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Survive The Insanity: Happy Hollow Asylum – Wk 3, Wednesday – Arrival In Selvadorada-The Marketplace

In the last chapter, The Happy Hollow residents traveled to Selvadorada. When they arrived at their lodging, it was certainly not a Hilton! The lodging was rather run-down and the jungle vines and greenery had taken over. As they had time to spare before going to the marketplace, everyone headed to a close-by deck area overlooking some waterfalls. While Louis did some fishing, he was thinking that maybe this time his visit to Selvadorada would be different.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Same day – Wednesday afternoon

marketplace shot selvadorada.png

It had started to rain when they got to the Puerto Llamante Marketplace, but everyone had an umbrella, so they were all set. The Cantina “El Arbol Del Jaguar” (The Tree Jaguar) was to the right of them, and in the middle of the square was a fountain surrounded by flowers and a statue. On the opposite side was a food stall, and there were also some tables set up for the local vendors to sell their wares.

it had started to rain when they got to the market.png

Louis decided to take a look at the statue and read the plaque. He found out that this was the Statue of “Madre Cosecha” (Mother Harvest):

“….who helped the people settle Selvadorada during a period of great famine. Her long lost recipe for Grillos Achocolatados gave the founding settlers strength.

Archaeologists also note that the Giant Omisca Cricket seems to have gone extinct during this great famine.”

Louis figured she must be very important to the locals as there were a variety of offerings at the base of the statue and some candles were lit in her honor.

krystas pics.png

No one seemed in a hurry to head to the cantina, so Louis thought this would be a good opportunity to get some supplies and talk to the locals about the jungle. Krysta said she wanted to take some photos and test out her new camera.

deirdre talking about protection.png

Deirdre headed over to the tables with Louis and started talking to one of the merchants. She had spied some unusual items on the table and inquired if these were used for protection from “evil” spirits. The local pointed to the statue in the square and said something that sounded like “Madre ~ bendito (bless) ~ protectora (protect)”, but Deirdre wasn’t sure what he meant.

a vendor she has a lot to sell.png

Another vendor, who Louis was talking to, spoke a bit better Simlish and came over to help Deirdre choose something from the table. Deirdre pointed to a doll on the table and the vendor told her it was an Omiscan doll.

“Very good…muñeca (doll)...very old…you buy?” said the vendor looking intently at Deirdre.

Deirdre looked at the doll. She did have her talisman necklace to protect her, but she always did believe that dolls brought good luck. She nodded in agreement and Louis paid the vendor $80 simoleons. Of course, Deirdre didn’t know she was buying a re-creation of an ancient toy, but she looked happy with the purchase.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

an archaeology table at one end.png

Louis looked around the marketplace a bit and on one side under a shade shelter was an archaeology table. Obviously, this place was a mecca for explorers. Locals could uncover and authenticate finds here and perhaps then sell them to tourists at the vendor tables. Maybe tourists could even use these tables.

outside the cantina.png

Across from the archaeology table area, outside the cantina, was a patio with a fountain and chess table.

beautiful flowers

There were a lot of plants that he hadn’t seen before which were planted in various earthen jars all around the marketplace, and there was an abundance of natural plants that grew here, too.

the marketplace.png

some houses nearby.png

Louis decided to explore the outside of the marketplace a bit and close-by were some houses with large gardens. One of the market vendors had told him that if he followed this road to the top, there was a museum he could visit. Well, maybe not today.

there was a museum close by that they could visit.png

As he looked around, Louis did find an interesting plant that he harvested. It looked like a black bean. Down the road was a building that looked like a mission, but it was locked. Louis didn’t want to go too far, plus he still had things to buy at the marketplace, so he headed back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

there were a few vendors selling odd items.png

A new vendor had set up a table and Louis headed over to it. There were some odd items that were on the tables, like fire foam and lightning insulation powder. And the prices! Items here were expensive. Louis asked what these items were for, and the vendor told him they were for protection in the jungle. The vendor then started talking about plasma bats, bees, and other insects in the jungle.plasma bats convo boxlouis at the market.png

Louis realized that he didn’t have enough simoleons to get one of each of these protection devices for everyone, but with a bit of haggling, he did get the price down by 25%. Louis pretty much bought everything on the table, from bat baits to a guzmania pollenis flower. He also bought a grilled cheese ready to eat food that wasn’t supposed to spoil. A bit expensive at $40 simoleons, but he wanted to try it. He also purchased a second machete. The vendor was so thrilled that Louis had purchased so much that he gave him a tip:visit the statue

Louis thanked the vendor and wondered how a sim could get cursed. But before Louis could ask that question, the vendor had already left.time to samepl esome dinner.png


The aroma of spicy food filled the air, and Louis decided to try some local cuisine. He ordered Arepa Rellana con Perico for $2 simoleons and Veta ordered Empanadas de Verde for $4 simoleons. Now, this was more his price range!

louis was enjoying the dish.png

Pretty soon, everyone was ordering something for dinner, and Louis thought that his dish had the most incredible combination of flavors. After chatting up the vendor, Louis got the recipe and also purchased some food supplies to take back to the lodging.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

running to the bar for drinks.png

The food stall vendor told Louis that the marketplace would be closing soon, but it was a good time to be visiting as there were discounted drinks at the cantina tonight. Well, no-one needed to be told twice and soon they were all running to the cantina for happy hour.

the party ha already started.png

Yippee! The party had started.

rocky having a great time.png

Rocky wasted no time and ordered a round of drinks for everyone. But those didn’t look like the brewskies that Rocky had talked about. It was a local drink called Espuma Agria.

dancing together.png

The bar was starting to get crowded…

the place is hopping.png

…and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

louis having a good time.png

Even Louis seemed to be really enjoying himself. And why not? He had some great tasting (cheap) food and a local (discounted) drink in hand! This was the life!

looks like sonny has taken up the mike to sing.png

Sonny decided to take to the microphone and sing some songs. After all, he had been very popular at the karaoke bar in San Myshuno. You ole crooner, you.

krysta and midge at the bar.png

Krysta and Midge were chatting with some locals at the bar and Krysta decided to try another local drink called Yerba Mate. It tasted woodsy yet bitter and Krysta felt inspired.

at the bathrooms.png

And the “call of the wild” seemed to hit everyone at once. Why they went to the outhouse in the rain rather than the restrooms in the building is really anyone’s guess. Psst…there are bathrooms in the cantina…

midge dancing in the cantina.png

Midge had the whole dance floor to herself and was showing off some moves. Krysta meanwhile decided to take some photos.

ricky pic.png

Here was one of the party boy himself.

ricky with drink in hand.png

And it looks like our “party boy” is on his second round of drinks. Apparently, the Director had arranged a “bar tab” and Rocky was taking full advantage of it.

randall mixing some drinks.png

The bartender was trying to keep up with all the drink requests she was getting, so Randall decided to give her a hand and shakes it up.

[Author’s Notes: I actually think he was making a drink for himself, but maybe he was helping out, too.]

sonny showing off some moves.png

With everyone back from the restrooms, Sonny took to the dance floor and showed off his “arm charm” moves.

not this joke again.png

The residents were taking up most of the seating at the cantina, and Sonny was on a roll telling a joke to a local resident about Rocky’s looscapades on their first day at the asylum. Rocky rolled his eyes and thought, “Oh no, not this joke again…”

someone gets cursed.png

Meanwhile, at the bar, Louis was asking some of the locals about the jungle and he learned some disturbing news.

plane crash

a curse.png

A plane crash? Not too long ago?

