song by LeAnn Rimes, from the movie Coyote Ugly, 2000.

I Get Weak*, a song by Belinda Carlisle, 1987.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Simmer Creations:

Deadgrass Discoveries, the museum on Deadgrass Isle in Brindleton Bay, is a Maxis build. I just added a small outdoor movie area and added a bar. I changed the lot type from Museum to Restaurant, and chose “formal” for the attire. To have celebrities appear, I added “Hottest Spot in Town,” for the lot trait. The cemetery lot can’t be edited to add lights, so sorry for some dark screenies there.

Thanks to these simmers for their fantastic builds and “zombie” sims they created. The Infected (Zombies) sims are part of the Murkland Challenge by Brennachan. Waylon was randomly generated as the bartender. Read more about the challenge here.

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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date with Brianna

bachelor in paradise kigi

cover shot roxie bri date

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani! Today, the first Solo Date winner, Brianna Hammond, will be heading off on a date with our Bachelor. Now because Rick’s nickname is “Island Rick”, all of the dates that Rick will be taking his dates on, involve travel to an island with his “Island Girl”. Oh, how mysterious and romantic.

Plus, I understand that he has selected some special gifts for each of his Solo Dates. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, can hardly wait to see what they are. Oh my gosh! I am as excited as the contestants!

And now, let’s head on over to the Bachelor House and peek in on Brianna and Rick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

a gift from rick

Brianna: Last night, as I headed back to my room for the night, I was very surprised to see a rose, a letter and a gift on my bedside table. I opened the letter and read it. It was from Rick!

“Brianna, a little something for you. I look forward to you being my “Island Girl” tomorrow. Until then, sweet dreams.” Rick

Brianna was excited as she carefully untied the ribbon on the package. Under layers of tissue paper lay three items. The first item was a blue Abalone shell. Brianna held it up to the light and it shimmered. The second item laying there was…a snorkel mask. She smiled as she set it aside. As she unwrapped the last gift, she gasped. Inside was a beautiful hand-painted island dress. And it was the right size! An additional note was pinned to it, “Bring with you for the evening.”

“I wonder if these are hints of what we will be doing tomorrow,” Brianna thought, as she held the dress up against her and admired herself in the mirror.

wonder what rick gave her

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

i thought watching the sun rise was a good way to start

Rick had asked Brianna to meet him near the bar area before sunrise. He thought that watching the sunrise together would be a perfect way to start the date.

its gorgeous rick

As they watched the sun climb higher in the sky, Rick was looking forward to his special day with Brianna. Rick sensed that Brianna was anticipating it, too.

are you ready to start our day together

Brianna turned to Rick, “Rick, before we begin our day, I just wanted to say thank you for the surprise gifts.”

“You’re welcome,” Rick smiled and held her hands, “But, Brianna, those gifts are really nothing compared to how beautiful you look today. I’ve never seen you with your hair down. You look so very pretty.”

Brianna smiled at the compliment, “Oh my gosh, he noticed my hair!” she thought to herself.

“So, are you ready to start our day together, my ‘Island Girl’?” Rick asked, winking at her as he said that.

“Absolutely, ‘Island Rick’,” she replied, flirting with him a bit.

follow me brianna its not far

Rick told her that they would be taking the outrigger canoes to their first destination. Rick helped Brianna descend the ladder and stowed their day bags in his canoe. Afu had also packed some sandwiches, drinks and fruit in a small cooler for them.

Brianna looked a bit nervous as she sat on the boat. “I don’t have a lot of experience in these,” Brianna confessed, hoping that this wouldn’t spoil the day.

they sailed out together never far from one another

“It’s not too far, and the ocean is calm. Plus, I’ll be with you the whole time”, Rick replied reassuring Brianna. He suggested she practice a bit around the bay, and once she got the hang of it, they were off. And true to his word, Rick never left her side as they travelled together.

i thought we could try out your giftThey arrived at Ohan’ali Beach without incident, and Brianna had quite enjoyed herself skimming over the water in the outrigger canoe. Rick told Brianna that there was a lagoon nearby with crystal clear waters. He thought it would be a perfect spot to snorkel together. They grabbed their scuba masks and entered the water laughing together.


snorkelling together

They spent most of the morning exploring the lagoon.

swimming together

Afterwards, they swam together, every once in awhile stopping to chat. The lagoon water was so warm and clear, and being here with Brianna just seemed so…right.

brianna did a playful splash with him

Just then, Brianna became rather playful and splashed Rick.

ready for another adventure

He laughed at her antics and did a small splash back. She laughed in return. Rick motioned to the far shore and said that they should head over there.

brianna feeling flirty

Once ashore, they strolled along the beach together and Rick pointed out some seashells lying on the beach.

“It’s how the waves come ashore at this spot,” Rick explained, “This part of the beach always seems to have the most seashells. It’s where I found the blue abalone seashell I gave you.”

“You…you came here and picked out a shell for me?” asked Brianna a little surprised.

“Yes…I was looking for that particular shell. They are rather rare and no two shells are ever the same. Getting an abalone shell as a gift brings you luck, and…” Rick seemed to have trailed off in his explanation.

“It brings luck….and what else, Rick?” asked Brianna, now very curious about the shell.

“They say that the abalone shell has mystical properties. It’s said to enhance feelings of peace, compassion and…” Rick stopped speaking for a moment and then whispered softly, “…and love,” Rick finished.

r and b date

Rick’s eyes met Brianna’s briefly, and in that moment, Rick felt the urge to take her in his arms and hold her close to him. But he hesitated, and Brianna smiled shyly and looked away. At this point, Rick autonomously decided to serenade Brianna. He really likes singing to her.

Whether it was the warm breeze, the sunny day, or the company she was with, Brianna was feeling rather flirty suddenly. She was feeling a bit “hot” and fanned herself with her hand.

they built a sand castle together

They searched the sandy inlet and Brianna picked up a few shells. She had found a large conch shell, and Rick carried it for her. The sun was high overhead and they swam back to the main beach. Rick brought over the lunch that Afu had prepared, and after enjoying their repast, they decided to walk along the beach some more. They entered a clearing which Rick thought would be the perfect spot for a sand sculpture.

sandgnome together

They enjoyed their afternoon together, and laughed at their final sand creation. In fact, Rick, was feeling very playful. Some wild thoughts were running through his mind like lifting Brianna over his shoulder and running into the water with her.

A beautiful day to explore the lagoon

Well, to be honest, those weren’t the only ‘wild thoughts’ Rick was having! Oh, behave!

“I was wondering if ‘Island Brianna’ would like to join me for dinner? I know a little place that serves authentic island food, and the scenic views there are some of the best in Sulani,” Rick said, already knowing what Brianna’s answer would be.

“I would be honored, ‘Island Rick’, but only if you let me buy you a drink,” Brianna answered.

“Oh, is it going to be one of those frothy drinks with a little pink umbrella adorning it?” Rick teased her.

“Oh darn, Rick, you read my mind,” laughed Brianna as she threw a beach towel at him.

“Oh hey now, no rough stuff there ‘island girl”‘, winked Rick.

“Rough stuff? I’ll show you rough stuff!” laughed Brianna as she playfully ran after Rick pretending to tackle him like a linebacker.

It was time to head to their next destination. After packing up the outrigger canoes, and helping Brianna aboard, they were off.

she was having a great date

This time, Brianna had no qualms of steering the outrigger canoe. They followed the coastline, and it seemed like they were there in minutes.

the place is gorgeous rick

They landed safely and Rick helped Brianna out of the outrigger canoe. The spot that Rick had brought Brianna was spectacular. An outdoor restaurant-bar right beside a waterfall with views of the ocean all around them.

before it gets too dark there is somewhere I want to show you

Rick grabbed the day bags and handed Brianna hers. “If you’d like to change and freshen up, there are some restrooms by that grove of palm trees,” Rick said.

Brianna looked to where he had pointed, “I could probably use some freshening up myself. Darn sand gets everywhere, you know,” Rick said, “But I want to secure the outrigger canoes first, so you go ahead.”

watching brianna

Brianna thanked him and headed towards the restrooms. Rick stood rooted to the spot and watched her walk away. Ummm…okay Rick…securing the outrigger canoes, huh?

wow she looked beautiful

Rick was ready first and waited for Brianna. When Brianna made her entrance, Rick was captivated by her. She looked amazing.

wow brianna looked gorgeous

Brianna suggested that they head to the bar area, where she ordered drinks for the two of them.

Author’s Notes: In reality, Rick ordered the drinks.

and sure enough it had a pink umbrella

And sure enough, Brianna ordered some drink with a little pink umbrella adorning it. But it tasted pretty good. Um…Rick…why do you have two drinks in your hand?

afu playing the guitar he was good

And it looks like Afu is keeping an eye on these two as he suddenly appeared and started playing the guitar. He actually sounded pretty good. What other hidden talents do you have, Afu?

rick blows brianna an autonomous kiss


They sat down together and their dinner arrived very quickly. Their conversation flowed smoothy and so did their flirting with one another. In fact, Rick blows Brianna an autonomous kiss.

shall we watch the sunset

After dinner, Rick took Brianna’s hands in his and they walked leisurely towards the shoreline.

“Shall we watch the sunset together?” Rick asked and Brianna nodded yes.

brianna i

And as they stood watching the sunset, Rick glanced over at Brianna and saw her face bathed in the glowing rays. She had never looked so lovely. He inched closer to her.

“This is the moment,” he thought to himself, “This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.”

and in the setting sun brianna gets the first kiss

And before either of them knew what was happening, Rick had reached over and gently kissed Brianna on the lips. It had been a quick kiss, almost a chaste brush of their lips. But when they parted, he could hear Brianna’s soft intake of breath.

is it love

brianna definitely wants another kiss

one more kiss my island girl

The lingering taste of Brianna’s sweet lips played on his mind, and Rick knew one thing…one kiss was not enough. He wrapped Brianna in his arms and pulled her close to him. They gazed into each others’ eyes, and Rick murmured, “One more kiss, my island girl…” Rick felt Brianna’s arm encircle his waist, as he lowered his head towards Brianna and kissed her, ever so tenderly on the lips. And this kiss…this kiss*, was the one they would both remember.

the perfect kiss

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

steamy looks brianna

Brianna’s Date Thoughts:

“To say that this date with Rick was the perfect date is an understatement. From sunrise to sunset, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a day like that before. And even though I was a bit nervous at the start of the date handling an outrigger canoe by myself, Rick was so patient and understanding. And he never left my side. That says a lot about the type of person Rick really is. And those gifts…it’s true…they were hints about the date. The scuba mask, for our snorkelling time, that gorgeous dress for dinner…and that shell! I mean, Rick went to Ohan’ali Beach and had searched for a shell just for me. But not just any shell, an abalone shell with mystical powers that enhance feelings of “love”. Now what does that say? That Rick wants me to feel more for him? I mean, I haven’t told him how I really feel, but somehow, I think he already knows. Rick and I just seem to naturally connect, but it’s the little things he does that warm my heart in ways I couldn’t have expected. And having said that, now, I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the next fews days, or weeks, knowing that Rick will probably be kissing a few more contestants. But I can only hope that our kiss together will remain on his mind, like it remains on mine.”

Relationship Status remains unchanged at Lovebirds.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Ummmm….wow! That was some date! And Rick finally gets his first kiss with Brianna. And what a kiss it was! I am not sure if this is the effect of the “Great Kisser” trait that Rick has, but the look on both of their faces says it all. Hot! Hot! Hot! The date portion was just at the Lounge area. *Gold date achieved*.

“Island Girl”, a song by Elton John, 1976. Watch this YouTube video on this song for a laugh (features stills from the tv series, Gilligan’s Island, circa 1964-1967)

“This Kiss, This Kiss,” song lyrics from the song, This Kiss, by Faith Hill, 1998.

Healing Properties for Abalone Shell article.

Thanks to this simmer for the wonderful build. I added a few items, like a grill, hottub, and fireplace. Rick never did get any whims for the hottub, though I also changed it from a “Beach” lot to a “Lounge”.

mermaid bay build photo credit





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Somebody to Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Solo Date Competition # 2 – Let My Love Open The Door

bachelor in paradise kigiroxanna open shot solo comp 2

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. After that relaxing Group Date yesterday, and with the contestants now glowing both inwardly and outwardly, it’s time for Rick to head off on some Solo Dates. However, …oh, you knew this wouldn’t be as straight-forward as all that…, rather than Rick wining and dining all of the contestants in a whirlwind Solo Date-a-thon, there will be a slight twist. The producers have decided that the contestants will compete in a Solo Date Competition. Oh my gosh, what will the contestants have to do in this competition? Well, therein lies the twist. The contestants don’t have to do anything, as Rick will be the one choosing who he wants to go on a Solo Date with.

on thge move where will he go

And so that is why we are here on this hot, barren sandlot in the middle of who knows where to do this competition. And today of all days, with it being a heatwave, the lot has no shade, no palm trees, no food, no water, and, gasp….no “facilities”. Oh, I stand corrected, I see Benny carrying a shade umbrella and some water bottles. But, still, the only thing on the lot is a building with seven glass-enclosed cubicles. And peeking in those, they are all identical. Oh sure, they may have a loveseat, but there is nothing to do in there — no music, no bookshelf, no tv…nothing.  In fact, the lot itself has no distractions on it. Well, unless you count Bachelor Rick because he is quite a nice distraction! And here he comes now!

the ladies arrive

Benny has just informed me that the food trucks and port-a-potties are on their way. Apparently, there was some snafu on the directions to this location. Well, that is a bit of bright news because I can only cross my legs for so long. Oh and look, the contestants have all arrived now. I have been given a sealed envelope by the producers on the contest rules, and I am ripping open the envelope as we speak! Oh, it jingles, and it looks like there are 7 keys in here as well.

benny and roxanna solo comp 2

And the rules of the contest are that each contestant will enter one of the glass-enclosed cubicles and be locked in! What? Oh my gosh, for how long – they will starve! Umm…oh wait…here we go…Bachelor Rick will go to the opposite side of the lot in the middle of the lot and look over each contestant in their cubicle. The doors will all be locked and the only one with a key to each cubicle will be Rick. *hands Rick the keys* When Rick decides on a contestant who he wants to go on a Solo Date with, he will unlock their cubicle and enter it. Oh my…that’s romantic. But wait, there’s more! Rick will do this three times, once from the middle of the lot and then from the front corner and back corner. At the end of the competition, it’s quite possible that the results will be that Rick may go on three, two, or just one Solo Date. I mean he might pick the same contestant more than once. Who knows what Rick will do! But this is so exciting!

So, ladies, are you feeling “lovely” today and have that “look of love” about you? Will you be the one who holds the key to Rick’s heart? Let’s find out as we begin the “Let My Love Open The Door” Solo Date Competition.

rick in the middleThe contestants enter the cubicles in alphabetical order and Benny locks each door and doublechecks that it is secure. Rick stands in the middle of the lot. Oh my gosh! Who will he choose? Will it be Iris, Nami, Octavia, Brianna, Naomi, Coral, or Raven? Rick seems to be studying each cubicle, and the ladies are…umm…the ladies are all playing video games on their phones. Really ladies? Unbelievable!

roxannas look

If I was in that cubicle, I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, would be looking out the door trying to get Rick’s attention with some coy looks, and even blowing kisses at him. Strategy ladies – it’s your time to shine, not have the highest score in Blicblock!

hes heading somewhere

And our Bachelor is on the move…where is he heading…?

nami is browsing the web

Oh, and Nami seems to be sending Rick a text message! ♥♥♥”Pick Me! Pick Me!”♥♥♥ and I am sure there are little heart emojis in that message, too. A great idea Nami…I am sure it will work…or maybe not…

octavia has to go potty

I see some movement from Octavia’s cubicle and she is wildly flagging Rick over. Finally! Way to go Octavia! A sim with some pizzazz and know-how to attract our Bachelor…or maybe not…I think she may have to go potty…

he is on his way to serenade brianna

Rick is determined to get somewhere. And Rick now has the key to…Brianna’s heart! And he wants to serenade her. Ahhh…how sweet.

Playing the heartstrings serenade for Brianna

Rick is really giving it his all in that sweet serenade, and I think it’s working!

brianna gets the first key

And this absolutely makes Brianna’s day. She may have even gotten a little flirty hearing him sing to her. Brianna gets the first Solo Date. Congratulations Brianna! Now Brianna, this could be your chance for some real romance with Rick, so don’t hold back!

right front of lot

Rick now moves to the front corner and again looks over the contestants, and it doesn’t take long, and he’s on the move again. This time he’s heading towards the front of the cubicles. Oh…which one? Which cubicle?


Oh my gosh! Has Iris fallen asleep on her loveseat? Oh, I see, maybe she is play-acting like she is Sleeping Beauty and Rick is the Prince. What the heck! Wake up Iris, I think he’s coming your way…

on the move again

Oh, but no…he veered to the right…oh my gosh…talk about suspense…I, Roxanna Llama-Llama could have sworn he was going to go left, but he fooled us all and veered to the right. Why the sudden turn? Was he heading towards Naomi’s cubicle?


Naomi is probaby super excited and waiting at the door for him. Um…Naomi…why are you taking a selfie now? Rick is coming your way! But he passes Naomi’s cubicle…oh shucks…where is he going?

raven is singing

And Rick is still on the move heading toward the back of the cubicles. Oh, and what’s this? Raven is singing. Oh, now that is a great idea Raven. She must have somehow heard Rick serenading Brianna and got the idea. Crafty! Raven certainly has a lot of strategic moves planned. Be aloof…no…be enchanting. These strategies change so much, I can’t keep track. But will this one work? Rick hears her singing…and is drawn to her.

watch raven

He wants to watch her. Um, well, that sounds kind of creepy, if it was anyone other than Rick. But to have Rick watch you…now that is something special!

raven gets key no 2

He also gets a whim to compliment Raven. And Rick now has the key to…Raven’s heart. And, Raven gets the second Solo Date. Congratulations Raven! Now listen up, Raven…my advice to you is that if Rick makes a move on your date, take the hint and go for it!

rick in the corner again

And now for Rick’s last choice as he stands at the back corner looking over the contestants again. And the ladies are…umm…still playing video games oh their phones! Ladies…we really need to talk!

wants to chat with coral

Oh, and our Bachelor is on the move…and he’s heading towards the back of the cubicles again. I’m holding my breath here. Where is he going? Could he be heading to Raven’s cubicle again? But, no…he’s heading towards Coral’s cubicle!

now that's more like it

Now that’s more like it! Coral is thrilled to be chosen! And Rick now has the key to…Coral’s heart. And they take a moment to chat together…ummm…well, maybe not. I think that Coral is actually talking to herself. Oh my gosh! Get the girl a bottle of water, the heat has gotten to her!

coral talking to the tree

Better make that two, now she’s talking to the plant. Coral gets the third Solo Date with Rick. Congratulations Coral! Now Coral, I know how you like to talk to plants, and dressers and such, but, on your date, don’t forget to talk to that cute guy sitting there. You know, Bachelor Rick.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From the archives comes a tidbit of information. This is the second time that Coral has won a Solo Date Competition. Her first was in the sand sculpture competition, where she made the same sand sculpture as Rick. Bravo Coral!

coral winner house 2.png

And so Rick will be going on three Solo Dates. The first with Brianna Hammond, the second with Raven Xang and the third with Coral Reeves. Congratulations to all! Where will Rick take them on their dates? I can hardly wait to find out!

solo comp 2 winners

Benny has also just told me that the food trucks have arrived and so have the port-a-potties. Thank goodness! Benny, please unlock all those doors so that the contestants can come out now. Maybe start with Octavia, since she really has “to go”. What? Some of the contestants want to remain in there? Ladies, the Bachelor is out here, the competition is over…come out and socialize! Sheesh! Until tomorrow, Wikii Wikki Wii from Sulani!

end of solo competition

Author’s Notes:

Pics of Roxanna and Benny were taken prior to the event. For the actual contest, it was only Rick and the contestants in their cubicles, no other distractions. Rick’s choices were all done by autonomous actions on Rick’s part. I just placed him in a spot on the lot and he decided where he wanted to go. I mean, after all, he is the Bachelor and he should choose, right?

“Let My Love Open The Door”, a song by Pete Townshend, 1980.

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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Group Date ~ Steamy At The Spa

bachelor in paradise kigi

spa opening pose

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today is a rather exciting day as the seven contestants move in with the bachelor! The Bachelor “hut” has undergone some overnight renovations, adding a fitness hut, an outdoor firepit area, and a water slide. Plus, the bachelor now has his own en-suite bathroom. Well, thank goodness for that! I mean, really, one male sim sharing the main bathroom with seven lovely ladies…he’d never get in there! And we really wouldn’t want a stinky bachelor now, would we? No, no, no, can’t have that! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aside from the new reno, there’s more! Say what? Yes, today, the producers have a wonderful surprise for the contestants and our bachelor! In collaboration with our island ambassadors, Alika and Mele Kahananui, a day at the Sulani Spa has been planned. Can you believe it? A choice of activities to suit everyone. From yoga classes, soothing therapy baths, massages, and mani-pedis, to a relaxing sauna, the contestants will certainly be pampered. What a marvelous day ahead!

Lara Cinnamon and Miriam arrive in Newcrest

But, before we head off, we say farewell to the three eliminated contestants, Cinnamon, Lara, and Miriam, who traveled to Newcrest. But, they don’t look very happy and look rather confused that they are there. But on a bright note, there’s no thunderstorm today! I don’t think they really appreciated that weather report. Time to leave. Sorry ladies.

And now, let’s join our contestants at the Sulani Spa…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

spa arrival

And here they all are! A member of the spa staff has come out to greet them, and don’t they all look great in their yoga gear! From left: Octavia Dillon, Raven Xang, Nami Chuu, Iris Costello, Naomi Mahina, Coral Reeves, and Brianna Hammond.

drama in the lobby already octavia angry and iris sad from drifting love

They head to the lobby where Rick orders a “sunrise spa refresher” drink for everyone. Oh no! There seems to be drama in the lobby already! Octavia looks mad about something, and what’s this? Why is Iris looking all forlorn?

drifting love 21 hours sad

Drifting love? And from the look between Nami and Rick, I think Rick may have flirted with Nami in front of Iris. How? When? They just arrived and walked two seconds to the lobby. Rick…be a bit more discreet! And now Iris is going to be sad for 21 hours! Twenty-one hours! Oh, poor Iris!

Author’s Note: I didn’t even see this happen, but I’m guessing that this autonomous flirt was between Rick and Nami. Octavia was just angry about who knows what because she has the hot-headed trait.

a welcome drink in the lobby

After a refreshing drink, which seemed to perk Iris up a bit, the group was divided into two. One group would head to get a massage and the other group would partake in an instructor-led yoga class. The spa staff had assigned the groups.

tense naomi

Oh gosh! Now what? Naomi, it’s okay, you’re in Rick’s group. She is very stressed and I see that it’s her loner trait kicking in. She has a “stranger danger” moodlet. Well, lucky for you, your group gets a relaxing massage first. Because you and Iris certainly need it. Sheesh!

