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Survive the Insanity – Later That Night – Happy Hollow Asylum

A tired Louis heads to bed. Tossing and turning, restless from the thoughts that keep spinning through his head…he dreams…

………It is dark and rainy and Louis descends some stairs. He is dressed in a casual outfit but wears boots and a hat. Where is he? And where is he going?

He stops outside a door. Beside the door, there are some keys on the wall and what looks like a file folder holder with files in it. There is something written on the wall above it, but I can’t make out the language. Funny, though, the door looks vaguely familiar. I have seen this door and these keys and file folders before. Yes, yes, I remember now. They look like the doors to the bedrooms in the Happy Hollow Asylum.

And what is that painting or sculpture on the wall? It looks like a skeleton. So creepy.

Louis doesn’t appear to be awake. Is he dreaming? Oh my gosh! Maybe he is sleepwalking. But where is he? I have never seen this part of the house before.

He has gone through the door and is standing in front of something. A face. A sculpture. The face has its eyes closed, too. It looks old. Ancient. From another time. The face sculpture sits in a doorway. A doorway to what? To where? There is a lot of fog in this room. How can that be? Beside the doorway, there is a skull on a handmade wooden table, a gas lantern and a backpack full of books. Does someone live in this room? How do you know this place, Louis?

The doorway is covered in vines. It doesn’t look too inviting with that skull light hanging above it like a warning. I can almost smell things rotting here. And is that a grave I see? Chills run up and down my spine. This is a scary dream, Louis. Maybe you should leave. Go back the way you came. Louis – get out. It’s not safe.

But Louis does not hear me. He doesn’t seem to hear or see anyone. He seems to have a mission here.

I hear him mumble some unintelligible words. It almost sounds like Selvadorada, but I am probably mistaken. Things start to move. It looks like he is going through this portal…this gateway. Louis! Is this a dream? Where are you? Wake up! Louis, wake up! Come back.

I see Louis again and I don’t know where he is. Is this on the other side of the portal? Has he gone up the stairs again? It’s so dark. I can’t tell where he is. But he doesn’t appear to be awake.

His eyes are open now, but I don’t think he sees anything. He is inside the Happy Hollow Asylum again because that picture on the wall…..that is the picture that Krysta painted from the Art in the Park day. Are you still dreaming Louis?

I see Louis in bed again. It seems the dream or whatever happened is over. And Louis is exhausted. And what does this dream mean – the sword in the stone? Is there a secret that he knows but somehow can’t remember what it is in real life? Something that will unlock his past? Something that will help him remember who he is?

Oh Louis, were you just dreaming, or is that room here in the asylum?

I see something on the floor. It looks like Louis dropped something when he went into bed. Funny, I don’t remember seeing it before. Looks like some sand and,,,,,a dart? Hmmm….they don’t have a dart board in the house. And he is dreaming about monsters now. Is there something that scares you in that room, Louis?

OH MY GOSH! Do you think that Louis didn’t have a dream? That it was all real? That he was sleepwalking? What if there is a portal to Selvadorada in this house? But where is it? I haven’t seen this room? Am I missing something? 

Think, think! And then I remember….on the first day of Louis’ arrival at the house, there was a door that he couldn’t open. A door that was locked. Yes, locked. I’m trying to remember now…was it in the house? No…no…it was somewhere else. But where? Where is that door? Oh, I have to remember….

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 25 – Birthday Trio Age-Up


Today is Wednesday, Spring, Day 11 and we are going to age-up Ana, Brittani and Cameron today since they all have ‘A’s. 

For some reason, I didn’t take any screenies of what Melody did while the kids were at school. I  think I was just so excited to get to their birthdays. But, here is the trio home from school.  What a fun looking bunch on their birthday! 

Of course, Melody has them all work on their homework before the party starts. Oooh! Look at the cake she made. Fancy!

And so the birthday party begins. Could someone let the mixologist know that it’s not raining in the house? Unless there is a leaky roof that Melody doesn’t know about.

Let’s get this party started! For some reason, Brittani goes first. Go ahead, girl, blow out those candles. Let’s see how you look as a teen. I forgot to take a screenie of her age-up traits. Oops. But she rolled Romantic and her aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire. She also got the Physically Fit trait for completing the Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration as a child.

Ok, so now there’s a chocolate cake. I have no idea what happened to the other black and white cake. I have a feeling that someone was hungry and took a piece, so she had to make another cake. Again!

Brittani is sitting down at the table with the yellow hoodie. She definitely needs a make-over. Next we have Ana.  Blow out those candles and make a wish.

Ana aged up and rolled the Creative trait and the Mansion Baron Aspiration. She, unfortunately, didn’t complete her aspiration as a child. Oh well!

Ana is standing up checking her phone. But it is Cameron’s moment in the spotlight and Melody is super excited that her only son (so far) is aging up!

Cameron rolls the goofball trait and his aspiration is The Curator.  No extra traits as he didn’t complete his child aspiration, either.

Here is the Coffee household as Ana, Brittani and Cameron looked on their age-up to teen.

And here they are with a bit of a make-over. I thought Cameron actually looked pretty good, so just changed some outfits on him.

And what’s a birthday without presents? All the same size gifts with matching gift wrap! Oooh! Ahhh!

And they all hate their gifts! What did they get? Ana got a carrot, Brittani got a wolf eel and Cameron got a future cube. Obviously not the best gifts. Well, at least Melody got them all a journal. Now they can write about how they received the most horrible gift on their teen birthday. Believe me, I had nothing to do with this.

The teen trio after their make-overs. Ok, better have them head inside before they freeze. Not the happiest teens right now, but, heck, they’ll get over it.,

And so ends the day at the Coffey household. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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Survive the Insanity-Day 9 -Happy Hollow Asylum-A Day Off

In our last chapter, Viviana held art therapy in the park for The Circle Asylum and the Happy Hollow Asylum. It was a perfect day and almost everyone painted. Randall and Finn were the only two who didn’t paint. Randall seemed to be pre-occupied with singing and telling jokes, whereas Finn was busy tending and talking to the garden plants. Rocky, on the other hand, spent most of his day lounging in the kiddie pool. He and Barbie did chat a bit, but nothing else happened. Everyone had fun painting and Viviana painted the best painting of the day – an excellent painting valued at $1,252 simoleons, and Midge painted the second highest painting – an excellent painting valued at $451 simoleons. On returning home, each asylum displayed the wonderful art from their “Paint in the Park” day. Their cracked walls never looked so good.

It’s Sunday, Summer, Day 7.  Believe it or not, everyone has a day off. I had to remind myself that I really need to concentrate on Louis’ skills in order for him to leave the asylum. I mean he hasn’t even maxed his cooking skill yet. Sheesh!

Of course, since I last played, the Get Famous pack has come out and we have a new in-game challenge. I have the Get Famous pack on my Christmas wish list, so nothing new there as yet. But, I am going to have Louis try out The Positivity Challenge, so first Louis has to call over the event coordinator, Millie Bobby Brown. Maybe he will be able to complete a few of these.

And sure enough, he completes his first milestone of the challenge and gets a poster called Grin and Bear It. I send him off to cook, and I figure now is a good opportunity to take a look around at what all the other residents are doing.

Veta is outside in a deep conversation with the shrubs. Perhaps she is discussing her tree viewing experience from yesterday.

In the backyard, Rocky is swimming happily in the murk.

Deirdre is madly mopping the lawn, and Sonny seems in a rush to get somewhere. Not sure where, so let’s follow him.

Aha! He heads straight to the computer and tries to hack into the Crumblebottom Servers. He is currently at programming level 3, so maybe he will get lucky.

[Author’s Note: I have changed the club activities and I now have Hacking as one of the activities, along with Painting, Play Don’t Wake The Llama, Cooking, and Mischief skill. Lot traits today are Mischief, Gnomes, and Great Soil]

Sonny skills  up to Level 4 programming, but unfortunately, he is not good enough to break the code and gets nothing.

Krysta has decided to work on her dance moves and Randall (in the back) is starting to paint. Oh sure, now he paints.

It looks like Sonny has given up on hacking. Donning his camouflage suit, he gives a quick read of the mischief book. Maybe he is looking for some tips on how to hack that server.

With the computer free now, Deirdre tries her hand at hacking. She is up to level 2 in programming and decides to try to hack into the National Sims Security Agency.

Alrighty! Deirdre is more successful than Sonny and gets $267 simoleons. 

Getting those simoleons is a good thing because as I scan the kitchen area, it seems that everyone has decided to spend simoleons wildly and cook…BADLY.  See those blobs on the counter? Yep, cakes or wanna-be cakes made by Rocky and Randall. I think that having cooking as a club activity was a bad idea.

Midge wisely stays away from the cake and makes herself some popcorn.

Veta has come inside and is telling Deirdre what appears to be a horror story. Deirdre looks worried, while Midge thinks that the story is rather amusing.

Rocky is in his favorite place talking to the bath towel. Maybe he is asking the towel for advice. Was he ready to ‘throw in the towel” in matters of the heart? Or will there be another heat of the moment with Barbie? We’ll leave him with the towel love guru.

The kitchen was getting a bit crowded, so I had Louis work on some painting skill. Ah look, maybe he is painting all the residents. 

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Krysta helps herself to some coffee and after tasting it, described it as the world’s most gross coffee ever.

Veta figures that Krysta is exaggerating about the coffee, and takes a sip. Ewww…no, she was right. It is gross. I think everyone in the house was trying to sample this coffee because almost everyone has the Gross Brew moodlet. Who made this swill? Was it Midge again?

[Author’s Note: I clicked on the cup and discovered that yes, indeed it was Midge who made the coffee.  Keep that sim away from the coffee pot!]

Oh my gosh – look at Midge. I think she’s going to strangle Veta! Midge doesn’t really like to hear Veta badmouthing her coffee!

Oh my! And now Rocky is yelling at Veta! Um, Louis, I think you better switch to decaf coffee.  These sims can’t handle all that caffeine.

Louis comes back into the kitchen only to discover that the stove is broken and the water faucet has turned into a second shower. Maybe it’s a good thing that the stove is broken because I think Rocky was thinking of making another blob cake. Or maybe he was going to sample the gross coffee.

Krysta plays a game of Don’t Wake the Llama with Louis. He looks a bit nervous. Has Midge given Krysta lessons, too? In the background, painting yet another painting is Randall. Gee, he didn’t paint at the park, but he sure is painting a lot here.

The easel is free and Midge decides to paint something. How unusual. Has she given up Don’t Wake the Llama for painting?

This is Midge’s final painting. It is not excellent, but I thought it was rather unusual with the freezer bunny in it. Midge does have a thing for freezer bunnies. Remember her Freezer Bunny bonsai creation?

In the living room, in his secret llama disguise, Rocky is now attempting to hack the Llamacorn Listserve.

With a final look around, everything seems to be fine at the Happy Hollow Asylum. Midge seems pretty pleased with herself, and I see that Randall has come back and has worked on another painting. I wonder what Midge, Veta, and Sonny are discussing? I guess we won’t find out until tomorrow as we say goodnight to the Happy Hollow residents.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 24 – Project Overload


For this chapter, I have merged Monday and Tuesday together.  So, Spring Day 9 & 10. These were just regular school days.

Monday morning came bright and early and even though everyone was rather tired, they headed off to school.

The money tree was ready to harvest, so I went into build mode and put it into the household inventory. And, here we go! Now we have 6 money trees!

I have Melody plant, water and fertilize the new money trees. One money tree nets $11,000 simoleons. Pretty soon, Melody is going to be very rich. I was thinking of having her move to a larger lot, but I think she is going to stay here and I’ll just upgrade everything. Whenever we get to Generation 2, that is when they will head off to a new city.

And right on time, the maid arrives! Amazing!

And since it’s Monday, the bills also arrive. Blech! But they are not so bad, and I have Melody pay them right away.

I check on the maid, and can you believe it — he is actually cleaning! Can we request this maid again? He is worth it.

While everyone is at school, I get a few pop-ups. Melody gets a call from the school about Elise and advises her to apologize to the other student.

Cameron gets a text from Billie to ditch school. Um….no! Luckily Cameron makes the right choice and says no. His “A” is at stake here, and he isn’t going to jeopardize it.

Plus, Cameron seems to have a big exam at school today.

The kids return home from school. And what’s this? Fiona had a bad day. Ahhh…. poor Fiona.

It appears that Ana, Brittani & Cameron are A students. Now technically, I could age them up to teen, but their “official” birthday is in 2 days, so I was just going to wait and age them up altogether. Perhaps with the next bunch, I won’t wait, and then just age them up right away. It would be really nice if they could complete their aspiration in time. Deja and Elise are B students, and Fiona and Felicity are doing satisfactory work.

And it seems that everyone has been assigned a project! Yikes! Seven projects all at once! Well, Melody can’t help everyone with the project herself, so she recruits the Baby Daddy Club to help out.

Yeah! And everyone’s project gets an “A” thanks to the help of the club members.

The completed projects. Three volcanoes (Ana, Cameron, and Felicity) and three solar systems (Deja, Elise, and Fiona). Brittani is the only one who had a different one – a Medieval Castle Diorama.

Since everyone had been there for quite a while helping with the projects, Melody makes some spaghetti to feed the crowd.

Melody is chatting with Kabir Acharya, a member of the Baby Daddy Club. A lot of the club members are Adults now and even though I had hoped that Melody would have Jacques Villareal as a Donor Dad, I am not sure if he is going to be around when it’s time for her to get pregnant again. He is an Elder after all.

Melody gets stung by the bees while trying to bond with them.  I also see a bee around Cameron, and he gets stung, too. 
Ok, that’s it. The bee box is being moved outside!

Brittani makes it across the climbers three times and she completes the Rambuctious Scamp aspiration! Yes! She might be the only one to do this. They can’t go back to the park before the birthdays to get that milestone completed for being playful while playing on the jungle gym. Well, at least Brittani completed it! So proud of you Brittani!

And this ends Monday at the Coffey household.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

It’s Tuesday morning, and for some reason, Mila is still here. I think she slept on the couch. And she is cooking grilled cheese for one. Sure, go ahead, make yourself at home.

Felicity is up early and decides to play with the doctor kit in her pjs.

Here they are off to school, and I think it must be pj day in Fiona’s class today because that is how she is heading to school. Whereas  Ana is sleepwalking to class.

We get some pop-ups while they are at school.

Ana decides to send the other kid and it turns out to be a musical fiasco.

Fiona keeps running and gets a small performance gain! Alrighty!

Meanwhile, back at home, Melody tends to the bees. This is the first time I have her don her beekeeping suit, as she keeps getting stung by bees. The bee box is now outside so that everyone can play chess in the greenhouse without getting stung all the time.

And everyone has returned from school again and Felicity is now in the same outfit as Ana. Must have been a 2-for-1 sale on those outfits.

I have Ana invite a  member of her club over, the Avant Gardes. Hugo Villareal is a teen and Ana ages up tomorrow. Maybe some sparks will fly between them when they are teens? Hugo appears uncomfortable in the house and then I discover that he has the loner trait.

He seems more interested in playing video games than talking to Ana, though.

Oh, and why did Clara Bjergsen just walk into my house? No-one invited her in. So weird.

I think Clara might be stalking Melody, because a few days ago, she just appeared out of the blue in front of Melody’s house. Look at her. Has she donned some kind of disguise? We know it’s you Clara.  Maybe she knows what Melody is up to with her Baby Daddy Club. Afterall, Bjorn, Clara’s husband is a member, and maybe Clara is keeping an eye on things. Her appearance and entry into the house uninvited is just rather strange.

And with that strange thought, we leave the Coffey resident for today. Tomorrow is Ana, Brittani and Cameron’s birthdays, so it will be a rather exciting day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Tips & Tricks:

The way things are going with the birthdays, Melody might end up with 3 spots available in the house at the same time. Her romantic relationships with the potential Donor Dads in the Baby Daddy Club is not very good right now. I think that perhaps she should start the romance ball rolling again and start working on our next Donor Dads in the Baby Daddy Club. Just who should she work on first? Or should she just try another date with Jacques Villareal? That first one was a total disaster and nothing ever came of it. What to do, what to do. Well, all I can say is “Clara, you better watch out, because Bjorn might be next on Melody’s list….”  muhahaha!

As already mentioned, line up the Donor Dads in advance, so when those three move out, Melody can invite the potential Donor Dad over right away and get busy! Melody, it’s time to turn on the charm!

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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 23 – Park Time

#saa100baby challengenew coffey calendar scouts updateSpring, Day 8, Sunday

Today is the day that Melody is going to take everyone to the park. But first, they have some other skills to work on.ANA PRACTIVING CHARISMA.png Ana is practicing her charisma. I hung a mirror on the wall and so she’s talking to herself in typical sim fashion.CAMERON WORKING ON CHARISMA.png Cameron is also working on his charisma on a mirror in the dining room.DEJA PRACTIVING PIANO.png Deja is working on her piano skill on the new keyboard. This keyboard takes up less room than the normal piano.FELICITY WORKING ON EXPERIMENTS.png Felicity is outside doing experiments.BRITTANI WORKING ON TYPING SKILLS.png Brittani is practicing her typing skills on the computer.ELISE DOING SOME DRAWING.png Elise is doing some drawing. Whenever I see her, she is always drawn (ha! ha!) to the drawing table autonomously.

Fiona is playing chess in the greenhouse. I did eventually have to move the bee box because they were randomly getting stung by the bees while playing chess.

And poor Melody is cleaning again.

I had purchased Free Services for Melody with her aspiration points, so I figure, what the heck, let’s hire a maid for the day. