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Survive the Insanity – Later That Night – Happy Hollow Asylum

A tired Louis heads to bed. Tossing and turning, restless from the thoughts that keep spinning through his head…he dreams…

………It is dark and rainy and Louis descends some stairs. He is dressed in a casual outfit but wears boots and a hat. Where is he? And where is he going?

He stops outside a door. Beside the door, there are some keys on the wall and what looks like a file folder holder with files in it. There is something written on the wall above it, but I can’t make out the language. Funny, though, the door looks vaguely familiar. I have seen this door and these keys and file folders before. Yes, yes, I remember now. They look like the doors to the bedrooms in the Happy Hollow Asylum.

And what is that painting or sculpture on the wall? It looks like a skeleton. So creepy.

Louis doesn’t appear to be awake. Is he dreaming? Oh my gosh! Maybe he is sleepwalking. But where is he? I have never seen this part of the house before.

He has gone through the door and is standing in front of something. A face. A sculpture. The face has its eyes closed, too. It looks old. Ancient. From another time. The face sculpture sits in a doorway. A doorway to what? To where? There is a lot of fog in this room. How can that be? Beside the doorway, there is a skull on a handmade wooden table, a gas lantern and a backpack full of books. Does someone live in this room? How do you know this place, Louis?

The doorway is covered in vines. It doesn’t look too inviting with that skull light hanging above it like a warning. I can almost smell things rotting here. And is that a grave I see? Chills run up and down my spine. This is a scary dream, Louis. Maybe you should leave. Go back the way you came. Louis – get out. It’s not safe.

But Louis does not hear me. He doesn’t seem to hear or see anyone. He seems to have a mission here.

I hear him mumble some unintelligible words. It almost sounds like Selvadorada, but I am probably mistaken. Things start to move. It looks like he is going through this portal…this gateway. Louis! Is this a dream? Where are you? Wake up! Louis, wake up! Come back.

I see Louis again and I don’t know where he is. Is this on the other side of the portal? Has he gone up the stairs again? It’s so dark. I can’t tell where he is. But he doesn’t appear to be awake.

His eyes are open now, but I don’t think he sees anything. He is inside the Happy Hollow Asylum again because that picture on the wall…..that is the picture that Krysta painted from the Art in the Park day. Are you still dreaming Louis?

I see Louis in bed again. It seems the dream or whatever happened is over. And Louis is exhausted. And what does this dream mean – the sword in the stone? Is there a secret that he knows but somehow can’t remember what it is in real life? Something that will unlock his past? Something that will help him remember who he is?

Oh Louis, were you just dreaming, or is that room here in the asylum?

I see something on the floor. It looks like Louis dropped something when he went into bed. Funny, I don’t remember seeing it before. Looks like some sand and,,,,,a dart? Hmmm….they don’t have a dart board in the house. And he is dreaming about monsters now. Is there something that scares you in that room, Louis?

OH MY GOSH! Do you think that Louis didn’t have a dream? That it was all real? That he was sleepwalking? What if there is a portal to Selvadorada in this house? But where is it? I haven’t seen this room? Am I missing something? 

Think, think! And then I remember….on the first day of Louis’ arrival at the house, there was a door that he couldn’t open. A door that was locked. Yes, locked. I’m trying to remember now…was it in the house? No…no…it was somewhere else. But where? Where is that door? Oh, I have to remember….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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