Silver Screen Sims Legacy Challenge – Rules


The Silver Screen Sims Legacy Challenge was created for the Get Famous pack by Sims4Sarah. This legacy challenge is inspired by movies. It has two paths to choose from: The Classic/Golden Age of Hollywood OR 80’s Movies. Each path follows a different set of rules. I have copied the rules for both paths and also provided links to thesims.com forum pages. For the 80’s Movies Legacy, I didn’t have the Vampire Pack, so Sims4Sarah created an alternate starting version, based on the movie My Stepmother Is An Alien.


Each generation of this legacy is inspired by a popular and/or cult 80’s film.

Basic Rules:

Start with a Young Adult Sim. Either one you created especially for this or one you previously made. They should, for reasons that will play out in the challenge, human. Gender and any other appearance elements don’t matter.

**Edit 1/8/ 2019 ** It was requested that I add an alternative Generation 1 starting path for those that don’t have vampires in their game. I think that is a fair request. Aliens felt like a fair trade-off. I know that not everybody will have those too but since you have to have a good number of packs to take full advantage of this challenge, there is a good chance most people participating will have either Aliens or Vampires, if not both. So, just select which Generation One you want to use. If you go with Aliens, just note that it requires starting with TWO characters. 

Don’t cheat unless you are told to in the rules. What’s the point of that? There is no point scoring here, just the reward of the fun telling the story of your Silver Screen Sims Legacy.

Using creative content is up to you as long as it isn’t a cheat or it replaces an object required to complete a generation. I don’t use any but that’s just a personal choice.

Unless otherwise stated in the rules for a generation, you can live anywhere you want.

Similarly, color outside the lines all you want as long as you hit the action rules for each generation.

Generation One (Vampire Version): Lost Boys

Where is this? It was daylight a minute ago, right? Now its dark, gloomy and that guy over there just licked his lips when you looked at him. Boy, you must have taken a REALLY wrong turn during your walk in the woods. You really should leave but something is compelling you to stay.

Traits: Active, Geek, Cat Lover
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Career: Culinary – Mixologist


1. Move into empty house or lot in Forgotten Hollow.
2. Master Vampire Lore and Pipe Organ skills
3. Complete Culinary (Mixologist) career and Serial Romantic aspiration
4. Make a Vampire BFF
5. Woohoo in all of the following locations: Double bed, closet, observatory, lighthouse, pile of leaves, bush and hot tub. Bonus point for coffin.
6. Fall in love with a vampire and turn them back to human before having a child with them.
7. Move to Del Sol Valley once your love is no longer a vampire & child is born.

ALTERNATE – Generation One (Alien Version): My Stepmother Is An Alien

Of course you miss Mom. She’s been gone a while now though and you’ve gotten used to it being just you and Dad. Now that he’s in his golden years you want to take care of him as well as he has taken care of you all these years. So, when it was time for you to move to a new town, of course you made sure he moved with you. What you didn’t expect was once you got there his love life would be out of this world!

Traits: Active, Geek, Cat Lover
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Career: Culinary – Mixologist


1. Move yourself and your senior father into an empty house or lot in Newcrest.
2. Complete Culinary (Mixologist) career and Serial Romantic aspiration
3. Woohoo in all of the following locations: Double bed, closet, observatory, lighthouse, pile of leaves, bush and hot tub.
4. Have your father fall in love with and marry an alien. The happy couple can either continue to live with you or move out on their own.
7. After all that dating and good times, finally find your real love and have a child.
10. Move to Del Sol Valley shortly after your first child is born.

Generation Two: Beverly Hills Cop

Suspicion has been the overruling emotion of your life. Relationships? Won’t they just end up hurting you? People on the street? How do you know they didn’t just rob a bank? Your brain is always questioning reality. If you think back, it probably comes from the feeling you could never shake that your parents were hiding something about their past from you….

Traits: Creative, Noncommittal,Squeamish
Aspiration: Nerd Brain
Career: Detective


1. Master Comedy skill
2. Complete the Detective career and Nerd Brain aspiration
3. Invite friends over to play poker once a week
4. Only date people you meet via work – either co-workers or people you arrest or meet while investigating crimes
5. Have one child when you are a young adult and another as an adult.

Generation Three: Pretty In Pink

You do everything in style! Art is your love and you think of style as creating art out of your own body. It’s just a shame so many people don’t know how to dress. You’ve feel so sorry for them that you’ve decided to give your gift to the world and become a stylist.

Traits: Art Lover, Neat, Kleptomaniac
Aspiration: Party Animal
Career: Style Influencer – Stylist


1. Master Painting and Photography skills
2. Complete Style Influencer (Stylist) career and Party Animal aspiration
3. Always take the Work From Home option
4. Only ever use the sketch pad to create art. The easel is SO yesterday.
5. Use fountain of Mirth at least once.

Generation Four: Baby Boom

What do you want! IT ALL! When do you want it? As soon as feasibly possible! Why do people think you need to choose between having a successful career and a great family life? You don’t and you are going to prove it!

Traits: Family Oriented, Bro, Ambitious
Aspiration: Super Parent
Career: Business – Investor


1. Master Charisma and Cooking skills
2. Complete Business (Investor) and Super Parent aspiration
3. Adopt a child on the same day your first blood child (and therefore heir) is born.
4. Live with the partner with whom you’ve had kids but wait until your first child is a young adult to get married.
5. Make popcorn once a week
6. Build a snow pal every winter

Generation Five: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Phew! Finally out from the grip of your helicopter parent’s control. Of course they loved you and you love them right back. This isn’t about being ungrateful. It’s just that you want to get out and explore and they were always too protective let it happen. Now the world is your smoked oyster!

Traits: Loves Outdoors, Goofball, Lazy
Aspiration: Archaeology Scholar
Career: Writer – Author


1. Join the scouting after school career
2. Master Selvadoradian Culture and Guitar skill
3. Complete Writer (Author) and Archaeology Scholar aspiration
4. Have one long term relationship in your normal town and one in Selvadorvia. Decide which one to marry on the birthday when you become an adult.
5. Create a holiday that has Bar-B-Que as a tradition.

Generation Six: Tootsie

You are the best actor the world has ever known. It’s just that the world doesn’t know it yet because you can’t pass any auditions. Could it be something about the way you look? What if you changed it. REALLY changed it?

Traits: Snob, Loner,Perfectionist
Aspiration: Master Actress/Actor
Career: Acting


1.Join after school drama club
2. Master dancing skill
3. When you become a young adult, change your hairstyle to one originally designated for the opposite gender. At least one item of clothing should also fit that description.
4. Complete Acting career and Master Actress/Actor aspiration.
5. Make at least two wishing well wishes
6. Have a ‘squad’.

Generation Seven: Heathers

Revenge is best carried out when you look FAB! Everybody wants to be just like you. If they don’t they should! They can either follow your lead or pay the consequences. Either way, you’ll be wearing a …um..killer…outfit when it all goes down.

Traits: Evil, Insider, Cheerful
Aspiration: Leader of the Pack
Career: Secret Agent – Villain


1. Create a club populated other Sims with mean or evil traits
2. Master Mischief and Fitness skills
3. Complete Secret Agent (Villain) career and Leader of the Pack aspiration
4. Try every bubble machine flavor
5. Never wear jeans
6. Marry somebody with the ‘good’ trait

Generation Eight: Money Pit

You are so embarrassed by your parents. You are SO much better than them. Even if it’s only you and your mirror that believes it. Everything became too much to handle and you had to flee them all and get a place of your own. It might be a dump now but it is YOUR dump. One day, it’ll be the mansion a gem like you deserves.

Traits: Materialistic,Self-Absorbed,Outgoing
Aspiration: Mansion Baron
Career: Painter – Patron of the Arts


1. Move into a low-grade home in any neighborhood.
2. Set three trait lots. One must be “Cursed’,the other two are up to you.
3. Master Handiness and Rocket Science skills
4. Complete Painter (Patron of the Arts) and Mansion Baron aspiration
5. Always celebrate birthdays with a honey cake
6. Have a swing set

Generation Nine: War Games

People are okay but computers are better. You just know all that time spent in your bedroom becoming a keyboard commander will pay off one day. Who knows, maybe you’ll even use them to save the world?

Traits: Genius, Good, Unflirty
Aspiration: Computer Whiz
Career: Tech Guru – eSport Gamer


1. Master Logic and Piano skills
2. Complete Tech Guru (eSport Gamer) career and Computer Whiz aspiration
3. Play chess at a public chess table at least once a week
4. Win Hackathon at Geekcon
5. Be good friends with Potty Mouth 2.0
6. Marry somebody that you beat in chess

Generation Ten: Desperately Seeking Susan

Fame is everything. You want it. You want to be around it as much as possible. Stalker? Never! No matter what the police say. Devoted fan? You’ll always be that!

Traits: Music Lover, Erratic, Vegetarian
Aspiration: World-Famous Celebrity
Career: Critic – Arts Critic


1. Master Singing and Flower Arranging skills
2. Complete Critic (Arts Critic) career and World-Famous Celebrity aspiration
3. Collect at least five proper celebrity (or above) autographs
4. Complete festival t-shirt collection
5. Go on dates with three celebrities
6. Have a kid with a celebrity



Each generation of this legacy is inspired by a classic Hollywood film.

Basic Rules:

Start with a Young Adult Sim. Either one you created especially for this or one you previously made. They should, for reasons that will play out in the challenge, human. Gender and any other appearance elements don’t matter.

Don’t cheat unless you are told to in the rules. What’s the point of that? There is no point scoring here, just the reward of the fun telling the story of your Silver Screen Sims Legacy.

Using creative content is up to you as long as it isn’t a cheat or it replaces an object required to complete a generation. I don’t use any but that’s just a personal choice.

Unless otherwise stated in the rules for a generation, you can live anywhere you want.

Similarly, color outside the lines all you want as long as you hit the action rules for each generation.

Generation One: Grapes of Wrath

After your family lost their farm as a result of a great economic disaster, you decided it was time to move west and start again. You have nothing but your knowledge of how to work the land and a sense of right and wrong. You’ll do your best to make sure neither let you down.

Traits: Hot-Headed, Good, Art Lover
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
Career: Gardner – Botanist


1. Move into the lot of your choice in Oasis Springs. It should either already be vacant or you can bulldoze it before moving in. Buy a tent and then use the Money cheat to bring your funds down to zero. You don’t have to wait to get a job but you will be building from the dirt up.
2. Give lot three traits. One must be great soil (you’ll thank yourself later). The other two are up to you.
3. Take a selfie on your new property. Hang it on the wall of your home when you finally build it. This should hang in every home throughout your legacy.
4. Master gardener career and freelance botanist aspiration
5. Always do your laundry with the washtub and clothesline
6. Don’t get married until you have mastered the gardening skill.
7. Ask for a large loan at least once in your life.

Generation Two: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

You spent your childhood watching your parent struggle against the system. Now you are on a mission to take that system down. Organizing for charity and writing books to expose corruption is how you will keep your parent’s legacy alive.

Traits: Ambitious, Dance Machine,Vegetarian
Aspiration: Best Selling Author
Career: Politician – Charity


1. Join the after school Scouting club and collect all the badges.
2. Complete the Politician (Charity) career and Best Selling Author aspiration.
3. Win a Dance Battle
4. Marry somebody you met at a protest rally
5. Obtain the Giving Back and Rally Fame Perks
6. Collect all the festival bubble blower bottles

Generation Three: Wizard Of Oz

Your parents are so proud of everything they and your grandparents have built for the family in the new land. Of course you understand but, if you are really honest, you are bored of living in the same place and doing the same things. You want to explore, meet new people and do new things.

Traits: Dog Lover, Clumsy, Music Lover
Aspiration: Friend of The World
Career: Astronaut – Space Ranger


1. Get a dog & become companions.
2. Complete Astronaut (Space Ranger) Career and Friend of the World aspiration
3. Go on Vacation to both Granite Falls and Salvadorada at least once.
4. Master dog training and cooking skills.
5. Cook Pet food recipe at least once a week
6. Become friends with Patchy, The Living Statue and somebody in a animal outfit

Generation Four: Singin’ In the Rain 

There was a great deal to learn from a parent that spent so much time time exploring. That was when you actually got to see them. So much time spent alone led to lots of time playing make believe, putting on puppet shows and just acting into the mirror. Anything to feel less lonely. Now all of that is going be pay off as you take your acting to the silver screen. The world WILL know your name.

Traits: Perfectionist, Jealous, Goofball
Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
Career: Acting


1. Join after school drama club
2. Master singing skill
3. Declare rain to be your favorite weather.
4. Complete Acting career and Renaissance aspiration.
5. Be on the winning Jokester team at the Hijinks Festival
6. Have several jobs before you decide to get serious about acting. Keep practicing though. Dreams shouldn’t get stale.
7. Fall in love with somebody that is already married, get them to break up with their partner & then marry them.
8. Have at least two children.

Generation Five: Some Like It Hot

Growing up, your home was obsessed with showbiz. So it is no wonder you got bit by the entertainer bug too. Only one problem. Everybody knows your famous acting parent and doesn’t want to take you seriously. Maybe if you go undercover with a bit of a gender bending look it might help you get a fair shake?

Traits: Creative, Romantic, Hates Children
Aspiration: Musical Genius
Career: Entertainer – Musician


1. Complete Entertainer (Musician) career and Musical Genius aspiration
2. Declare hot weather your favorite weather
3. Master Media Production & Rock Climbing skills
4. Have a haircut and at least one outfit originally intended for the opposite gender.
5. Always have one of your siblings living in the same home as you
6. Wait until you are halfway through your adult age to have kids.

Generation Six: The Day The Earth Stood Still 

Maybe they never said it outright but you always felt like you were an afterthought for your parents. Did they even really want you? You’re not going to let that get you down though. You’ll build your own big happy family and make sure they always know how much they are wanted.

Traits: Family Oriented,Outgoing,Slob
Aspiration: Big Happy Family
Career: Scientist


1. Master Gourmet Cooking, Handiness and Skating skills
2. Complete Big Happy Family aspiration and Scientist career
3. Marry teenage sweetheart
4. Become best friends with an alien
5. Take photos with all of your teenage children and hang on the wall.
6. Win the Curry contest at the Spice Festival

Generation Seven: Mildred Pierce

Face it. Your parents did an amazing job. Love was all around you growing up and they raised you to have real belief in yourself. You know you can do anything. Even if that means eating baked goods all the time. Also, now that you think of it, did getting that much love all the time setup impossible standards for your future romantic partners to try to meet?

Traits: Foodie, Bro, Self-Assured
Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
Career: Business – Management


1. Master baking, charisma and flower arranging skills
2. Complete Business (Management) career and Fabulously Wealthy aspiration
3. When at home, eat nothing but baked goods you prepared yourself & honey from your bee box.
4. Get married and divorced twice. Have a child with each spouse.
5. Start a club with just your siblings as members. Meet at least weekly.

Generation Eight: Arsenic and Old Lace

Why is family alway so up in your grill? Surely they can recognize your genius? Then why won’t they just get out of your way and let your plans unfold? Still, keep your enemies close, as they say.

Traits: Genius,Self-Absorbed,Mean
Aspiration: Public Enemy
Career: Criminal – Boss


1. Master herbalism, mischief and bowling skills
2. Complete Criminal (Boss) career and Public Enemy aspiration
3. Have two of your Aunts or Uncles move in with you, if they are still alive.
4. Buy Dr. June’s Weather Control Device
5. Be enemies with a sibling
6. Get married on Halloween
7. Obtain the Play the Villain fame perk.

Generation Nine: On The Town

Enough with this small town life. Like your your great, great, great, great grandparent, you want to see and do EVERYTHING. So why haven’t you moved to the big city yet? Now is your time! Paint the town red and make the city yours!

Traits: Cheerful, Glutton, Bookworm
Aspiration: City Native
Career: Critic – Food


1. Skip school at least once
2. Move to San Myshuno
3. Master Athletic and Comedy skills
4. Complete the Critic (Food) career and City Native aspiration
5. Always take the Work From Home option
6. Have a pet of some variety.
7. Marry somebody who works as a food or souvenir stall vendor.

Generation Ten: High Society

Wow. Your ancestor that first moved to that dusty lot in Oasis Springs couldn’t even have imagined where your family is now. You don’t want for much. The world is at your fingertip. Newspapers report on your love-life. Yet, you have a way of sabotaging your own happiness. When will you ever learn what…or who…is truly good for you?

Traits: Insider, Materialistic, Childish
Aspiration: Soulmate
Career: Social Media – Internet Personality


1. Complete Social Media (Internet Personality) career and Soulmate aspiration.
2. Master DJ Mixing trait
3. Marry your soulmate, divorce them, date somebody else and then remarry your soulmate
4. Take a yoga class & get a message at a spa
5. Hire a butler
6. Have a lifestyle brand

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Back to the 80’s: Gen. 1 Ch 1 – “When The Going Gets Tough”

“Of course you miss Mom. She’s been gone a while now though and you’ve gotten used to it being just you and Dad. Now that he’s in his golden years you want to take care of him as well as he has taken care of you all these years. So, when it was time for you to move to a new town, of course, you made sure he moved with you. What you didn’t expect was once you got there his love life would be out of this world!” (Gen 1 – My Stepmother is an Alien – Silver Screen Sims Legacy-80s)

It was the first day of Spring and Keisha Coleman was “stoked” about moving to Newcrest to her new home, with her Dad, James Coleman. Just the two of them. She was starting a new life, a dream job and she was going to take care of him. Both she and her Dad had invested all their simoleons in a beautiful starter house that was being built for them. But, when they got there, the lot was empty.

Keisha didn’t know what to do. Oh sure, she owned the land, but where was that house she saw in the brochure? There was no house. There was nothing. And they had no simoleons! They had been swindled. At least Keisha had her dream job, but when she called her employer’s number, it was disconnected. Oh no!

So, here they were, in a new city, with no home, no simoleons and no jobs! What were they going to do? How could Keisha look after her Dad? Um, well, maybe she could borrow or beg for some simoleons? I mean was it destiny that Thorne Bailey, a proper celebrity, was walking in her neighborhood? And he was rich! But, no, he didn’t give her the time of day.

James was not one to give up and told Keisha that everything would be alright. Keisha scanned the job board and all she could find was a job as a bartender. So much less than what she would have been making, but it was a start.

In the meantime, James would scout around the area and see if he could find things to sell. Plus, there was a pond right across the street. He used to be pretty good at fishing. “Daughter Look! Sushi! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Meanwhile, the smell of bar-b-q had drawn Keisha to a little park near their lot, and Keisha met some new sims. In fact, one of the sims was a celebrity. And it seems that James has caught her eye. Keisha then went on a collecting binge but stopped to tell her father to go on over and meet the celebrity.

James had reluctantly come over at his daughter’s prompting, and his first introduction with Brytani Cho was rather awkward.

But after a few jokes, Brytani was soon taken with James, and posed for a selfie with “this hottie”.

In fact, she wanted to know all about him. Not only did he and Brytani (oh, they’re on a first name basis already) take a selfie together, but during the day, James got several autographs from her. They were worth a paltry $50 simoleons to start, but then he got them appraised and they went to $300 simoleons a piece. James thought he might hold onto them for another day to see if their value increase

One of James’ newfound friends, Luna Villareal invited them to travel to San Myshuno with her as a celebrity had been sighted. They were in! Believe it or not, it was Brytani Cho, and both James and Keisha got autographs from her.

Of course, James did collect some rocks, found a few fossils, and some “rad” posters that he carefully peeled off some utility boxes. He even found a table in San Myshuno where he could sell some of his fish. But sadly, when the vendors closed their stalls, they packed up his selling table and his fish, too. Last time he did that!

It was getting dark, but James saw a building that was quite lit up. And, the good news was that he wandered into the Casbah Gallery and found some comfy benches, which is where he and Keisha spent their first night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

80’s Slang Terms:

“stoked” – meaning excited, overly happy about or anxious.

“rad” – short for radical

“When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”, (1985), Billy Ocean, the theme song from the movie Jewel of the Nile (1985).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Generation One (Alien Version): My Stepmother Is An Alien – Rules

Keisha Coleman, Young Adult, Traits: Active, Geek, Cat Lover
Aspiration: Serial Romantic
Career: Culinary – Mixologist

James Coleman, Elder, Traits: Music Lover, Family-Oriented, Dance Machine Aspiration: Musical Genius – Career: Unemployed


1. Move yourself and your senior father into an empty house or lot in Newcrest.
2. Complete Culinary (Mixologist) career and Serial Romantic aspiration
3. Woohoo in all of the following locations: Double bed, closet, observatory, lighthouse, a pile of leaves, bush and hot tub.
4. Have your father fall in love with and marry an alien. The happy couple can either continue to live with you or move out on their own.
7. After all that dating and good times, you finally find your real love and have a child.
10. Move to Del Sol Valley shortly after your first child is born.


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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 27 – Elise & Deja Teen Birthdays


Since the last time I played, the Get Famous pack was released, which I now have. With this pack, there is another after-school activity for children and teens, the Drama Club, which meets M-F 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. New media production equipment is also available so you can burn music tracks or be a vlogger. The media production and acting skills are also new. This certainly increases the at-home careers available to the caregiver; however, the equipment is expensive.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today is Saturday and the last day of Spring. It is actually Deja’s birthday today, but since both Deja and Elise have A’s, they are both going to be aged up. Party time!

Here are Brittani, Ana, Deja and Fiona in the living room. My last desperate attempt to try to get part of the Social Aspiration done for Deja. Believe me when I tell you that it was a total fluke that Brittani actually completed her child aspiration, Rambunctious Scamp.

With 7 kids running around in various stages of development, trying to work on those Scout badges, get their traits within range, work on skills, homework, school projects…well, it’s exhausting just writing about it.

But I try anyway. Here is Felicity working on some chess moves.

And Elise is still asleep in bed…and Cameron is passed out on the floor….yah, it’s not a pretty sight. So, it’s best not to see. Because then you can’t unsee.

So, the plan was that Melody would wait until they returned from Scouts to have the birthday party. She is making a lovely cake for both of them.

As I said, that was the plan.

Deja, however, had plans of her own and aged up before I could stop her. Then she got the sad moodlet “forgotten birthday”. Well, if you had just waited…there would have been a cake for you. Sheesh!

And here she is, Deja Coffey-Yoshida as a teen wearing a cowboy hat. She doesn’t look too happy about life right now. Her aspiration is Archaeology Scholar, and she rolled Goofball and Childish.

And with that, they headed off to Scouts.

While the kids are at Scouts, I have Melody vacuum the weeds. I just love this weed machine.

Oh, and then I get some pop-ups while they are at Scouts. Brittani is a creative soul, just wing it. She can do it!

Oh my gosh! How hilarious! Oops…sorry about that Brittani. I wouldn’t go in that tree house for awhile.

Oh yah! Go for it, Ana. You’ve earned the badges. Show him you’re the Badge Boss!

Oh no! Obviously, the wrong answer I gave Ana. Ok, look, stop calling me. I….I mean, err, Melody has work to do. Make your own decisions, you won’t be teens for much longer. You will be out in the real world, having to find a job, pay bills, bills and more bills…oh sorry, where was I? Oh right, Melody is vacuuming her weeds still.