The local went on to say that some other survivors had been rescued…but he didn’t know what happened to them.

Louis was in shock. Could this be their plane that crashed? The pilot was still alive? They had told him that she had died. This is what the Director wanted him to find. But where was the crash site?

Louis tried to get more information from the local, but that was all he knew about the crash.

new pic of louis.png

Louis wondered if the Director had sent them back to the jungle to actually find these “ancient artifacts” and not really for therapy. Something didn’t make sense here.

*Flash* Louis was brought back to the present as Krysta snapped a photo of him.

“Hey, Louis, get up there with Randall and play some tunes! Lighten up! It’s a party, remember?” Krysta laughed as she prodded Louis towards the guitar.

louis tries his hand at guitar.png

Randall had been singing for awhile and was a real hit at the bar getting lots of tips.

Louis tried valiantly to pluck some tunes with the guitar but everyone seemed to flock towards Randall to hear him sing.

Well, everyone that is except one sim. She even gave Louis a tip. She just stood there staring at him and listening intently. Louis…um, you have a fan, maybe you should go and talk to her and thank her for the tip.

and who is this who seems to have captured louis attention

“Oh, excuse me, I didn’t mean to stare, but you look familiar. Do I know you?” she asked Louis.

Louis didn’t think he knew her, but he definitely wanted to get to know her. Because at the word “Sul, Sul” Louis got in a flirty mood. Oh, Louis! What brought this on? Does this sim have this effect on you?

Well, I have him do some interactions to get his Selvadoradian culture skill up and before I know it, they’re friends. Wow! That was fast! So, I figure, what the heck, let’s see if she’s single, and she is! Her name is Fernanda Dávila.

oh louis she likes you.png

Oh my gosh! Look at these two!!! They can’t keep their eyes off of each other.

maybe the jungle wasnt so bad.png

Louis had forgotten all about the plane crash conversation as he chatted with Fernanda. Maybe coming back to Selvadorada wasn’t such a bad idea afterall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I missed taking the screenie, but apparently, Midge had exited the cantina and gone to play chess on the patio. Between two notifications, one about Randall getting to level 3 in Mixology and another about Louis reaching Level 4 of the Selvadoradian Culture Skill, I got this and had a good laugh. Yep, Midge is definitely addicted to chess now.

logic level 3 midge.png

Oh, and did you see that photo of the cute dog outside the marketplace? Yes, dogs and cats roam freely in Selvadorada.

Author’s Tips:

While your sim is on vacation, you are not able to enter build mode to edit the vacation rental lot while your sim is occupying it. You would have to end their vacation to do so. I found I had a problem with my lot and the wood stump holding the towels was blocking the toilet entrance. (The gallery version has been fixed). I really didn’t want them to have to end their vacation for me to fix this.

Well, I searched and there is a way to do it.

All you have to do is when your sim is on the vacation lot:

  • Hold down Ctrl + C
  • type testingcheats true
  • type bb.enablefreebuild

This is a wonderful cheat and I moved that stump and I am happy to report that the Happy Hollow residents can now access the toilet stall. Hurrah! This also works for the Granite Falls campsites while your sim in on vacation on one of those rental lots.





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Survive The Insanity: Happy Hollow Asylum – Wk 3, Wednesday – Arrival In Selvadorada-The Lodging

In the last chapter of the Happy Hollow Asylum, Louis was informed that they were leaving for Selvadorada in two days and that Dr. de Reve would be securing “tracker” bracelets on each of them. As Louis tries to read the archaeology book, he is interrupted by Veta describing her new dress, the shower breaking down and the dishes needing to be cleaned up. Rocky helps out by doing the laundry but sloshes water everywhere. Midge is on a mop madness mission and comes to the rescue for a few “accidents”. Sonny and Krysta work out on the new punching bag, Deirdre hacks some simoleons from the supercomputer, a line-up forms for the bathroom but Randall doesn’t quite make it in time, and Midge seems to be getting addicted to chess. Louis harvests in the park behind the house then he heads to work, but has to wait another day for the promotion he needs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Week 3, Wednesday, Autumn Day 4

airport shot

They had left the asylum at 4am and had been driven to an airstrip in the desert on the outskirts of Oasis Springs. For that time of the morning, the place was a hive of activity. Mechanics and diagnostic technicians were handling last minute checks on the planes, and other workers were wheeling baggage carts about.

at the airport.png

As Louis got out of the van, he felt the heat reflecting off the tarmac. The air was heavy and smelled of diesel and Louis suddenly felt sick to his stomach. They were directed in front of a plane that looked like it wouldn’t hold them all, let alone their luggage. Louis swallowed hard. This was it, they were actually going back to Selvadorada.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

walking to lodging.png

Their plane landed without incident and two jeeps were waiting for them at the airport. The drive to their lodging was rather bumpy and it seemed to Louis that they hit every pothole on the way. But soon, the jeeps stopped and Louis could make out the roof of a lodging hidden amongst the trees.

One of the drivers, who spoke a halting-Simlish, gave Louis a letter. “From the Señor Director. Dos horas we go…El Arbol de Jaguar…cantina. Si?” he said to Louis as he held up 2 fingers repeating “dos”. Louis took the letter and nodded. He figured it meant they would be heading somewhere in two hours. He grabbed his backpack and with the other residents headed down a dirt trail towards their lodging. As he cleared the trees, he was just not prepared for what he saw. THIS was their lodging? So much for that luxury resort that Sonny was hoping for!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

the lodging.png

Their lodging was called “Spirit of the Jungle.” Maybe it had been a wonderful resort in some earlier time, but now, all that was left was one building, hopefully where the sleeping quarters were located. Everything else was outside. Foundation walls of some rooms had long since crumbled and a lonely fireplace rose up, where a great hall might have been. There were vines, ferns, and other encroaching greenery everywhere. It looked like the jungle had taken over what was left of the lodging.

spirit of the jungle.png

Louis remembered the letter he had been handed and opened it slowly. It was from Dr. L’Ernitage outlining their next few days. As Louis had guessed, the jeeps were coming back for them to take them to the marketplace and a local bar. Dr. L’Ernitage further wrote that at their “eco-lodge”, there was a crate near the kitchen shelter, with items they would need for their trek to the jungle. He advised Louis to talk to the locals and also purchase some supplies from the merchants in the marketplace. Dr. L’Ernitage told Louis that there was no cell phone reception once they headed into the jungle, but there was a satellite phone in the crate.

Louis decided to look around their lodging and try to find the crate. Meanwhile, the others seemed ready to party and headed to the right.

party atmosphere almost immediately.png

Randall discovered there was a bar and made himself a drink. Veta, Deirdre, and Krysta sat down at a table and started playing cards.

playing chess.png

Opposite the bar was a chess table, and Midge and Rocky were deeply involved in their chess tournament already. Closer to the main building was an easel, in case anyone wanted to paint a lovely jungle scene.

an archaelogy table but louis couldnt use it

Louis decided to head to the left. He noticed an archaeology table hidden under a tree at the front of the lot, and as he walked down the path, he glimpsed a woodworking table as well.

outdoor shower and toilet area.png

There was another pathway leading to a shower and toilet area and against one wall was a wash basin with a bucket beside it. Louis looked inside the shower area and discovered that it was a solar shower with a water holding tank nearby. An almost illegible sign was posted stating that showers were limited to 10 minutes. Close to the restroom facilities was also a washtub and clothesline.

