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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 26 – Love Day Date


It has been a while since we visited the Coffey clan and so having a bit of free time, I thought I would crank out another chapter. I am going to do a combo day for Thursday and Friday. Thursday is a regular school day, but Friday is Love Day!

So, it’s still Spring, with only 3 more days to go! Ana, Brittani, and Cameron are now high school students.

So, to start the day off, I did a bit of a reno to Ana and Brittani’s room. They still don’t have too many simoleons, so it’s not too lavish.

A nice room for two teenage girls.

And one side of the shared bedroom renovated for Cameron. I was thinking that since Cameron is the only male sim, I was going to have him have his own room, but this will work for now.

Ana has quite taken to writing in her journal all the time. I think she might be an aspiring writer, or she has a lot of secrets she needs to write about. I mean, look, the journal is even under the plate to kind of hide it.

For some reason, Brittani is angry. Yes, Brittani who had the Happy Toddler trait and was the only child so far to complete her child aspiration is now a moody teenager. So I have her paint an angry painting. She seems to calm down a bit with that.

Cameron tells Brittani some jokes and that seems to help, too.

Melody looking at her houseful of children and thinking that they were growing up fast. She had better start thinking about working on the next Baby Daddy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The next morning, Friday, everyone is up early, and, Brittani is angry again! So, I send her for a jog. Then I look at her and realize that she is sick. I guess I would be angry, too if I had tiger-striped skin. Melody will have to buy some medicine for her.

Brittani’s mood today is enraged. Thank goodness for the journal as a meltdown was averted because she wrote in it. Is Brittani going to be angry every day from now on? Ugh!

I get a pop-up notice that Fiona has entered the picky eater stage. Oh joy! Everyone gets ready and heads to school.

More importantly, today is Love Day, and Melody has put her plan in motion to woo her next Baby Daddy. Goals for today are: Romantic Spirit, Go on a Date and Give Flowers. So, she decided to invite Geoffrey Landgraab over to the house.

Things seem to be looking good, as Melody, on a ploy to show Geoffrey some of her room renovations, surprises him with a “first kiss” in Cameron’s room.

Wasting no time at all, she asks Geoffrey to go on a date to the Discotheque Pan Europa in Windenberg. Nothing like getting a bit more acquainted over a conversation and a few drinks.

And even though it’s raining, things are heating up nicely between the two of them.

Well, they were, until Geoffrey’s wife, Nancy Landgraab decides to visit the same bar. Can you see her sitting at the bar talking to Eliza Pancakes? Did she know Geoffrey was coming here? And with the date over, just like that, Geoffrey decides to leave. What? No! Melody didn’t even have a chance to give him flowers to complete her Love Day goal.

And as soon as Geoffrey leaves, so does Nancy. Sheesh! Melody was running out of time, and was very much in the red. Well, Melody didn’t have much of a choice, she had to give flowers to someone. So, she gave a flower to Eliza. Well, it wasn’t a rose. I think it was a tulip, and Eliza hated it. But at least Melody completed her Love Day goal. And Melody did get a Legendary date Reward for her date with Geoffrey. Bonus!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meanwhile, at home, everyone is back from school, and both Deja and Elise have A’s. Woot! I think that I will age them both up tomorrow since Melody is currently out on a date.

Ana invites over a friend, Yuki, from the Avant Gardes club, and it seems that Cameron and Yuki have really hit it off! Do I detect romance in the air for these two? I wonder.

Cameron seems to be very confident and asks Yuki if she’d like to go on a date. And, believe it or not, Yuki says yes! He decides to take her to the park to go roller skating.

Cameron finds out that Yuki goes to his high school and is single. How had he not seen her before? She is the most adorable sim he has ever met. Well, maybe he has seen her before, but never really NOTICED her before. That is, until now. I mean they’re in the same Scout Pack.

Yuki seems to be having a fun time skating…

Cameron thought this would be a breeze, but…

…..um…yah, Cameron isn’t the most graceful skater. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

Yuki almost has a spill herself and they both decide that maybe roller skating isn’t in the plans for today.

Cameron decides that maybe swinging is more their style. They swing, and swing…and talk, and talk…and swing some more.

Before they know it, it’s getting dark, and the date is nearly over.

Yuki has to head home but Cameron doesn’t want her to go. And before he knows it…

Hubba Hubba! Cameron and Yuki!

And Cameron gets a Silver Reward for his first date. And his relationship with Yuki is Soulmates – two sims, one heart. Ahhh….young love.

I think this is a nice way to leave the Coffey household for today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2 thoughts on “Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 26 – Love Day Date

    1. Yep, as soon as their date was over, he was outta there. And when I saw Nancy Landgraab show up, I was like…oh no….! Can’t believe this! He was suddenly more interested in talking to Bjorn than poor Melody. It was funny. I am surprised she got that gold reward for the date.

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