Author’s Note: I looked at all the massage treatments, and randomly chose a massage for each contestant. The ones I chose all gave the Happy moodlet (Swedish, deep tissue, stone, foot, and hand). Whatever instructor-led yoga class they called, I just sent four to take that class. Then they switched. Getting a certain massage or joining an instructor-led yoga class can’t be autonomous because there is a fee, so this was my way around it.

brain boosting yoga class

Chimes sounded and an announcement was heard that a yoga class was starting shortly. The first group headed off to the change rooms.

in instrutor led yoga class

Octavia had autonomously gone into the yoga room, so she was picked for the first group. And where Octavia goes, Raven follows – you know, to keep an eye on her. Coral and Nami had gone to the change room to put on their robes, so that’s how the first group was picked. Coral must have been practicing yoga at the Bachelor House because she already had Level 1 in the Wellness skill.

i got this one nami

Nami lost her balance on the first pose, but she got this “Warrior Pose”. “Oh my gosh! Yes! ‘Well, I am the warrior! And heart to heart you’ll win, If you survive, the warrior, the warrior’.”*

its lucky im wearing these sunglasses so noone can recognize me

Raven tries her hand at the Warrior pose, too. “This pose sounded good. Strong. Confident. But really? I almost fell. It’s a good thing I have these sunglasses on, so no-one could recognize me.”

their instructor is very good

The instructor was really good. She now wanted them to do an “Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose”.

octavia off balance yoga class

Octavia gives it a go and almost falls over. “Put my hand here and my foot there? What? I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing!”

coral does the half moon pose

Coral is so fluid and graceful as she does the “Half Moon Pose”. “Practicing at the house certainly helped me with these moves today. I am a moonbeam.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, in the massage area…

brianna having a wonderful hot stone massage

Brianna had wasted no time and was at the massage area before anyone else. “I’ve heard that a relaxing hot rock massage will alleviate any stress or anxiety and that it also promotes a good night’s sleep. The competition is narrowing, and I really need to rid myself of any stress, so I can look and feel my best for Rick. Ahhh…”

this looks kind of painful so much stress

Iris thought that a foot massage sounded nice. But as the masseuse poked and prodded, Iris felt nothing but pain. “I’m in pain!” Iris shouted. The masseuse told Iris that she had a lot of tension. Iris thought to herself, “Tense? Tense? I am tense? Well, if you were in a competition with six other contestants all vying for the same guy, you’d be tense, too! Not to mention the guy you cared about had openly flirted with another contestant! Hey, wasn’t this massage supposed to help you relax, instead of inflicting pain? Ouch!”

i think you cracked something

Naomi had never had a massage before, so after talking to the masseuse, he recommended a soothing hand massage and a manicure. “This feels quite nice, and the aloe vera lotion that he put on my hand will help hydrate my skin. And believe me, a mermaid’s skin can get rather dehydrated sometimes. Oohhh…and that iridescent pearl nail polish. That’s the one I want. It will shimmer when I swim and I’ll be the best looking mermaid around!”

rick getting a sports massage

Rick had changed into his robe and was ready for his massage. “I asked the masseuse for a sports massage. You know, my ankle was still bothering me from that basketball fiasco the other day. And I tell you, I never heard so many bones crack before! And they were all mine!”

rick getting his relaxing massage

“Umm…I did mention that it was actually my ankle that was sore? Right? Umm…yah…I think my whole body is sore now.”

i feel so much better

But when the massage was over, Rick did feel amazingly better.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ricks class was mind concentrating

And just in time, too, as the chimes sounded again and another yoga class announcement was heard.

iris and naomi in sync

Some simple stretching poses started them off. And Iris and Naomi look so fabulous!

Naomi: “I am so enjoying my day today. Who knew yoga could be such fun! It would be so much easier in the water, though.”

Iris: “What other torture poses are they going to put us through? I am still sore from that “relaxing” massage.”

the instructor of ricks class

The instructor then wanted everyone to do the “Dolphin Pose”.

rick in downward facing dog pose

But all Rick could manage was something called a “Downward Dog Pose”. “Okay, there’s no way I’m lifting my leg in the air. I would be doing the Downward Dog Collapse Pose if I did that.”

brianna looks good

Brianna, who had Level 1 Wellness skill at the start of the class, seemed to breeze through the poses like a pro. “Rick keeps looking my way. I am sure he is appreciating how great I look doing these yoga poses. Oh yah! Feast your eyes on me, Rick!”

they were all so relaxed in fact one sim fell asleep



Everyone seemed to enjoy the last pose the best. The “Corpse Pose”. So relaxing, it even put some sims to sleep.

this was not iris dayiris moodlet from yoga class

After the yoga sessions, everyone had “Yoga Bliss” moodlets. Well, everyone that is, except Iris. Poor Iris, this was just NOT her day today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Over at the massage area…

now this was relaxing

Octavia had decided on a hand massage. She was just settling into the chair while the masseuse looked over her hands. “Do you sometimes feel angry for no reason?” he asked. Octavia was shocked. No masseuse had ever asked her that before. “Well, sometimes, yes, I feel angry and upset. It just comes on. I can’t explain it,” she replied. The masseuse chose a lotion from the shelf. “Lavender oil has natural calming properties and you will feel so much better after your massage.” The masseuse’s hands had a light touch and soon Octavia was feeling very relaxed.

Coral was undergoing a foot massage. “Your feet are so smooth,” commented the masseuse as she applied a sea kelp and cucumber extract to Coral’s heels. “That smell….it smells rather familiar…” thought Coral, “Of course! It’s sea kelp mixed with something else. I would know that smell anywhere. How do these sims know about the benefits of sea kelp? I use it on my feet all the time. And my hair. And my hands, and, well, everywhere!”

nami floating on air from massage

Nami just wanted a nice, relaxing massage, and the masseuse suggested a Swedish massage. “Ahhh…heaven is a place on simearth!* Nami was floating on a cloud. No worries. No stress. Just relaxation. And as she lay there, she thought about Rick on that cloud with her…and oh, she was having some flirty thoughts of them together…” The masseuse brought her back to ground-level, “Are you allergic to almond oil dear? Because you are getting awfully pink.” “Um, no…uh…just a little hot…” replied Nami.

raven consults about the massage

Raven consulted the masseuse on the type of massage she should get. “Oh, that sounds like fun. Hot “lava” rocks are placed on my skin which could burn me and have possible side effects. I don’t think so! I think I’m going to have what Nami is having, a nice, relaxing Swedish massage.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After the morning sessions, everyone was treated to a superb spa luncheon in the lobby. Coral was especially enjoying the citrus lentil salad. She had never tasted anything so good.

having lunch together

octavia sits down right beside rick

After lunch, everyone was free to use the other spa facilities.

some contestants worked out at the gym

Naomi, Iris, Octavia and Nami autonomously headed to the gym.

coral taking a bubble bath and brianna taking a mud bath

While Brianna and Coral autonomously headed to the therapy baths. Coral enjoyed a bubble bath, and Brianna took some type of mud bath.

rick feeling rather flirty

Rick decided to head to the sauna. And he wasn’t the only one with that idea as Raven was already there. Ooh! la la! Rick, what did you have in mind?

raven was flirty Rick was flirty

Rick and Raven were alone in the sauna. Raven was flirty. Rick was flirty. Raven did an autonomous flirt with Rick and Rick got a whim to “Make-out with Raven”. And I thought, yes, Rick, go for it!

Author’s Note: Before I had Rick do this, I had them switch places because Raven’s hair was hiding her pretty face. That might have been a mistake.

what raven rejected ricks make a move interaction

And as Rick moved closer to Raven and was in the process of putting his arm around her…Boom…she said no! Oh my gosh! What are you doing Raven? Rick wants to be romantic and you’re saying no? Girl, this is what you wanted, right?

rick i was hoping for a little romance on our solo date not here

“Rick, I’m sorry. I don’t feel this is the place or the time for us to be…um…intimate. I care for you a lot Rick. I just don’t want someone to barge in on our romantic time alone together. I’m not saying no, Rick, I’m just saying not now.” And with that, Raven gave Rick a timid smile, and walked towards the door and left the sauna.

Author’s Note: When Raven autonomously rejected Rick’s “make a move” interaction, I couldn’t believe it! Like, what is going on Raven? Especially since she had several romantic whims for Rick. It was rather bizarro. And yet, there is no relationship drop, and Rick didn’t get the embarrassed moodlet. Thank goodness for that. So, maybe, indeed, it was the wrong time and they both realized it. But, seriously, it was rather unexpected. Maybe having them switch places before the interaction glitched the game or something, but, nevertheless, I was in shock.

raven are you ok

Raven stared at the locker and didn’t move. She didn’t even hear Naomi enter the locker room. “Are you okay Raven? You look…ummm…your cheeks look kind of flushed,” asked Naomi.

“Oh, I’m fine. Just got a little too hot in the sauna. That’s all,” replied Raven as Naomi changed into her swimsuit and headed off again.

i may have made a mistake what have i done

“Rejecting Rick’s advances in the sauna was a big gamble. All of the other contestants are just openly “throwing” themselves at Rick. I was thinking that if, perhaps, I remained a bit aloof, that Rick would want me more. My strategy can either backfire or work to my advantage. I really hate playing games, but I had to do something different. I hope I didn’t make a grave mistake here because I really do want to be with Rick.”

have first kiss with rick

who was rick thinking about

Shortly after Raven left the sauna, Rick decided to leave, too. He headed over to the hot tub area. No one was there. As he sat alone in the hot tub, he thought about what Raven had said. She was right. He wanted to be romantic with her but certainly didn’t want their time to be interrupted. As he sat there thinking, it wasn’t long before the other contestants wandered over to join him. They laughed and chatted about their day. And even though Rick smiled and chatted with everyone, he noticed one sim was missing. The sim he couldn’t get out of his mind.

have first kiss with raven

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

During the day, Rick had several romantic whims for Raven and Brianna. He also had some friendly whims for Coral, Naomi, Octavia, and Nami. He must have also had a romantic whim for Nami, since I figure he flirted with her at the start of the Group Date. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any whims for Iris, but she was being a sort of loner type and had that sad moodlet for all of the Group Date. Even the massage didn’t help her sad mood. Her relationship status with Rick also went from Lovebirds to Romantic Interest. Poor Iris.

Now about Raven and Rick. Well, that was certainly a twist! Wow! Wow! Wow! I never thought that would happen. It was a surprise, to say the least. And even though Raven rejected Rick’s advances in the sauna, he was still thinking about her in the hot tub. And I peeked at Raven’s whims and she and Rick both had the same whim – they wanted to have the first kiss with each other. The only time he had this whim on the entire Group Date. I was going to have Rick run to her and kiss her, but I was worried Raven would say no because of his other failed attempt. So, no First Kiss on this Group Date. Who knows, maybe Raven’s plan is working. She is certainly on Rick’s mind. I guess we’ll see.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Well, I am the warrior, And heart to heart you’ll win. If you survive, the warrior, the warrior,”* song lyrics from The Warrior, by the group Scandal, featuring Patty Smyth, 1984.

“Heaven is a place on Earth” song by Berlinda Carlisle, 1987.

I gathered some information on massage, essential massage oils and yoga poses:

Beginner Yoga Poses. I needed to know the names of some of the yoga poses the instructor was doing. Some other websites were used as well.

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage.

Six Scents That Can Transform Your Mood and Productivity

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was going to use a new Bachelor’s house, and, had in fact renovated one. But it was 3 levels and I really like to play on one level, especially using multiple sims. So, after looking at several builds, I decided to use the Sulani-Five-O build (originally House 2), and place it on Sapphire Shores. I just added some additional areas, and I think this will work out really well. Here is the original build.sulani five-0 credit

Thanks to this simmer for creating this beautiful spa. There were two sauna areas, and I just deleted one and added a therapy bath soak room, and modified the lobby a bit to add a food area at the back of reception. I placed this on the Oakenstead lot in Willow Creek and it worked great.haven resort and spa photo credit

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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise Challenge – Rose Ceremony # 3

bachelor in paradise kigi

roxanna opening rose c 3

Sul Sul! This is Roxanna Llama Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today is Rose Ceremony # 3 and Benny and I have arrived early at this absolutely breath-taking venue to ensure that everything is ready for the main event.

bar and eating area

Let me give you a quick tour. On the left is the bar and eating area. Look at all those lanterns! So romantic. There is also a punch bowl area and appetizers set up at the back.

other area had a bandshell dance floor and presentation area

To the right is the entertainer area, with a huge dancefloor in the middle. Off to the side is a seating area. At the back, of course, is the presentation area. Such a perfect setting.

rick at rose ceremony table

Rick is checking the rose table to ensure there are enough roses for everyone.

benny handling last minutes setup

Benny is adjusting one of several cameras for the show. Afterall, it’s important he gets my “good” side. Although, really…all sides of me are FABULOUS!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

ceremony was in full swing

The entertainer has arrived and is playing a lively tune. Oh, I promised Benny I would help set-up some media equipment, so feel free to look around. We’ll see you at the ceremony.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

some guests need to change

Some of the contestants from House 1 and 2 have arrived, but they’re not dressed for the event. Maybe they’ll change here.

some of the contestants from house 2 arrive

Ah…much better. Iris has changed from her biking clothes. Roxanna chatting with Cinnamon, Iris and Nami.

irisd making drinks not waiting for the bartender

The caterer has shown up, but where is the bartender? Iris jumps right in and mixes some drinks for everyone. You go-getter, Iris!

octavia and rick rc3

Octavia and Rick are listening to the entertainer. Oh sure! Any chance that Octavia has of getting close to Rick, she’ll definitely take it!

cinnamon looking gorgeous

Seeing Rick and Octavia together, Cinnamon decides to head on over there, and get right in the “middle” of their conversation.


Lara and Raven grab a drink. Flaming Zesty Salt is a hit! Kudos to Iris for making these.

grabbing a drink together

Naomi and Rick getting a drink from the bar, too. Wow, Iris must be making drinks for everyone.


A little tête à tête going on with Rick and Coral. They certainly look cozy together.

brianna chatting with rick

Brianna catching a moment alone with Rick.

chattuing with miriam and nami

Rick makes the rounds and spends time chatting with Nami and Miriam.

looks like a line up at the buffet

Dinner is served and there is a line-up at the buffet. Rick, being the gentleman that he is, waits for the ladies to serve themselves before grabbing a plate.

getting settled before ceremony

The sun had set and the ceremony was about to begin. Roxanna headed up to the microphone and asked everyone to take their seats.

welcome to the rose ceremony

“I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, welcome you to Rose Ceremony # 3. Before we begin, I just wanted to compliment all of the contestants on how amazing you look tonight. You have certainly outdone yourselves, ladies! Tonight marks a change to the dynamics of The Bachelor in Paradise Show, as, after this ceremony, the contestants who are left will merge together into one house with our handsome Bachelor, Rick. He is certainly one lucky guy! And as exciting as this is, tonight is also tinged with sadness as we say farewell to three contestants. But first, I ask that Rick come to the microphone.”

*applause from the audience*

talking about the contestants roses

“Thank you Roxanna and Benny for hosting the Rose Ceremony. And I certainly agree that the ladies look sensational tonight! I have had an opportunity to get to know you all on our Group Outings and to get to know you even better on our Solo Dates. Whatever happens tonight, I will always remember those special times. As before, each contestant will receive a rose. Yellow to those who will always be my friend, and red to those who are much dearer to my heart.”

Roxanna stepped up to the microphone again. “I now call upon the first five contestants, who were SAFE and didn’t have to participate in The Elimination Challenge. They are: From House 1, Brianna Hammond and Raven Xang, and from House 2, Iris Costello, Nami Chuu, and Coral Reeves.”

5 who are safe

The five contestants came on stage and Rick handed each contestant a red rose.

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“Congratulations ladies! But don’t get too comfy, because there are two more contestants who will be joining you at the house.”

Roxanna then summarized the rules of the Elimination Challenge for the contestants who didn’t participate.

“Before these two winning contestants are announced, Benny has prepared a slideshow on what Rick’s choices were at the “10 Things I Know About Rick” Elimination Challenge.” The lights were dimmed and Benny started the slideshow.

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There was much chitchat after the slideshow and Roxanna cleared her throat before she began speaking again. “And thank you to Benny for bandaging up our bachelor after Rick sprained his ankle on the basketball court. But I see that Rick’s ankle is as good as new now. At the end of the challenge, we had several ties and had to bring Rick back for the Pressure Cooker Challenge. Let’s see what happened.”

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5 contestants for elimination challenge

“We now have the final results of the Elimination Challenge. May I have the following ladies come on stage, from House 1 – Miriam Epp, Naomi Mahina and Lara McGowan, From House 2 – Cinnamon Apple and Octavia Dillon.” Rick took the microphone again.


When the producers told me the theme for this Elimination Challenge, I was pleasantly surprised that the competing contestants knew so much about me! What surprised me, even more, was their deductive reasoning on what I would choose. This was pretty impressive. If I had my choice, of course, no-one would be leaving, but then this wouldn’t be called The Bachelor in Paradise Show. So, as has been proven in this challenge, there were some contestants who knew just a little bit more about me than the others. And when placed in an empty room together, some contestants wanted to be with me more than others. So, based on these “revelations”, and the scores that Roxanna submitted, these are the contestants who will be staying.”

best score

Roxanna took the microphone from Rick. “The contestant with the highest score in the Elimination Challenge, who receives a red rose tonight is…Naomi Mahina. Naomi was tied with several other contestants, but she proved that she definitely wanted to be with Rick and was the last to leave the Pressure Cooker Room. This earned her an additional 5 points towards her score. Congratulations, Naomi!”

naomi getting a roseNaomi couldn’t move. She was in such shock. She was happy! No, make that ecstatic. She was staying! She was indeed a budding rose! She still had a chance with Rick, and she was going to make every minute count. Naomi was a jumble of emotions and all she could say when Rick smiled at her and handed her the red rose was “Thank you, Rick. I am here for you!”


Roxanna continued, “There is only room for one more contestant to continue. Who shall it be?” Rick took a yellow rose from the table and walked towards…Miriam Epp.

not me heading home

Miriam froze. “No, this couldn’t be possible. Not me! It can’t be me! We shared a mistletoe kiss on our Solo Date. How can I be leaving? Oh my gosh! What about those dreams I had of Rick and me in Champ Les Sims? All shattered because I left that Pressure Cooker Room to go and dance. I danced my way out of Rick’s life! This is terrible,” thought Miriam sadly.


Rick handed Miriam the yellow rose, “I am sorry to see you leave, Miriam. I will miss you.”

“And I’m going to miss, you, too, Rick,” Miriam said quietly and gave Rick a hug.

There were now three roses left on the table. Two yellow and one red. Rick chose another yellow rose.

lara not so brightlara not so bright future

Almost in a flash, Lara McGowan remembered her Love Life Prediction from the challenge room. And suddenly, she knew that it was her who was leaving tonight. That dreaded prediction was coming true.

its me isnt it

Tears were streaming down Lara’s cheeks as Rick approached. “It’s me, isn’t it? I’m heading home tonight. It’s true, isn’t it?” Lara spoke haltingly between sobs.

im sorry lara

“Yes, I’m afraid you’re right. I’m sorry, Lara. I will miss you,” replied Rick as he held out the yellow rose to her. Lara clutched the rose to her and thought about that Pressure Cooker Room. She had almost stayed until the end but had felt the urge to clean up those dishes in the kitchen. As she thought about it now, she couldn’t believe she had chosen dirty dishes over Rick.

There were two roses left, one yellow and one red, and two contestants left. One of them was leaving tonight.

the last two left

Octavia Dillon was feeling angry but reined in her temper. This wasn’t fair! She had the top score from all of them on that challenge course. She should be getting a red rose. It shouldn’t be based on their scores and the Pressure Cooker Room. She had flirted with Rick in that room, and had wanted to stay, but, heck, nature was calling and she “had to go”. Why else would she leave Rick with the other contestants? She didn’t have a choice, or there would have been a puddle on the floor. Was there a complaint form she could fill out? Because there was no way she was going home tonight. No way!

Cinnamon Apple had quietly added up her score while they were watching the video of Rick’s choices. She also knew that she had been the first to leave that Pressure Cooker Room. Thinking back, she had been too confident and thought that she had chosen all the same things as Rick. She felt she had nothing to worry about because she thought she had the best score. But now she was worried. The dreams that Cinnamon had been having of a life with Rick might be just that. A dream.

Rick picked up the yellow rose and the red rose and walked towards…Cinnamon Apple. Everyone was silent and it seemed as if all of the contestants were holding their breath.


Rick held out a yellow rose to Cinnamon, “I’m sorry Cinnamon. I was really looking forward to that trip to Selvadorada with you.”

Cinnamon bit her lip and smiled brightly at Rick, “Yes, me, too, Rick,” she murmured, “But you can still come to visit as a … as a friend,” Cinnamon replied.

“A very special friend,” added Rick, giving Cinnamon a hug.

There was now one red rose left. And Octavia breathed a sigh of relief. She was safe and that red rose was for her. Rick turned to Octavia then and smiled handing her the last red rose, “For you, dear Octavia.”

rose for octaviaq

“Oh Rick,” Octavia purred, batting her eyelashes flirtatiously at him, “Red roses are my favorite flower and you’re most certainly my favorite Bachelor.” Octavia then turned to the other contestants in the audience, “But, as happy as I am to receive this red rose, I am so very sad that some contestants have to leave tonight. I really will miss them all. They were um…*sniff*…my friends,” added Octavia, putting a hand to her face as if wiping away a tear.

10 things I like about Rick

Roxanna stepped up to the microphone again. “Well said, Octavia. As we get to know more about the contestants, it gets harder to see each one leave. We will all sincerely miss Cinnamon Apple, Lara McGowan, and Miriam Epp.” Roxanna took a deep breath and continued, “I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, want to thank you all for being here. This concludes the Rose Ceremony for this evening. Congratulations to those contestants who are continuing and good luck to those who are leaving. A new chapter starts tomorrow as the two houses merge into one and our Bachelor, Rick, moves in full-time with the remaining contestants. A new day. A new start. And another step closer to finding Rick “Somebody to Love.” And now, let’s hit the dance floor and have some fun!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Octavia went to the bar to get a drink. “That was too close,” she thought, “I don’t want to be in that situation again. But I have a plan to ensure that Rick only has eyes for me. Yes, a plan…” thought Octavia smiling to herself.


Raven sat down beside Octavia and silently clapped her hands. “Bravo,” Raven said, “You deserve a Starlight Accolade Award for that performance.”

“I have no idea what you mean,” answered Octavia casting sideways glances to see if anyone was listening.


“Oh, but I think you do. You may have fooled everyone else with your “sorry to see them go” spiel, including Rick, but I know what you’re up to,” said Raven as she got up, “I’ll be keeping my eye on you,” whispered Raven as she headed to the dance floor.


“Oh my plumbobs! That Raven!” seethed Octavia.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rick and benny dancing the farewell dance

Rick and Benny dance a farewell dance with the departing contestants: Front: Cinnamon Apple (House 2)’ Middle: Miriam Epp (House 1); Back: Lara McGowan (House 1).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I gave the contestants some new outfits to wear for the event. The roses presented at the ceremony were “friendly gifts”. You can purchase these from the computer, and a red rose is one of the gift choices. This way, no loss in romantic relationships when presenting a rose.

Thank you to this simmer for creating this very romantic build. It is a Spark’d submission, so please give it a “♥” in the gallery. Very few changes were done, just added a bar and fridge, stove, and counter area.

windenburg rustic wedding photo credit

With each Elimination Challenge or Reader Vote, it gets harder to say goodbye to your favorite Sims. And this elimination of three contestants was especially hard. The final results were very, very close.

“10 things I Know About Rick” Elimination Challenge Results

elimination challenge results

Keep in mind that in a future chapter, all of the eliminated contestants will be competing in a Comeback Challenge. And for one lucky sim, that will mean coming back again as a contestant.