Everything looked very clean, and there were even fresh towels laid out. Maybe he had misjudged the lodging. Perhaps this is what you stayed in when you were in the jungle.

an outdoor kitchen area.png

At the back of the lot, there was a kitchen area, with a gas-powered fridge and a wood stove for cooking. In the corner of the patio was a bar-b-q, and a long wooden table served as the dining area. Louis also noticed that there didn’t seem to be any electricity either, as there were lots of candles and lanterns strewn about the camp.

a waterwell and a punching bag.png

Beside this area was a water well. Louis had guessed correctly that there was no running water at the lodging. Louis looked behind the well and spotted the crate that Dr. L’Ernitage had mentioned. Louis opened it up and found all kinds of kitchen utensils, pots and pans, dishes and cups, cleaning supplies and everything they might need for their stay.

outdoor kitchen area.png

There was also what looked like a backpacker tent, some extra lanterns and fuel, and a portable cooler. Nestled beside this was the satellite phone. There was also a machete and a spray bottle of….Louis squinted to read the label….spider repellent! Spider repellent? He wasn’t sure why you would need that but these looked like some good items to take into the jungle with them.

louis checking out the sleeping area.png

Louis looked around and decided to head to the building and check out the sleeping areas. He spotted some stairs that seemed pretty sturdy and climbed to the second floor. As he stood on the landing, he noticed that parts of the building’s walls were missing. He hadn’t noticed before as there were so many vines on the building that they formed a thick foliage, almost like a screen. He opened the door and he was in a small hallway with a door to the left, right and center. Louis decided to open the door to the right first.

the rooms were pretty much the same.png

The room was small, with no more than a bed and a small table. The bed had mosquito netting around it, and the table held a few items, including a citronella candle. Louis figured this was a good thing since the window had no glass panes, and any insects could just fly right in.

3 on top floor.png The three upstairs rooms were all pretty much the same.

2 on bottom floor.png

The downstairs area had two small bedrooms and an office area. So, only five beds in the building? There must be somewhere else to sleep. Louis figured if there weren’t any other sleeping areas, at least they had the tent that they could pitch for two sims to sleep in. Which still left one sim without a bed.

louis tests the sat phone in the small office.png

Louis retrieved the satellite phone and set it up in the front office. It looked like a portable laptop with a detachable phone and satellite dish. He decided to test it out and after reading some instructions, sent Dr. L’Ernitage a text message:

“Safe arrival Selvadorada. L”

An automated message then appeared on the screen thanking Louis for the message and stating that the office of Dr. L’Ernitage was currently closed.

Well, it worked. Louis carefully packed everything back up again and headed to the kitchen area to place it back in the crate.

cozy seating area.png

While Louis went to return the satphone, Sonny had lit a fire in the “living room.” There were two couches and a bookshelf in the area, and as Sonny sat down, Krysta and Randall joined him. Behind the couches was some mosquito netting that you could extend to enclose the couch areas into a screened room. Krysta thought that this could be a perfect spot if you wanted to “sleep” under the stars.

swimming area.png

Close by the “living room” and behind the bar was a swimming pond. Deirdre and Rocky were relaxing with their feet in the water sipping another drink.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

group arrival.png

There was still time before the jeeps returned and Louis had seen some lights close to their lodging. He told the others he was going to explore a bit and they seemed to want to follow him.

close to their lodge was a patio area overlooking some waterfalls.png

Just a short walk away was a wooden deck overlooking some waterfalls. What a spectacular view! It would be a perfect place to have a bite to eat and admire the scene. And as he looked around he saw a bar-b-q and picnic table. There was even a chess table, which Midge took to immediately. And this time Randall was the challenger as Rocky looked on.

[Author’s Notes: Do you see what I mean about Midge becoming addicted to chess?]

close to their lodge was a fishing spot.png

Louis walked down a pathway to the water to admire the waterfalls. It was indeed a gorgeous sight. The group had stayed at the deck area and he could hear them now laughing together. Well, at least no-one was complaining. And surprisingly, Sonny hadn’t even complained about the lodging or lack of room service.

Louis turned around and saw a fishing pole leaning against a tree and decided to do a bit of fishing. If only life was this simple. It certainly wasn’t the Selvadorada Louis remembered. Or rather, the bits and pieces he did remember. Maybe this time would be different…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wednesday will continue in the next chapter as they head to the marketplace.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s notes:

Many thanks to the following simmer for making this great build. I added some mannequins and luggage to the airplane hangar.

airplane hangar.png

The Happy Hollow Asylum’s vacation spot in Selvadorada built by me.

jungle asylum.png

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Survive The Insanity: The Circle Asylum – Wk 3, Tuesday – Confusing Thoughts

Week 3, Tuesday, Autumn Day 3

thinking about them.png

The Farewell Party for The Happy Hollow residents was over and it was back to the daily routine again. Or was it? Even though the residents appeared to be doing the same old thing, Viviana had felt a change in them. Or maybe it was a change in her.

While all the residents were excited and talked non-stop about The List and things they would do on their vacation, Viviana just felt sad. Maybe it was because she knew it was not really a vacation. One minute she was ready to leave this place and the next minute she felt an overwhelming sense of sadness.

Viviana didn’t know what was wrong with her and even her desire to paint had diminished. She felt an overwhelming loss of purpose, almost as if she didn’t want to finish those last paintings. Finishing those paintings would mean she would be able to leave. This asylum. This routine. These sims.


Was her hesitation due to the fact that she might miss these sims?  True, they were an odd bunch, but they looked up to her. When she planned an outing, they were excited. When she made a meal, they found it was the best meal they had ever eaten. And, when she told a joke, even a bad one, they all laughed. Could it be that she liked looking after them? Liked being in charge of them? And then it hit her. Who would look after them when she was gone? Who would understand them like she did? What would happen to them? Viviana realized that she actually cared about these sims and wanted only the best for them.

thinking back to the pj party.png

Viviana had to admit that she liked being around them. They didn’t judge what she did or didn’t do. If she decided to wear her pajamas all day, they never thought it was unusual. In fact, they would all probably change into pajamas, too, and think it was a grand idea.

who would look after them.png

Viviana realized that the real sim universe wasn’t like that. Other sims judged you. If you didn’t fit in with their version of “normal” you were outcast and didn’t belong. And Viviana realized she didn’t fit the “normal” mode herself. She was now in a quandary of what to actually do when they arrived in Selvadorada. Yes, she wanted to escape, but what would happen to the residents? They had grown so much since they first came to the asylum, what would happen to them if they were left alone in the jungle again? They would become lost, and maybe would be worse off than before when they were found. IF they were found.

going to work.png

Shmoo! Shmoo! Shmoo! Her thoughts were whirling around today. Nonsense. Utter nonsense! Of course, she liked these sims, but she had her own life to live. And that life was going to start with her escape in Selvadorada. Viviana needed to focus and not get tied up in emotional arguments in her mind.

As Viviana silently repeated a mantra of “Om Gum Ganpatayei Namaha” to herself, she heard the honk of a car and realized she had to leave for work.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:  “A mantra is a sound, word, phrase or sentence you repeat to channel specific energy or intention. They’re often used during meditation, but can also be used anytime you need an extra pick-me-up. “Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha” is a meditation mantra to embrace a new beginning or fresh start.” [I looked this info up on a website. Read more HERE]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

looks like someone has come over.png

After Viviana had gone, Dr. de Reve arrived at the house. Barbie was the most excited to see him and talked non-stop about all the great items she had seen on the Glamorous Glamping website. Dr. de Reve actually didn’t know there was a difference between glamping and camping, as he hadn’t really bothered to look at the websites that Barbie had given him….umm….all 2,050 of them! And she had found more!

Dr. de Reve seemed a bit overwhelmed with having to buy a dress for Veta and “glamping” gear. Online shopping just wasn’t his thing. Maybe it was time to let the residents take charge a bit. He was sure that Dr. L’Ernitage would agree to give the residents a budget to work with. This would really help them with their life skills.

barbie was ecstatis with the news she could hardly contain herself.png

Barbie said she could handle a budget because she had a gold belt in shopping. And she had actually told Veta about that wonderful dress site, so if…Dr…ummm… Scrubs… wanted…she could order Veta’s dress, too.

Oh, Dr. de Reve seemed to like that idea. A LOT. Plus Barbie was so enthusiastic about it, how could he say no? Barbie seemed to have done the research on all the things they needed, and he was sure that Dr. L’Ernitage would agree with him that Barbie was the BEST choice to handle The Circle Asylum’s vacation budget. Dr. de Reve went over to the computer and typed in some codes and told Barbie that there would be a running balance on the computer so she knew how much she had left to spend.


Barbie jumped up from where she was sitting, clapped her hands like a small child, and almost ran to the computer. Barbie wasted no time clicking from one website to the next, scrolling down pages, and tapping on items.

“Everyone likes pink, right? It is such a fabulous color, don’t you think?” No-one seemed to hear her, and Barbie continued to click and tap and scroll through a myriad of websites.

Seems like Barbie had been given a rather large budget from all the tap, tapping she was doing. Wasn’t this asylum in desperate need of funds? But it seems that Barbie was getting some additional funds from another source, too!

barbie hacked the lothario trust fund

With Barbie absorbed in her “work,” some asylum workers had arrived with various items for the residents from “The List”.

finn was very happy about his news pets.png

The first item brought into the house was set outside. Dr. de Reve told Finn that it was his request. Finn looked at it and it didn’t look much like a pet. Dr. de Reve handed Finn some feed and had him fill the feeder. Soon, birds of all colors chirped and sang and perched on the feeder. Finn was thrilled. He didn’t just get one pet, he got several. Finn looked so happy and stayed outside watching the birds come and go.


Meanwhile inside, Hannibal was enjoying some delectable left-overs.


Erik and Dr. de Reve played a game of chess, which Erik successfully won. Dr. de Reve looked a bit surprised at this.


Sunny was given her travel journal and couldn’t wait to start writing in it.

“… an adventure to Selvadorada…real adventure…find The Lost City of Z…el dorado…city of gold. IT EXISTS…I was there…” Sunny then scribbles some more and doodles on her page.

Author’s Notes: Read more about The Lost City of Z HERE

tony is flying on the court today.png

The residents, of course, had their usual basketball game, and it looks like Toby is soaring on the courts today.


Oh no! Not another household addicted to the Don’t Wake The Llama game!


Some items were moved in the backyard to make room for Mowgli’s request item, and he wasted no time at all enjoying his new swing.


Dr. de Reve was overjoyed that things were going so well today. He was even happier that he had delegated Barbie to order all those supplies and true to her word, she had not gone over budget. Dr. de Reve had called Dr. L’Ernitage and had told him about the situation, and although Dr. L’Ernitage had not first agreed with his decision, he was very supportive when he found out that Barbie had stayed within budget. Her request item was being shipped directly to their lodging in Selvadorada.

Dr. L’Ernitage told Dr. de Reve to continue to ready the residents for their trip and to let Hannibal, Toby, and Erik know that their request items would be in Selvadorada waiting for them as well.THE BILLS HAD ARRIVED.png

Viviana came home from work and the bills had arrived. [Yes, they finally arrived — only took 3 weeks.] They owed $1,617 simoleons. Where was she going to get those simoleons? She couldn’t afford that and would have to, unfortunately, sell some of her paintings to pay the bills.

She entered the house only to find Dr. de Reve was visiting. He came over to her and told her that some items had been delivered from The List for the residents.

a what.png

Dr. de Reve said he was just leaving, but wanted to make sure that she had her tracker securely in place for the trip. Before Viviana knew what he was doing, he had taken her arm and put a bracelet on her wrist and closed it with a loud click.

A what? What is this?  Dr. De Reve explained that it was a tracker for when they headed into the jungle and that it would track their every move. He also told her that final arrangements had been made and they had tomorrow to pack and get ready. Their flight was leaving for Selvadorada on Friday. As Dr de Reve headed out the door, he mentioned that Barbie had done well in ordering supplies from the asylum’s vacation budget.

What? They had a vacation budget? Oh my gosh! What had Barbie ordered? They were leaving on Friday? So soon? Viviana needed a moment to comprehend everything and then looked around and noticed that every other resident had a tracker on, too. Oh no! This was terrible! How would she escape with a tracker on her arm? There HAD to be a way to get this thing off her arm….she would find a way…yes, yes, she would somehow find a way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

In the next chapter, The Happy Hollow Asylum will be heading to the jungle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes – Just Had to Share This:

When I opened the file and came on the lot, I saw this message pop up and went into a near panic attack. Barbie and Hannibal were burning to death! Oh no! So, I quickly had Viviana call them over to get them inside. I realized I hadn’t installed a thermostat in the house (since the Seasons update), so I did and then put the temperature on cool. Then  Hannibal was complaining that it was “morgue-like” because it was too cold. Oh my gosh! This was hilarious. There is just no pleasing this bunch. But no worries, both are fine.

what the heck burning to death

i had hannibal and barbie burning to death.png

no pleasing this bunch



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The Wise Fool

Veteran Participant


2nd try.pngIn a faraway land, there lived a King and his daughter. The King loved his daughter dearly, and as the years passed, it was time for her to wed. The King proclaimed that all eligible men in the Kingdom could compete for her hand in marriage. Thousands competed in grueling challenges, but when the results were tallied, two were tied: Sir Henry Bigshot and Tom Foolery.sir bigshot Sir Henry Bigshot was a dashing fellow, who came from a wealthy family. He was rather self-absorbed but he seemed to have it all. Looks, wealth, and a royal title. The townsfolk favored Sir Bigshot to cute fool.png Tom Foolery was a bit of a clumsy fool. It was rumored that he had conversations with himself, and even birds and bees. He was a painter but hadn’t sold any paintings, so the townsfolk assumed he must be a bad painter. It was pure luck that Tom Foolery was a finalist.

As a tiebreaker, there was one final challenge. In three days, they must present the King with a great treasure. Sir Bigshot smiled smugly, for he knew that Tom Foolery was a poor peasant who couldn’t afford a treasure worthy of the Princess.

Sir Bigshot haughtily declared, “You’re a fool to think that you can compete with me, for I shall easily win this challenge.”

Tom seemed unaffected by Sir Bigshot’s remarks and bounced jauntily towards home.hidden in the trees.png On the way, Tom stopped by a pond to visit a family of ducks and commented on what exceptional swimmers the ducklings were. As he turned to leave, Tom spied Princess Giselle admiring some wildflowers and noticed how happy she looked. When she left, Mama Duck waddled up to Tom and quacked loudly as if she were speaking to him.

“Mama Duck! What a wonderful idea! That’s what I shall do,” he said cheerfully.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

the gifts.png Three days passed and King Godfrey summoned them.

Sir Henry Bigshot told the King that his servants had scoured the Kingdom gathering many valuables, and from these, he had chosen one priceless treasure. He placed an exquisite golden plate before the King.

Tom Foolery approached the King and admitted that he hadn’t searched for any treasures. The King was aghast at this statement. What foolishness is this? But then Tom told the King that he had created his own treasure. He carefully placed a painting before the King.

“Don’t you just love those flowers, sire?” Tom asked grinning, “Because the Princess sure liked them.”

The King looked at the painting and then at his daughter and smiled.

“Tom Foolery, this is indeed the best treasure. I decree that you have won my daughter’s hand in marriage,” the King announced.sore loser.png Sir Bigshot was outraged. His golden plate was far superior to Tom’s paltry painting. He should be the winner!

The King replied, quoting a proverb: ” ‘What is a treasure to one, may be worthless to another.’ Yes, Sir Bigshot, your golden plate is a more expensive treasure, but Tom Foolery painted his treasure “from the heart”. He carried the Princess’ image with him, from the pond to his home, until he captured her exact likeness with each brush stroke. Tom painted her as I know her, from her shy smile to the sparkle in her green eyes. This painting of my daughter is worth more to me than a thousand of those golden plates. My daughter is my most valuable treasure, and by painting her, Tom Foolery has truly given me the greatest treasure of all.”

Days later, Princess Giselle and Tom Foolery were married, and Tom was never called a fool again.the final shot.png

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:


Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my short story submission. This is the first time I have entered The SimLit Short Story Contest. The theme for April was “Fools … Foolishness … Folly,” with a 600-word max. When I first saw the theme, I had a hard time with the topic. But, I did some research and read some fairy tales and was inspired by one in particular called Jack The Dullard by Hans Christian Andersen. I also wanted my story to have a “moral” so read some Aesop’s Fables. The most important thing I wanted to do was to make the fool the underdog of the story. I hope you enjoyed it.

If you’re interested in submitting a SimLit story or want more information, you can find info on forums Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge and you can also read about it on the organizer’s website HERE. (our dear LisaBeeSims). She also has other links on her site, so check it out!


Thank you to the following simmers for creating these gorgeous builds. I added a few items to the Medieval Market Square lot, like enlarging the palomino pony toy and adding mannequin “sims” to the square.  For the Medieval Throne Room, I added a few items to the room for the “gift” presentation. I also uploaded the characters for this story to the gallery, which were my own creations. All are no cc.medieval market town creditTHRONE ROOM CREDIT.pngwise fool credit.png





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Survive The Insanity: Happy Hollow Asylum – Wk 3, Monday – Two Days?

Week 3, Monday, Autumn Day 2

deirdre sure can jump high.png

After the party at The Circle Asylum, the residents were even more excited about their “vacation” to Selvadorada.

The Director had called Louis just that morning to inform him that their flight had been booked and their lodging secured. They were leaving in two days.

2 days.png

Louis almost dropped the phone when he heard that. Two days? But they weren’t ready. And Louis hadn’t finished reading that archaeology book. How could they leave so soon?

The Director assured Louis that they had progressed well and that the archaeology skill would be more available in the field. A vacation leave had already been arranged from their jobs and they would be staying in Selvadorada for 3 days, at a “quaint” lodging, close to the local market and cantina. When they arrived in Selvadorada, one of their porters would give Louis a letter which would outline more details of their trip.


“But, Dr. L’Ernitage, some of the residents don’t have all the required skills yet. And Veta keeps bugging me about her new dress…,” implored Louis.

“No worries there, Louis. Dr. de Reve will be over tomorrow and he is delivering the new dress to Veta and the camera to Krysta. Apparently, Veta and Barbie had chatted and Veta had called Dr. de Reve to order her new dress online. Dr. de Reve will also be outfitting everyone with tracker bracelets,” said the Director matter-of-factly.

trackers what are those.png

“Tracker bracelets? What are those for?” asked Louis rather concerned.

“Oh, they are for your own protection, Louis, I assure you. The trackers will help us find you better in case you….er… in case you don’t return back on time. Then we’ll just send a  search party out to find you. As I said, for your own safety, Louis. But I must be going now. We’ll talk more before the trip.” And just like that Dr. L’Ernitage hung up.

louis reading.png

Louis had better tell the others the news. And where was that archaeology book anyway? No matter what Dr. L’Ernitage said, Louis was going to read all he could before the trip. As Louis “tried” to read the archaeology book, Veta described her new dress in exacting detail.

“And the color, well, you know how I love yellow, but Barbie told me to broaden my horizons and she had found this fabulous site, and, well, I just couldn’t decide. They were all so gorgeous. But the one I got…well, you should see it, Louis…it’s got this little…” Veta rambled on.

Um, yeah. I think now would be a good time to check on the other residents…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

rocky is on laundry duty today.png

By the look of The Happy Hollow Asylum, you would think that they had a party there. Books were lying around, dirty clothes piles everywhere, plates, plates, and more plates. It was time to clean again. And it looks like Rocky is on laundry duty today.

[Author’s Note: Did you know that doing laundry in the washtub gives you the fitness skill?]

midge mopping the lawn.pngThis was the very first time Rocky had done laundry, and I guess he sloshed some water on the lawn. Not to worry, Midge to the rescue, as she wildly tries to mop it all up. Sonny, meanwhile, is doing his own workout on the new punching bag.


Louis hears the call of the dishes and can’t believe the number of breakfast dishes there are. After he cleans that up, he goes back to “try” to read that archaeology book again.

randall had some bandages on his hand.png

Deirdre and Randall are chatting together. And it looks like Randall has some bandaids on his hands. What happened there?

[Author’s Notes: I realized afterwards that Randall had gloves on. But don’t they look like bandaids to you? Sure, right? I’m not seeing things. Nope. Nope. Nope.]

showe at happy hollow broken too.png

Louis was interrupted in “trying” to read the archaeology book by a broken shower. Sheesh! He goes to repair that shower again.

garden was doin gwell.png

Afterwards, Louis tended the garden and harvested some of the produce. The garden was looking good and hopefully, Louis could get a few more harvests before they left.

krysta programming veta playing chess.png

Veta had now changed into something warmer and was playing a game of chess, while Krysta was trying her hand at hacking on the computer. And Krysta is successful in getting some simoleons.

krysta hacking funds

her froggie

Before work, I had Louis scout the little park behind their house for some collectibles. Oh, another frog. Now he can start breeding frogs. Louis only had one frog in his inventory, poor froggie was lonely. Well, fear not, soon there are 3 froggies. He also harvested some apples and pears.

louis practicing making drinks and the first 2  ti cine.png

Louis makes some drinks for everyone before he heads off to work. Will this be the day that he gets to Level 4 of the culinary career? He needs that to get to the next level of his aspiration.

louis is off to work.png

And Louis is off to work. I never noticed how shiny that tie was before.

midge is interested in another game.png

Midge seems to be getting obsessed with another game. This time chess. Will she now be trying for the resident chess champion in addition to the Don’t Wake The Llama champion? She looks pretty intent on that game with Rocky.

deirdre doing some research on the computer.png

Deirdre has now taken over the computer from Krysta. Maybe she’s doing some more research on Selvadorada. But wait, it looks like she was doing research…but on how to hack into some supercomputer servers. That’s a nice boost to the household funds.

deirdre hacked the computer

veta and sonny are in a speed swimming rage.png

Outside, Veta and Sonny are in a swimming race. Neck to neck, shoulder to shoulder, they glide through the murky water, straining to reach the other edge of the pool first. Who will win this doggy paddle race?

krysta getting in shape boxing

With Sonny and Veta in a swimming race, the punching bag was now free. Krysta takes full advantage of getting her kickboxing on.

line up at the bathroom.png

There seems to be a line-up for the bathroom. And here comes Rocky with some reading material. He might be a while…

randall didnt quite make it.png

…But unfortunately, the wait is too long for Randall, and, well, puddle time. Oh M-I-D-G-E, bring that handy mop…there’s a puddle to mop in the kitchen.

louis back home everyone watching him clean.png

Louis is back home from work with no promotion. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. He did bring home $208 simoleons, though. And it looks like he has borrowed Midge’s mop to finally clean up the burned carpet stain from the fire a few days ago.

level 2 complete of positivity challenge.png

Good deeds don’t go unnoticed and Louis gets Tier 2 of The Positivity Challenge completed. Huh? Who me? Aw shucks, thanks!

if pigs could fly.png

And Louis gets this nifty painting as a reward, called “It Happened”.

club secret handshake.png

Randall shares the secret club handshake with Louis on getting that awesome reward.

And with that, we bid farewell to The Happy Hollow Asylum for today…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

I didn’t realize that Louis could still complete this challenge. He was the only one who had greeted Jasmine Holiday during the challenge period. I wasn’t able to get to The Circle Asylum in time for Viviana to take part in that challenge. So, completing The Positivity Challenge may help Louis get closer to completing the three aspirations that he needs to be able to leave the asylum.

And it looks like Louis isn’t the only one who has been reading the archaeology book. Sonny, Krysta, and Louis are all at Level 1 of that skill.


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Survive The Insanity: The Circle Asylum – Wk 3, Sunday – Let’s Go Fishing

In our last chapter, The Circle Asylum held a Farewell Party for The Happy Hollow residents. The sink had sprung a leak, the coffeepot was broken and the backyard was filled with dirty clothes, but Viviana had no time to fix those things, as she had a party to put on. The party was in full swing when something happened between Rocky and Barbie. It seems that they now have an “awkward” relationship. Sunny, from The Circle Asylum, detects a change in their relationship and makes her move on Rocky. She has a “thing” for male sims with green face paint. Sonny, from Happy Hollow, admires the autograph of Holly Alto hanging on the wall, and seems to know that name “Alto” but can’t place it. Midge and Toby talk about what they want to find in Selvadorada and Midge thinks that Toby wants to meet a senorita. She doesn’t know he has a rendezvous with the Lizardmen. Viviana makes a drink for Louis and suddenly everyone descends on the bar for free drinks. Penny Pizzazz, the caterer, shows up and makes campfire stew and gives a list of things she won’t do, like fix things, mop or do dishes. Luckily, Eric dashes to take out the trash. Randall, who had the idea for the party, is having a great time dancing; Mowgli is sharpening his knife-wielding skills; Krysta is singing to the plants; Deirdre tells Hannibal about the Selvadoradian research she has been doing; Veta recalls the last time she was there they had a fire; and Finn discusses talking to the animals.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Week 3, Sunday, First Day of Autumn

Since I did a double chapter for The Happy Hollow Asylum, I thought I would do a double chapter for The Circle Asylum, too. Especially since Viviana had the day off. I looked at her skills and realized that the last time they tried to go fishing, they had a bad thunderstorm and hardly anyone went fishing. So, fishing it was.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

starts her morning doing laundry.png

It was morning and Viviana started her morning with, what else, chores. Doing laundry was an absolute priority with all the stinky piles of clothes laying around.

and it was morning again.png

The other residents were starting to wake up and the perpetual basketball game was on again.

her day went on wishing and hoping for the masterpieces she was to create.png

After hanging up the laundry to dry, Viviana took a moment to work on her painting. If she didn’t have to cook, clean, repair items and do laundry, she could just paint all day. With every painting, she hoped it would be a masterpiece. But so far, any masterpieces eluded her. She would keep trying, just maybe not anymore today.

making pancakes for everyone.png

As Viviana made pancakes for the residents, she thought about what they should do today. She had the day off, and as much as she longed to paint, the Director had called and asked how the residents’ skills were progressing. He suggested that they needed another outing to “boost” their skills, because soon, very soon, the final arrangements would be in place for their trip to Selvadorada.

breakfast was served.png

As everyone grabbed some breakfast, Viviana thought about what The Director had said. It was true that on their last outing, because of the bad weather, not everyone had been able to go fishing. And fishing was something that The Director said they needed to skill on. So, with the weather nice today, Viviana decided they should head to the park and go fishing.

they would go to an arid place called oasis springs.png

The residents seemed pretty excited that they were going on another outing, although, they were still quite exhausted from the party yesterday. Barbie must have remembered the “mud wrestling” from the last outing and asked if it was going to be nice weather where they were going. Viviana smiled and assured Barbie that they were heading to a new park called Desert Bloom Park, in Oasis Springs, which was dry and arid. Barbie seemed happy about that.

some of them could use a shower but it was time to go.png

As Viviana cleaned up from breakfast, she realized that some of the residents also needed a shower. Were they staging another “stink-in” again? Well, she didn’t know why they weren’t showering, but it was time to go. They could all shower when they got back.

this group has the worst luck when travelling.png

The van dropped them off on the sidewalk of Desert Bloom Park and was about to pull away, but Viviana frantically waved for them to wait. What’s this? She couldn’t believe that it was raining when they got there. She decided to have the van drive them to another park, and hoped that it wouldn’t be raining there, too.

[Author’s Note: This group has the worst luck on outings. I have never had a sim go to Oasis Springs and have it rain. But, can you believe it? It’s raining in Desert Bloom Park!]

better weather in willow springs.png

The Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek was a better choice for today. And the weather was perfect! Not one rain cloud in sight.

fishing at the park.png

Viviana saw a nice pond that they could start fishing at and the residents all followed her. Well, almost all the residents.

toby making lunch for everyone.png

Toby, who had complained loudly on the last trip that he wanted to go fishing, decided that he needed to make some food first. Maybe he was making some fish food bait?  Who knows, but he was very busy with the concoction.

mowgli has caught something exciting.png

Mowgli was the first one to catch something, although it didn’t look much like a fish.

erik trying to catch some frogs.png

Erik was interested in catching some frogs, and in fact, caught 2! Way to go Erik!

hannibal found a pretty nice fishing spot all to himself.png

Hannibal had walked to another part of the park and had the place to himself. This proved to be a good location as Hannibal caught 3 fish in total for the day (angelfish, pufferfish & guppy). Yeah, Hannibal!

what a gorveous day.png

Viviana didn’t catch anything at the pond so decided to explore the park a bit. They needed simoleons for the trip and she went searching for some collectibles that she might be able to sell.

a few more have joined hannibal.png

Some of the other residents went in search of Hannibal and discovered that his fishing location was a lot better than the pond. Barbie caught 1 fish (trout), and Sunny caught 2 fish (bass and guppy). Erik also fished, but every now and again stopped to rant about “The List” he heard about from the Happy Hollow residents and why they didn’t have one. He was going to talk to Viviana about this and wanted her to talk to the Director so they would have a list, too. Hannibal, Barbie, and Sunny were all in agreement about this. Much discussion then ensued about what they would put on the list.

tobby is chatting with some residents of willow creek.png

Back at the pond area, Toby was getting some chess lessons from a Willow Creek resident. I am not sure if Toby tested his fish food bait or not, but he didn’t seem very interested in fishing today.

playing sea monster.png

Finn was too worn out and stinky to care about much. He had played “sea monster” with some kids and was exhausted.

finn is kind of worn out.png

So he found a vacant bench and decided to have a nice nap in the sun.

mowgli is chatting with the flowers they remind him of his home.png

Mowgli had continued fishing by himself at the pond but was distracted when he saw some flowers. They reminded him of his home, so he went over to chat with them and had a lovely afternoon reminiscing about the jungle and his wolf family.

viviana caught something but maybe not a fish.png

Viviana found some wonderful collectibles and new frogs and joins Hannibal’s fishing party. She catches a strawberry. As most of the residents were getting tired, Viviana decided to head home.

had to repair the computer.png

Arriving home, Viviana sees that some items are broken, like the computer, which she repairs.

and fix the shower.png

She then heads in to take a shower and finds the shower broken. No wonder nobody was showering! Sheesh! And she repairs that as well.

the garden was progressing nicely.png

The garden was progressing nicely and Viviana was able to harvest some of the plants.

and the perpetual cleaning up.png

Viviana then had to do the breakfast dishes clean-up as no-one else had done them. While she was making her dish duty rounds, she saw a new bulletin board installed near the computer desk.

Oh, someone must have come over while they were out. Erik had mentioned “The List” to her and had her call the Director while he was standing there. That was quick. And it looked like the list was already started. Well, she needed to shower and change, so she’ll look at it in a bit.

um yah

Once she was refreshed, Viviana headed over to see what was on “The List”. And, it looked like more items had been added. The residents worked fast. Viviana still had time to think about a request she wanted, but she was thinking she wanted to take her easel with her and maybe she could get some new art supplies. That way, she would be all set in Selvadorada when she planned her escape.

Crossed out several times was Erik’s list first.

  • Erik – We need supplies, many supplies to travel to the Dwemer Ruins a sworda dragona magick stick …boiled creme treat…new armor
  • Finn – a pet
  • Toby – beacons
  • Barbie – ♥  ♥ on-line shopping at Glamorous Glamping Gear to purchase a deluxe picnic basket with gourmet snacks, flute champagne glasses, and champagne.  ♥  ♥
  • Hannibal – a Selvadoradian meal
  • Sunny – travel journal
  • Mowgli – Want swing in tree

Image result for swing in trees clipart

viviana cant quite believe what shes reading.png

Huh? Oh my word! Glamorous Glamping Gear? Champagne? One of the residents must have interpreted what Mowgli wanted because Mowgli had drawn a little picture. Viviana felt a headache coming on. A big one. She couldn’t believe what she was reading on this list. Didn’t they remember the jungle? Obviously not. And what were the Dwemer Ruins and where did Erik think he was going? She really was the only “sane” one here. Sheesh!

And so ends our day at The Circle Asylum. Let’s hope that Viviana can recover from her shock of reading that list.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~



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Survive The Insanity: The Circle Asylum Wk 2 Saturday – Let’s Get This Party Started

In our last chapter of The Circle Asylum, Barbie gets a call from Rocky from Happy Hollow Asylum telling her that they are going on a vacation. Barbie thinks it’s not fair that their house gets to go on a vacation and The Circle Asylum doesn’t. She tells the others and Toby is the most upset of them all having been secretly contacted by the lizardmen to meet in Selvadorada. He and the other residents think up some emergency ideas of how to get The Director to come over. Hannibal just suggests that they call the Director and ask him to come over and explain to them why they are not going on a vacation. Well, that sounded too easy. The Director and Dr. de Reve come over and think it’s a wonderful idea and could save them some simoleons sending two houses to Selvadorada at once. A garden planter and a woodworking table are brought over to help the residents with their preparation skills. Of course, Viviana knows nothing about this and when she comes home from work, Toby announces that they are going on a vacation to Selvadorada. Viviana is upset and says she won’t go. The Director tells her that the other residents would be very upset with her if she says they can’t go on the vacation. She decides to call Louis at Happy Hollow Asylum to find out what was going on and finds out about the confusion and Sonny telling everyone about the expense-paid vacation. She also finds out about “The List” and figures that their house should have one, too. As she thinks more about it, she decides to go along with things and then at the first opportunity in Selvadorada, will escape. Blend in with the population. Escape from The Circle Asylum. It is her guiding light of hope as she begins to think out her plan of escape. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summer, Week 2, Saturday.

vivianana painting.png

It’s the weekend and Viviana has the day off. Due to the preparations for their trip to Selvadorada, “painting therapy”, which was supposed to be held today with The Happy Hollow Asylum, is postponed until their return from Selvadorada. Viviana smiled to herself knowing that she wouldn’t be returning to The Circle Asylym. She would make a new life for herself in Selvadorada. She could hardly wait to leave.

Viviana has now finished the 10th excellent painting that she needs to advance to the final level in her Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

the residents seemed to be in good spirits today.png

The Circle Asylum residents were all in a good mood. But of course! Today was the day they were holding the farewell dinner party for The Happy Hollow Asylum residents. And they were even getting a caterer for the occasion.

sonny and toby practice chess.png

Toby and Sunny start a game of chess, but Sunny gets bored rather quickly and heads outside to the basketball court.

chess reading.png

Left alone, Toby works on his chess moves. He is determined that he will beat Erik in a game of chess….one day.


As was usual for The Circle Asylum, they were drawn to the basketball court for a rousing game of basketball.

rocky ready to party

And suddenly, the guests started to arrive. First one through the door was Rocky. He was thrilled to be there and was probably going to make a beeline to see Barbie again.

whipping up a salad and the sink breaks.png

As more party guests started to arrive, Viviana decides to make a garden salad before the caterer came, as some of the residents and guests were getting hungry. And just as she was washing some tomatoes, the sink sprung a gusher. Oh no! Viviana had better repair that.

toby and midge chatting abut the lizardmen.png

Meanwhile, outside, Toby and Midge were having a great conversation about what they might do in Selvadorada. Midge had already told Toby she was hoping to find a blue feather for her hat. Toby told her he was hoping to meet someone special there. Midge didn’t know he was talking about the lizardmen and thought he was hoping to meet a lovely senorita. She thought that was so sweet.

cop do you think that barbie still likes me.png

Rocky spied Barbie, but she doesn’t come over to greet him. Rocky then proceeds to have a conversation with “Cop” about whether or not Barbie still likes him.

ive been thinking abut the list.png

The caterer still hasn’t arrived and Viviana is putting the finishing touches on the salad. She still hasn’t fixed the sink and then the coffeemaker breaks. Ugh! What else can go wrong?

last time i was here there was a fire.png

Looking around in one of the bedrooms, Veta mutters to herself that the last time she was there, there was a fire. The thought brings a smile to her face.

sonny i know you meant well.png

Both houses were getting along well and snippets of the conversation sounded like this…

Finn“My animal friends will help us. There is nothing to fear. …If we could walk with the animals, talk with the animals, Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals,
And they could squeak and squawk and speak and talk to us…”*

Rocky...“And there was this bag, just sitting there, and so I picked it up…well, let me tell you, it was poo-rific…”

Louis“Sonny, I know you meant well, but really this is NOT a vacation. The Director wants us to find that plane that crashed IN the jungle…”

Toby“It will be a great meeting place. They will find me. I will put out my beacons…”

Sonny“What plane? Why would they want us to find a plane? They want us to find something else. Think about it, Louis. It’s not the plane…”

Deirdre“I predict…I predict…great danger lies ahead…one of us is not coming back…”

me be ready to fight vines.png

Outside, Mowgli was working very hard at the woodworking table.

“Me be ready for jungle with knives,” he says aloud.

Turns out he was right since he was working on a knife block. Now, who would let the residents make a knife block? Sheesh! Oh right…just the knife block, but no knives in them. Well, thank goodness for that.

they are all impressed with the autograph on the wall.png

The guests from Happy Hollow gather in front of the autograph of Holly Alto. Sonny, especially, seems to be rather impressed that Viviana has this autograph. He somehow knows that name…Alto…but can’t quite remember the significance of it. All he knows is that this Holly Alto is a looker and he wouldn’t mind getting to know her better.

i dont fix sinks i dont mop i dont do dishes.png

Viviana decides to busy herself at the bar and the caterer finally shows up and makes campfire stew. It’s Penny Pizzazz who then gives a list of things she won’t do, like fix the sink, mop the floor, clean the dishes….the list goes on. All Viviana knew was that Penny had a social media career and was NOT a caterer. But the residents and guests seemed to like the dish, so that was a good thing.

well at least someone is helping to clean up.png

Well, at least Erik is helping to clean up. He seems energized taking out the garbage.

i kinow things hannibal.png

Deirdre is talking to Hannibal about all the things she has researched about Selvadorada, especially the curses and mystical relics. Hannibal seems a bit spooked by this. “Curses?”

there was a mess in the backyard.png

The residents are taking advantage of the warm weather and keep changing in and out of their clothes to play basketball. The backyard is a mess. The laundry hamper must be full again, but Viviana really doesn’t have time to do laundry during the party.

louis taking up vivianas offer of a drink sonny thinks the catere food is awful.png

Louis helps himself to one of the drinks Viviana had made and seems to be enjoying himself. In the background, Sunny isn’t too happy with the menu choice of campfire stew.

everyone suddenly heard free drinks.png

It’s a good thing that Louis got his drink when he did because suddenly everyone descended on the bar. They must have heard that there were free drinks.

lets get this party started.png

Randall couldn’t be happier about how the party turned out and gets in the dance mood. He is super excited to be heading to Selvadorada as he heard there’s a new dance that he can learn there, called the Rumbasim. He can’t wait.

1 need my space barbie.png

Barbie comes over to see Rocky on her way to the shower. Umm…yah…Barbie, you definitely need a shower. They say a few words to each other and then Barbie gets cleaned up.

krsta is in her plant world singing to the plants.png

Krysta has gone over to view the new garden and decides to sing them a little song. She heard that singing to plants will make them grow better.

dance party.png

The two houses get in a dance craze. Of course, it is the last day of summer, so they are dancing to “Summer Strut”. What a great party!

uh oh troubloe in paradise.png

Uh Oh! What is this? Was there trouble in paradise between Rocky and Barbie? Rocky was telling Barbie he needed some “space” and had pulled away when Barbie tried to hug him.uis there somene else first ken now you.png

Barbie couldn’t believe it. First Ken, and now Rocky. How could this happen to her?

you better watch out barbie your no match fr me.png

Sunny seemed to have overheard Barbie and Rocky’s conversation. Was it true? Was that handsome green-faced guy losing interest in Barbie?

shes more my tupe barbie.png

Maybe now Sunny had a chance with him. She thought she saw him eyeing her while she was playing basketball. Oh my, Rocky was looking her way. And Barbie doesn’t look happy about it.

but that green paint is so hot.png

Well, it was a party, so Sunny decided to “move in” on Rocky and get him in a party mood. In no time at all, they were both laughing at the same jokes and discovered they had some of the same interests.

sonny turns on the charm.png

Sunny proceeded to show him a new dance move she had learned, and Rocky was pretty mesmerized by her um…moves. Sunny certainly had Rocky under her spell, and Rocky didn’t even pay Barbie any heed when she walked by and saw the whole thing. Poor Barbie.

what am i to do i like them both.png

As Sunny left Rocky standing there as she headed off to talk to Toby, Rocky didn’t know what to think. He was so confused. Could it be he was in love with both of them?

how could you i thught we were friends.png

Outside, Sunny tried to talk to Barbie, but Barbie was in such a state that she just didn’t want to talk to Sunny right now.

“I thought you were my friend! Don’t speak to me you…you…boyfriend snatcher,” Barbie shouted at Sunny as she headed off to take a much-needed shower.

im in love with a neanderthal.png

As Sunny stood outside after Barbie left, Sunny wondered if she, too, was in love with that neanderthal, Rocky. Sunny couldn’t be blamed for her actions, I mean, who could resist a guy with green face paint? It literally made her weak in the knees. Rocky reminded her of a sim from her university years whom she had been in a hot and heavy relationship with. He had gone by the name “The Hulk” and had fled her town. It was one reason she traveled the world. She had never gotten over him and had searched for him. Some sims said he was her obsession. A sim had even dared to call her a stalker! Imagine that!

Well, if Rocky wasn’t interested in Barbie anymore, that wasn’t her fault. But one thing was sure, Rocky was interested in Sunny. And this time, Sunny wasn’t going to let Rocky run away. Yes, Mr. Green Face Paint was going to be hers and hers alone. No-one was going to get in her way!

how could you do this to me rocky.png

Meanwhile inside, Barbie was texting someone…probably Rocky…wondering what had happened. Hey Barbie, when you find out, can you let me know, too?

[Author’s note: Can you believe this drama? And now instead of some pink in their relationship, Barbie has some RED in her relationship with Rocky! I have no idea what happened between them. Maybe Rocky flirted with Sunny or Sunny flirted with him? When I saw Rocky and Barbie together, all I saw was red hearts with a minus sign going up in the air. And now they have an “It’s Awkward” relationship. Oh my…!!!)]

dinner party award

And with that, the dinner party is over, and Viviana receives an award. Woot!

discussing getting read for the jungle

Erik and Toby had headed off to work and I got this pop-up.

erik keep walking

I told Erik to keep walking and it was a good call.

high profile targets

erik home from work and barbie talking the dishes for a walk.png

Barbie takes some dishes for a walk as Erik and Toby come home from work. And both Erik and Toby swiped an object at work. Yep, more dirty dishes. Just add them to Barbie’s pile. Psst…get some hints from Sonny….swipe some books for the library. Leave those dirty dishes at work.

And that concludes our visit to The Circle Asylum for today.

Author’s Notes:

When Finn is talking about talking to the animals, this song is from the 1967 movie, Dr. Dolittle. It is interesting to note that in this version, Dr. Dolittle helps a seal escape a circus to return to the North Pole and is wrongly sentenced to a “lunatic asylum” (This takes place in Victorian England). His animal friends help him escape the asylum.

Talk To The Animals Movie Clip