Ahhh! And then I see it, another money tree is ready. I am doing the happy dance! And then in the midst of my excitement, everyone returns home.

Ok, come on, we’re having a birthday party for real this time. Melody light those candles! And a huff…and a puff…Elise Coffey-Feng ages up to teen. Her aspiration is Party Animal, and she rolled creative and romantic.

And here she is! Wow! That is some wild Maxis generated outfit. The boots are at least green and match the dress. But the hat? Oh right, I think there is some green in the stripe. Right!

When they opened their gifts, they both loved them. Deja got a Candle’s Crib and Elise got a Kept spice rack. They also each got a writing journal.

After Melody harvested her first money tree (which was worth $11K+), I renovated the house a bit. I extended the house and built a new room for Cameron. I also put in two new items from the Get Famous pack, a drone, and the music station. The video station didn’t fit anywhere right now, so will have to figure out how to get that in. Perhaps they need a downstairs basement area, a rec room. That might work.

A little room reno for Deja and Elise. I am not truly happy with this room, but it’ll do for now.

I also gave Melody’s bedroom a make-over.

I added a little computer writing desk for her. The plants are taking forever to evolve for her gardening aspiration, so I think she will be taking up some writing shortly. With these room renovations, they have $4,033 simoleons left.

Brittani is in a good mood (for a change), and painting a playful painting.

As the day draws to a close, Ana and Elise are doing their homework together.

Deja has decided to write some ideas down for her first book.

Cameron is thrilled with his new room and mutimedia equipment and sets to work on his first track, “Say Everything”.

Melody is reading to Fiona and Felicity to help them with the Whiz Kid Aspiration. Tomorrow is Sunday and the first day of Summer and Melody has a special outing planned.

And so we leave the Coffey family today.

* * * * *

Author’s Note:

I had just watched a Let’s Play (Maplesimmer’s Rags to Riches Get Famous video), and learned about the club perk “Rally the Troops”. This great perk, when activated in a club gathering, helps with the sim’s needs and they will go into the green. Now isn’t this the greatest thing ever? Oh, I wanted to use it, and then I read the challenge rules again. Uh oh! The “Rally the Troops” perk is BANNED, yes, banned for the 100 Baby Challenge. Well, there goes that thought squashed. So, certainly use the club gathering, but, no, no, no, don’t get that Rally the Troops perk.

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Survive the Insanity: Mon., Wk 2 – The Circle Asylum – Day At The Museum

In our last chapter, later in the evening at The Happy Hollow Asylum, Louis seemingly sleepwalks to a mysterious passageway that could possibly lead to Selvadorada. Was it a dream or reality? What does this all mean? Will he get a clue as to who he really was? There were more questions than answers in that chapter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And so we start where we left off. It is now 1:19 a.m. on Monday. It is Summer. And we have hippety-hopped from The Happy Hollow Asylum to watching Louis wander in the dark, to The Circle Asylum, where all the residents are still up. For some reason, my numbering system for the previous chapters got mixed up. And like, the residents of Happy Hollow and The Circle Asylums, I didn’t know what day it was. But really, today is Monday. Since I last played this save, the Positivity Challenge came and went, but no-one in The Circle Asylum was able to do it. And, Get Famous was released, and yes, I got that pack. So, bearing this all in mind, I re-rolled the random lot traits, and today they have Sunny Aspect, Great Soil and Celebrity Home. Oh my word!

And so it begins…

Viviana just got an e-mail from the Director telling her that The Circle Asylum has been put on a Celebrity Home Tour. What? But no celebrities live here! Yes, the Director knew that no celebrities really lived there, but he thought it would get them noticed. Maybe a caring sim would start a “Go Fund Me” website and other sims would donate to get the house fixed, or even buy another toilet!

Because let’s face it, they needed simoleons. After that Painting Day in the Park, their funds had dwindled to $29 simoleons. And wasn’t Monday bill day? And how could Viviana afford to feed everyone? Oh, the stress, the anxiety, the financial burden! To help Viviana get a grip, I had her look in everyone’s inventory and sold all the glasses of water for $1 simoleon. She then searched clothing pockets in the dirty laundry hamper for spare change. I left some upgrade parts in Viviana’s inventory, but if the bills were too high, I would sell them. This gave them $71 simoleons. I even had her look in the household inventory…

…and found this little surprise! Who the heck had stolen this painting from the Happy Hollow Asylum? Now Viviana had to somehow return it to Happy Hollow without them knowing it was missing. And, as if her day wasn’t bad enough, because the lot trait was now a Celebrity Home, they all got the Poser! Moodlet.

The Circle Club’s activities for today are hack, be mischievous, view art, bathe & shower and clean.

Viviana figures if they are a Celebrity house, it better be clean. (I then went into buy mode and sold all the spiderwebs, cracks (these are worth zero simoleons), food scraps and stained newspapers.) Clean, clean, clean! Toby was super psyched when the house was clean and does a little happy dance.

The residents tried to help Viviana, too, with getting some simoleons. It seemed that everyone was on a hack-a-thon. Sunny wasn’t so lucky with the Crumplebottom Servers, but Toby nicely hacked into the Landgraab Systems and got $77 simoleons. Yep! Yep! More happy dancing!

Viviana was supposed to head to work today, but she is going to take a vacation day and bring everyone to the museum (for her Painting Aspiration). Then following that culture boost, she was going to head to a park, where she could possibly collect a few items that she could sell. She would also change the club traits while they were at the park from Clean to Fish.

With all that, they now have $195 simoleons, and I had Viviana make a party serving of garlic noodles and grilled cheese. And then she went to take a shower, and it was already occupied by Sunny. Ooops! More embarrassed moodlets.

Ready or not, they were off to the Municipal Muses Museum in Willow Creek. Viviana had to view 3 works of art in a museum and while she did so, the other residents followed her around like puppy dogs. When they got to the museum, it was raining.

They were really good at the first painting as Viviana explained the textures and colors and talked about the artist. Ooh, Ahhh, they loved it.

By the time they moved on to the second painting, Viviana heard complaints, lots of complaints. “Where’s the fishing? You said we could go fishing”…”Where’s the bathroom? I didn’t go before we left. Oh did you see that lady with the green hat?”…”I caught a lot of fish the last time we were out”…”Erik is looking at me. Make him stop. Erik, stop looking at me!”…” Did you see the muscles on that guy? He must work out. I’m gonna show him my muscles”…

“The fish bite in the rain you know”… “I’m hungry. Where are the vending machines?”…”Roasted fish over the campfire is really good”…”Do we have to go upstairs? My feet hurt. I’m tired.”…”This rain made my hair all frizzy…and, oh my plumbobs, I broke a nail!”… “So, where’s the fishing.  You said we could go fishing.” It was like an adult kindergarten group.

By the time they headed upstairs to view the third painting, Viviana had lost half of them. Barbie found Viviana’s talk on realism so riveting she passed out from the excitement. Ok, that was it, museum tour over, I had Viviana lead the way to the park.

On the way, Mowgli had to make a pit stop first.

It was still raining when they headed out, but they all had umbrellas and it was only a light rain. A little rain never hurt anyone.

Well, not everyone liked the rain.

Erik had a rest stop. He thought he’d better wait for Mowgli to catch up.

Of course, the smell of food brought everyone down to the little picnic area. Oh yum! Soggy hot dogs for everyone!

And then it REALLY started raining. And thundering, and there were flashes of light in the sky. That was a sign. Viviana was too busy collecting to worry about the weather. But the other residents started to head back to the museum. Well, almost everyone.

Three brave souls stayed at the picnic area while the rain poured down.

In fact, Mowgli did a bit of fishing. He caught a Minnow worth $8 simoleons and a Pufferfish worth $32 simoleons. The only sim who caught something on this outing.

Finn decided he had enough and returned to the museum. His umbrella broke in the wind, as he had a moodlet for a broken umbrella. Poor Finn.

With everyone now gone from the picnic area, and Viviana off collecting, Mowgli and Erik figured this was a perfect time to shower in the rain. Oh my word! I am sure they gave the passengers on the riverboat quite a show!

This was really not the field trip that Viviana had envisioned. She felt rather soggy even with the umbrella. Viviana didn’t care, though, she was determined to gather some collectibles.

And just as Viviana was searching for a frog, BOOM!, she gets struck by lightning.

For some reason, she is super happy she got hit by lightning, and also gets this moodlet.

She has these little sparks that come out from her now and again. Supercharged and fried – that’s Viviana!

At the museum, Hannibal was one of the first ones back and decided to play some piano autonomously.

Sunny was discussing athletic ability with the knight. He, being the polite chivalrous knight that he was, quietly listened to her part of the conversation.

Barbie and Erik must have seen what happened to Viviana and were descending the museum stairs together. They both had the “See What’s Happening” moodlet. Perhaps they were going to see if Viviana was alright after her shocking experience. I guess Barbie wasn’t watching her step (she was probably concerned with her broken nail), and, SPLASH, Barbie falls in a mud puddle…

Erik is following too closely, and slips in the mud and falls on top of Barbie. SPLOOSH! SPLAT! OUCH!

Barbie is not too impressed with all the mud puddles around (Yes, there is a moodlet for this!). She prefers her mud baths at the spa. And her outfit is now covered in mud! And her hair….well, let’s just not go there. Of course, Barbie is not concerned about poor Erik at all who was also splattered with mud and accuses him of trying to mud wrestle with her.

Barbie and Erik aren’t the only ones who were victims of the mud puddle.

There goes Sunny…

…and yes, even Toby did the slip and slide mud dance. If anyone used these stairs, sooner or later, they would land in the mud.

[Author’s note: It was quite funny actually, I could just watch that spot and sure enough, anyone who went there, boom, down in the murk!]

Meanwhile, Viviana had trudged back to the museum from the picnic area. After collecting all she could and with the thunderstorm still brewing, Viviana was going to gather everyone and call it a day and head home. But then she saw someone! Someone famous! It was Holly Alto! Holly was a painter just like Viviana, except, well, Holly was a celebrity.

I couldn’t believe it. Here was Viviana looking like a charred french fry and she meets a celebrity. So, I thought, what the heck, go and introduce yourself. It can’t hurt.

Dang Viviana! She was so lucky to get all the interactions available with Holly. Maybe it was because they were both painters, so they connected. Way to go Viviana!

It was now 5pm and Toby and Erik were heading off to work. Everyone was in the museum…umm…wait, no they weren’t. I saw Hannibal heading towards a (spawned) roller skating rink.

So I follow him. He was actually going to go roller skating in a thunderstorm. Well, as it turned out, he didn’t quite make it there.

He got the same moodlets as Viviana (supercharged), and after all of this he was still heading towards the roller skating rink! Hold up there, Hannibal, Viviana is taking everyone home. Enough excitement for one day.

They are so very tired, but Viviana does hang up her photo of Holly (although it’s of poor quality) and the autographed photo. Viviana also uploads the photo of Holly to Simstagram and gets 44 followers.

At the end of the day, Erik got a promotion to Petty Thief ( I placed the Emblems of Espionage near the bookshelf), Viviana found 3 frogs (yeah, frog breeding), 2 fossils, and 2 Romantium metals (from where lightning struck – one was sent off to the Geo Council). With the funds they earned, hacked, and found, The Circle Asylum had a total of $1,331 simoleons. I had Viviana click on the mailbox, but there was nothing in there. Ummm, where are the bills?

* * * * *

Up-Date on Viviana’s progress:

Level 3 of Painter Extraordinaire. She now has to paint 10 excellent paintings. She is at Level 7 of the painting skill, and Level 2 of the Painter Career. She had 2,725 aspiration reward points so I got her creative visionary (2,000 reward points), which could help in painting a masterpiece. She still has no friends.

Level 2-Leader of the Pack. Needs to participate in 10 club activities.

Aspiration #3-To Be Determined. Toss-up between Bestselling Author or The Curator. Renaissance Sim is also a possibility. Some of the aspirations need you to join a certain career, so this is tough. However, the rules don’t say that you can’t switch careers at some point.

Skills: Painting, Cooking-7; Handiness, Dancing-3; Comedy, Fitness, Gourmet Cooking, Logic-2; Charisma, Gardening, Mischief, Photography, Singing, Video Gaming-1.

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Down & Out in Del Sol – Ch 4: Celebrity Sightings

Wednesday 4:00 am – Still at Plumbob Pictures Studio.

Gah! Look at the time! Mariel would have loved to hang out and chat some more with the actors, but Mariel really needed to head back home. As she walked towards the exit door, she spotted a bulletin board. On it were lots of notices — items for sale, several business cards, a poster advertising a charity event, and sims looking for roommates. A roommate? Mariel read some of the ads and tore off a few tear strips and stuck them in her pocket. Maybe, until she could afford a place, she should think about sharing a place with someone. It was a thought. Mariel also pocketed a business card from a 24-hour pawn shop.

As Mariel headed outside, it was such a beautiful day. She decided to just walk around the studio a bit and look at some of the outdoor stage sets.

The place was deserted as they hadn’t started filming for the day. Even though it was a set, it looked like a real street. The set designs were amazing.

She passed some more sound studios and saw a star trailer parked next to one. She wondered who’s trailer it was. She had been touring the studio lot for longer than she thought, and the sun was now coming up. It was definitely time for her to head out.

As Mariel turned to leave, she saw Thorne Bailey heading up the walkway towards her. She couldn’t believe he was here! Mariel nervously smoothed her hair with one hand. Oh my gosh! Was that his star trailer she had just seen? Was he doing some recording here at the studio? Another music video? There was no one else around. No paparazzi, no fans, no-one. It was just Mariel and Thorne. Was Mariel actually dreaming this? But, no, he was there. It was like time stood still, he looked at her and she looked at him.

Mariel felt her legs suddenly move as she walked towards him and before she could stop herself, she heard herself say, “Mr. Bailey….may I have your autograph?”

And just like that he smiled at her and handed her an autographed picture of himself. “Call me Thorne,” he said as he walked by her towards the sound studio. Mariel looked down in her hands and yes! she had another autograph! Woot! She now had four autographs, 2 from Judith and 2 from Thorne.

Mariel remembered the pawn shop card in her pocket and looked at the address. It was right next to the gym! Mariel decided to go there and see how much her autographs were worth. When she got there, the pawn shop appraiser told her that the first autograph of Judith Ward was worth $400 simoleons and the first one of Thorne Bailey was worth $300 simoleons. The other two were worth $50 simoleons. The appraiser said that Mariel could get the autographs re-appraised again in 24 hours. While she was there, Mariel decided to sell some other items, but decided to hold on to the autographs. Mariel thanked him for his time and headed to the gym. Eureka! With the funds she got from the commercial and the items she sold, she had $1,248 simoleons!

Just then her phone pinged. It was a message from the Talent Agency telling her that she had more audition choices. She looked them over and realized she didn’t have any of the requirements needed for these commercials. But then she remembered that there was a guitar at Orchid A-Go-Go, so she signed up for Making Moosic. After she was rested, Mariel could head over there and ask the bartender if she could use the guitar to practice. The audition was tomorrow at noon, so plenty of time.

After heading to the gym and using the shower and toilet, Mariel went to her favorite bench to nap.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Mariel woke up, she realized that she hadn’t taken a Simstagram photo to promote the gym yesterday. She didn’t want to lose her free week’s trial, so she decided to head upstairs to see if she could get another photo. There weren’t many sims working out, but when she turned around, she saw Kayla Flemming working out on the treadmill. Yes, THE Kayla Flemming.

Mariel knew that her first encounter with Kayla hadn’t gone too well, but she decided to approach her anyway and asked if she could take her photo. Kayla looked at Mariel, nodded her head, and got off the treadmill and posed. Mariel couldn’t believe her luck. Kayla was actually going to let her take a photo! Kayla did seem a bit angry, though, so Mariel quickly snapped two photos and thanked her. Ooh, nice!

Sweat is Sexy! At Pectoral Fitness, you never know who will be working out. #pectoralfitness #contest #celebritysighting #kaylaflemming #sweat #workout

Mariel posted the pic to Simstagram and thought that maybe these photos might be worth something. Well, she didn’t want to sell them just yet. Her phone rang, and it was Alex Moyer, a sim she had met at the park in her neighborhood, wondering if she’d like to go for a drink at Orchid A-Go-Go. Since Mariel was heading there anyway, they agreed to meet there.

Mariel was happy to see Alex and Mariel told her about her promotion. Alex said that this was definitely a reason to celebrate and as they headed inside, Mr. Flamingo Shirt Celebrity gave Mariel the once over. Alex whispered in Mariel’s ear that Tyrell Ratliff had just passed them. Who was this guy? Mariel had never heard of him. Alex gave a little swoon and told Mariel that he was a reality-tv star. Well, he certainly wasn’t as famous as Judith Ward or Thorne Bailey, yet he wouldn’t even talk to her! Mariel shook her head and she and Alex headed inside.

A different bartender was on today and Mariel asked if it was alright if she practiced on the guitar for a bit.

“Yah, sure, go ahead. I’d love a little music right now. Sort of our downtime before everyone heads here again,” said the bartender as he re-filled the chip bowls. Mariel gave him a smile and mouthed thanks.

“Are you any good?” You can make lots of tips if you are, you know,” the bartender mentioned casually as he mixed Alex a drink.

“Ummm…just beginning right now,” replied Mariel.

Mariel headed up on stage and picked up the guitar. She could make tips? Mariel wondered how much. She was definitely going to work on her guitar skill. Maybe even buy a guitar. She had seen one for sale in the pawn shop, but it cost $600 simoleons.

Mariel played for quite some time and the bar started to fill up. A sim walked over to her and threw a $4 simoleon tip in her tip jar. Mariel looked up to thank them and thought she recognized the sim, but with the hat pulled over their hair and face, it was hard to tell who they were. Mariel looked again. Was it her?

And then from out of nowhere came a paparazzi who shouted “Holly – Holly Alto, look this way!” and started snapping pics of the sim. Oh my gosh. It was her! It was really Holly Alto!

Holly Alto is a B-Lister celebrity and a famous painter. Mariel had read somewhere that Holly currently had an exhibit at the Casbah Gallery. More and more sims started to recognize Holly, and another paparazzi came over. Mariel put down the guitar and went to introduce herself, but Holly turned and headed out the door.

Mariel didn’t get the chance to actually meet Holly Alto or get an autograph, but she did get her first tip! Woot! And from Holly Alto herself. Mariel felt famous just holding the simoleons in her hands and was so excited to have seen another celebrity. Mariel gave a little sigh of pleasure. She was on her way!

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Yes, it’s true, you can make lots of simoleons from celebrity autographs, and they give fame points, too. The autographs start low, but then you can get them appraised, and then re-appraised after 24 hours. Also, the more famous a celebrity is, the more their autograph will be worth. Hopefully, Judith and Thorne’s autographs will be worth more when they get re-appraised. We’ll find out. Too bad Mariel couldn’t get an autograph from Kayla Flemming or Holly Alto. Oh well, she’ll try again.

The other two auditions give an idea of what other skills she might need for future auditions. So, since Mariel is basically living at the gym, once she gets her guitar skill up, she will be working on her fitness skill. Of course, you don’t need a gym to get the fitness skill, you can just go jogging. Mariel can also use the microphone at the bar to get her comedy skill up.

The Casbah Gallery is located in the Arts District in San Myshuno, which, in this story, is “downtown” Del Sol. I am hoping that Mariel will be able to travel there soon.

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Down & Out in Del Sol – Ch 3: Salty Suds Commercial

Mariel woke up in the night and was starving. The two lemons that she had left just didn’t quite fill the growling of her stomach. She needed food. Real food. She had already looked around the main level of the gym and didn’t remember seeing any food there.

Mariel decided to head upstairs and see if she could find a vending machine, some complimentary mints or something. Anything! But, everywhere she looked there was nothing. She went into an empty yoga room and looked out a big window. Hmmm…what was that? She saw some lights from a building next door and saw sims heading inside. It was a bar and it was open. She decided to head there and see if they served any food.

Yep, it was a bar called Orchid A Go Go. It actually appeared to be deserted. Of course, it was 2am.

Well, since she was here, Mariel decided to head inside. There was only the bartender and one patron inside. Mariel headed over to the bar and saw bowls of chips lined up on the counter! Yes! Free food!

Mariel looked around and saw a stage with a microphone and guitar. She chatted to the bartender a bit, whose name was Eliza Pancakes, and felt much better after eating the chips. Ok, so not real food, but better than sucking on a lemon!

The mood of the place made her feel nostalgic, and Mariel turned to the bartender and asked if it was alright if she sang a song.

“Sure, knock yourself out,” was Eliza’s reply.

Mariel cleared her throat and headed up to the microphone. There was now only the bartender and Mariel left in the bar. She picked up the microphone and started to sing Mazie Grobe. It was one of her favorite songs. When Mariel finished the song, she headed back to sit at the bar.

“You know, you’re a pretty good singer. Real soulful-like”, said the bartender, “If you’re interested, we have a Talent Showcase here on Friday from 6 to 11pm. You should come out and try your luck. You never know who might be in the audience.”

Mariel had never thought about doing something like that before. Her grandfather had always told her she had a beautiful voice, but she never paid him any heed and thought he was just being nice. Hmmm…she thought about it some more as she munched on another bowl of chips.

Mariel turned towards the door and saw Judith Ward enter the bar. Oh my gosh. What was she doing here? This wasn’t an exclusive club, it was just sort of a local hang out.

A crowd suddenly started to form around Judith. The word must have gotten out that there was a celebrity sighting. Mariel wondered if Judith might remember her. Probably not, but maybe she could ask her for another autograph. Eliza, the bartender, had told her that celebrity autographs were pretty valuable and there were many collectors willing to buy them. Mariel couldn’t part with the first one that Judith had signed, but maybe, maybe if she got another one, she could sell it.

“Ummm…Ms. Ward…may I have your autograph?” And just like that, Mariel got another autograph. She now had 3 celebrity autographs! If she got enough autographs and sold them, the simoleons would start pouring in! Oh my gosh she was going to be rich!

Well, yah, that would only work if ALL of the celebrities gave you an autograph when you asked them for one. Like Mr. Flamingo Shirt celebrity. Um, sorry, Mariel didn’t get his name…Tyrell somebody, who didn’t “do” autographs, didn’t “do” selfies, and didn’t “do” photos.

Well, so much for Mariel’s Get Rich Quick Scheme. Mariel had better stick with the acting career for now and practice her acting skill. Since the bar was getting a bit crowded (at 5 in the morning!), Mariel decided to lock herself in the toilet stall where she could concentrate on her lines. She had to work on charisma and acting, and then invite the Director and cast over to her house for a meet and greet. Are you kidding me? Well, I guess they could hang out around the tree.

Mariel’s energy needs were still very low. She would have to keep napping until her gig started. But, wait, what about that Meet and Greet she was supposed to have?

Well, luck was with her. She saw Vanessa wander into the bar. Mariel told her all about the audition and that she had her first acting job at 7pm. Vanessa said they should hang out at Vanessa’s house until Mariel was ready to go. Mariel liked that idea and they headed off.

While Mariel ate a ham and cheese sandwich, she and Vanessa talked about auditions, directors, sets, wardrobe, make-up and all the excitement that happened in the studio. Mariel was so excited.

Mariel looked at the time and there was just an hour left until she had to be at the studio. She quickly invited over the Director and cast. They were there for all of five minutes before she had to leave for the studio. “Ok, well, see you there!”

As Mariel passed through the security gate of Plumbob Pictures and showed her actor’s pass, she was directed to a large sound stage where the commercial was going to be filmed. Wowzers! Look! There were three limos parked out front!

Mariel saw a group of actors heading in a side door and followed them in.

When Mariel opened the door, one of the security guards checked her pass and told her to head to make-up, which was located at the far end of the large expanse. She looked around, there was so much going on. The film crew was getting everything ready. The Director was barking orders at everyone. It was one mad rush.

There was a food area, where actors were eating, and an area with mirrors where several actors were practicing their lines. It was so busy, and crazy, but at the same time, Mariel found it all very exciting.

She entered the door marked MAKE-UP. There was a chair in front of a mirror and tables were overflowing with hair products, combs, brushes, wigs, blow dryers, and nail polish. You name it, they had it.

The make-up artist looked her up and down. He said in a bored manner, “Well, I’ll see what I can do. This may take some time.” With a little spritz here and little spritz there…he was done.

The make-up artist looked pleased and told her that she would be a fine looking alien. “Oh, is there an alien in the Salty Suds Commercial?” Mariel asked.

“Salty Suds commercial? Oh, my word! Get back in that chair. That is absolutely the wrong makeup,” the makeup artist replied in an agitated voice.

He quickly removed the make-up and re-applied new make-up and then worked on Mariel’s hair. “Darling, your strands are a bit frizzy, might I suggest some Moroccan argan oil? It’s my little beauty secret for you.”

The door opened and someone shouted, “You there, Salty Suds girl, you need to get to wardrobe.” Mariel turned in her chair and thanked her make-up artist.

“I look great, I guess…“, Mariel wasn’t really sure if she did look good, but at least she didn’t have that horrid neon green eye shadow on.

Luckily, the door marked WARDROBE was right next door.

This time she told the costume designer that she was here for the Salty Suds Commercial. While the designer measured her, Mariel asked her about her day. Soon Mariel was ready for her outfit.

When Mariel walked out in her costume, the designer couldn’t believe it. “Hun, that is so the WRONG costume. Didn’t you see a sort of pirate outfit hanging in the dressing room? Let me go and look.” 

The designer then went off to the dressing rooms and came back shaking her head.

“Sorry, hun, the other actor put it in the wrong dressing room. It’s in there now.” Mariel realized that half of the time was gone and she hadn’t even gone on the set yet. Whatever the designer put her in this time, she was wearing. She had to do that commercial!

She came out of the dressing room, and the designer looked very pleased. Mariel tried to tell a funny story about it, “You know this reminds me of the time that I put sugar in the salt shaker…”

Mariel still had to rehearse her lines, so she bid farewell and went to her favorite place of seclusion. Oh sure, there were lots of mirrors in a little area where all these actors were practicing their lines. But Mariel wanted to focus. I mean, afterall, it was her first acting job, and she wanted to do everything right.

She had brought along her toothbrush and brushed her teeth so her smile would really shine. She was feeling really confident. She was ready.

Mariel headed over to the Director and he gave her some notes. His name was Vivaan Venkataraman. She quickly looked over the notes.

“Ok, I think I got it, just stand on the little X’s on stage and promote the product.” enthused Mariel.

“You got it, kid. Now go on up there. Let’s try to do this in under 20 takes. I’m in need of a cappuccino break,” the Director said as he waved her towards the stage set.

“Quiet on the set – Take 1. Lights! Camera! ACTION!” bellowed the Director.

Mariel grabbed the ship’s wheel and imagined she was a pirate steering the ship in a blustery gale. She was so intent on her work, that she didn’t hear the Director call “Cut!”

Mariel looked at the Director. He just sat there looking at her. Oh right, on to the next X.

Mariel then swabbed the decks and even threw the broom up in the air for some effect. Oops, that wasn’t in the script, but no-one stopped her until the Director said “Cut”.

And now on to sell, sell, sell this product. “Ahoy Landlubbers….”

“…Salty Suds is the best detergent in all the seven seas. Get yours today, matey.”

“Cut!” yelled the Director.

Mariel waited on stage while the Director and one of the camera crew looked at the footage. She wondered if she would have to do the scene again. She had done some risky moves in all the scenes. Maybe she had overdone it. But then the Director started to clap.

“Amazing, amazing, amazing! I’ve never seen anyone do that commercial in just one take before! That’s a wrap”, shouted Vivaan as the crew started to shut down.

Mariel couldn’t believe it! She had completed her first commercial successfully. And she was being paid $500 simoleons!

Mariel changed out of her wardrobe clothes and went to chat with the Director. “Thank you so much for taking a chance on me. It means a great deal to me”. Mariel gushed.

“You’re a natural, kid,” Vivaan replied, “Head on over and get some food before you head home. It’s not half bad.” Vivaan turned away from her and headed towards one of the lighting crew gesturing wildly, “No, no, no! I want Purple lighting. P-U-R-P-L-E NOT pink!”

Mariel looked around and saw a table with food on it and some actors milling around eating and chatting. Well, it was free, so why not. Right? She wondered if they had any to-go boxes to take some food home. She looked over the offerings of hot dogs, tofu hot dogs, hamburgers, and spaghetti. She helped herself to a plate of spaghetti and chatted with some of the other actors.

She looked at the time. She had been there from 7pm and it was now 1:40 am. Time to head home. But, just then her phone pinged. It was a text message from the Talent Agency! She got a promotion! Wow, this really made her day!

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

Mariel was very much in the red in her energy before she had to head to her first acting gig. I didn’t want her to fall over during the commercial, so, with her rewards points, I had to buy her a sleep replacement potion.

An Acting gig is a timed event, sort of like a party, and you have to do certain things within that timeframe. Half of the time was spent in make-up and wardrobe because on the first attempt in both make-up and wardrobe, they did it wrong, so it had to be redone. I didn’t know if she would finish the commercial on time. As you get more acting gigs, it will raise your celebrity level and allow you to purchase perks, such as the ability to skip auditions (Established Name Perk). You can bet I am going to do that when it becomes available. You can read more about the Acting Career in Carl’s Guide.

For the audition and acting gig, you have to be in a confident mood. Two easy ways to do this at the studio are “psyche self-up” in the mirror, or brush your teeth. Both work great.

Mariel didn’t really sing a certain song at the club, I just pretended that she did. Singing and playing guitar raise your fame. But if she had to sing a specific song, what better song to sing than Mayzie Grobe? Hear Mayzie Grobe from the Sims 3 Seasons Trailer. Both are Youtube videos. The first is a version that someone created which is quite nice, and the second is the official release trailer. Enjoy!

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Down & Out in Del Sol – Ch 2: Celebrity Autograph

Mariel woke up just after 3 am to the sound of drip, drip, drip. She opened one eye and saw droplets of water running off the tarp that was covering the playground equipment. It was raining and she was feeling rather wet herself and realized she was sleeping in a puddle. Well, so much for getting any more sleep. She sloshed through the rain and headed off to the public restroom and tried to dry herself off with the hand dryer. It didn’t work too well. She was drenched.

Mariel couldn’t remember if she had packed an umbrella in her suitcase, but she thought she had. Luckily, she had placed her suitcases under the big tree on the lot, so they were relatively dry. She decided to head over to her lot and try to carefully rummage through her suitcase to find that umbrella. As she rounded the corner, she saw someone walking towards her. Oh my gosh! Is that…is that…yes, yes, it was! It was Judith Ward! Mariel couldn’t believe it! Judith Ward was a Global Celebrity and a LEGEND in the acting community. Judith Ward was like, uber famous. Mariel almost felt like she should bow down before her as she approached, but she tried to introduce herself instead.

“Hi…ummmm…Ms. Ward…I’m Mariel….hi…it’s so great to meet you…” she mumbled. Mariel was in a kind of a daze as she stared at Judith.

And then Mariel did it again, “May I have your autograph?” Mariel winced as those words came out of her mouth. She fully expected Judith to dismiss her, but to her surprise, Judith pulled out her signature Mystery Masterpiece Montblanc pen and signed her name in a flourish.

“Are you an actress, my dear?” Judith purred the question to Mariel.

Mariel blinked and realized that Judith had asked her a question. “Um…yes…well sort of….I have an audition this afternoon…”

“Well, then, might I suggest you take a shower. Image is everything you know. Ta Ta.” And with that Judith turned and walked down the road.

Mariel stared after her with her mouth open. Judith Ward had actually spoken to Mariel AND had given her an autograph! Mariel raised her arm to wave goodbye and got a whiff of herself. Even though Judith had commented about Mariel’s hygiene in a rather snide manner, Mariel couldn’t argue that Judith was right about her smelling bad. Oh my gosh, Mariel did need a shower! She stunk!

After heading across the street and looking for an umbrella in her luggage, Mariel realized that she hadn’t packed one. And, it was still raining. She was wet, hungry, tired and she smelled bad. And she had her audition at noon today! What was she going to do?

With no sign that the rain was going to let up, Mariel knew that no-one would be coming to the park today to bar-b-q, so no free food there. And she certainly couldn’t sleep on the bench in the rain. And what about a shower? Hmmm…maybe she could go to Vanessa’s and ask her if she could use her shower. I mean, how would it look if she showed up stinking up the place for her audition? And Mariel was so tired. Perhaps she could take a quick nap on Vanessa’s couch. That was it, she would go to Vanessa’s. Mariel quickly grabbed some clothes from her suitcase and stuffed them in a small tote bag and ran across the street. Mariel knocked on the door and waited. Darn, Vanessa’s not home.

As Mariel slumped down on the front porch and tried to figure out what to do, she saw a rather handsome sim walking down the street. Mariel stood up and squinted her eyes to get a better look.

Her eyes widened. It can’t be! But, yes, yes, it was! It was Thorne Bailey! Walking down HER street, in HER neighborhood. Thorne Bailey was a Proper Celebrity and he was a talented musician. She practically leaped off the porch and ran towards him.

“Are you….are you…oh my gosh…you are…Thorne Bailey! Your song “Don’t Go Breaking My Dishwasher…well, uh…that’s my jam!”

“Will you….um….” Mariel was so tongue-tied she couldn’t even speak.

“Sign an autograph for you? Of course!” Thorne replied in his smooth, sexy voice. Muriel thought she let out a little scream, her heart was racing, and she thought she might faint. She saw Vanessa walking towards them and gestured wildly towards Thorne. “Vanessa, look…look, it’s Thorne Bailey!

Vanessa walked by and smiled at Thorne and said, “Hi Thorne” like they were best friends. Vanessa knew Thorne Bailey? Vanessa did a little wave at Mariel and shouted, “On my way to a gig…see you later.”

Mariel watched Vanessa head down the street and realized that Thorne was still standing beside her. He was actually still standing there looking at her! Oh wow! Next thing she knew she and Thorne were taking a selfie together.

Thorne even posed for a picture for her. Oh my gosh, he was handsome. And then with a nod of his head, he continued walking down the street. Mariel just stared at his retreating figure. She just couldn’t believe it! Judith and Thorne walking in her neighborhood! And she got their autographs! This was the best day ever.

And she probably would have still been standing there if she hadn’t gotten a whiff of herself. That brought her back to reality. Oh my gosh! The audition! She thought maybe if she walked back to the bus station, she could get cleaned up in the restroom and at least change into her dry clothes. So, she headed in that direction.

As she walked along she admired the sights. She hadn’t noticed too much when she first got to Del Sol as she was so excited about getting to her lot.

A sim on the sidewalk stopped her and waved a flyer at her. “Hey, you, wanna be a simstagram star?” she shouted.

Mariel turned to her, “Me?”

The promoter continued, “Yah, you! Pectoral Fitness is having a contest and giving away some gym memberships and all you have to do is promote the gym on simstagram. You know, work out, take some selfies, that sort of thing. You in?”

Muriel thought for a moment, “Well, I don’t know…I was on my way…”

The promoter continued like she didn’t even hear her, “You get a free week trial just for posting pics, and you get a chance to win a free year’s membership. The gym has all the latest state of the art equipment, a pool, and the restrooms were designed by some famed architect. You should see the showers!…”

“The showers?” Muriel asked.

“Yep, the most beautiful showers I have ever seen…” the promoter droned on.

Oh my gosh, Mariel needed a shower. How lucky was this? Mariel looked at the promoter and without hesitation said: “Ok, I’m in.” Mariel had to sign some papers agreeing to post some photos on simstagram using certain hashtags, but then she got a card for her free week’s membership. Yes, showers!

Mariel stared up at Pectoral Fitness. It was a huge, two storey building. Clutching the membership card in her hand, she headed towards the entrance.

Mariel saw that she didn’t have much time, so she made her way to the locker room right away. Mariel carefully hung up her clothes to dry and jumped in the shower. She never thought that a shower would feel so good!

After her shower and a quick nap on a bench near the lockers, she brushed her teeth and practiced some lines in the mirror. When it was time to go, she quickly changed into her audition clothes. She packed her other clothes in the tote bag, and sucked on some lemons that she had harvested to try to stave off her hunger. And then she was off….

After 4 hours she returned home. She couldn’t believe it! She had passed her audition!

Her gig was at 7 pm tomorrow, so she had plenty of time to get ready. It was still raining and Mariel was wearing her good clothes. Maybe she could hang out with Vanessa at her house. Plus, she wanted to share the good news with Vanessa that she had passed her audition. Mariel ran across the street and knocked on Vanessa’s door. No answer. She knocked again. Still no answer.

Vanessa’s words rang in Mariel’s ears…“If you need anything, I live right across the street.” Sure, sure. The problem was, Vanessa was never home!

Well, now what? There was no dry place around here, and she was really, really tired. She needed to sleep. Mariel thought of the gym. Well, that was an idea. It was dry and it was open 24 hours a day. So Mariel figured she would have to head back to the gym. At least she could nap on the couch, use the shower and toilet and try to dry out her clothes.

When she got to the gym, she thought she would look around. She was just too tired to climb the stairs to the second floor, so she decided to just explore the main level. She snapped a nice shot of the pool area and shared it on simstagram.

Don’t Be Afraid to Jump In! Pectoral Fitness, hot spot for celebrities and their bikinis. #PectoralFitness #contest #celebrity #pool #bikini #jumpin

That should do it! Mariel found her way to the familiar locker bench, and as she drifted off to sleep, she dreamed she was in a music video with Thorne Bailey….and Thorne was singing to her…“Don’t Go Breaking My Dishwasher”

* * * * *

Author’s Notes:

I could hardly believe that it was “raining” celebrities in Mariel’s neighborhood. Plus, she got two autographs even though she had a lovely green fog surrounding her.

Mariel was in a real dilemma before her audition. It was raining and Vanessa wasn’t home. Mariel was hungry and no-one was bar-b-q’ing at the park, so no free food. Luckily she could harvest the lemons, her only source of food. She was tired and couldn’t sleep on a bench in the rain, because the rain woke her up. She stank and I couldn’t afford a shower for her. This is what happens when you play the extreme version with Seasons in the mix. So my solution for her was to go to the gym, but how…gyms in real life would have a membership. She couldn’t just walk in. So, to solve the solution, I googled and found out that in real life, gyms do pay people (or influencers), to promote their gyms and contests on instagram and Youtube. Gyms give them free merchandise to do so. And so that is how that part of the story came about.

Mariel’s hunger and sleep needs are in the red, so hope she fares better tomorrow before her first acting job.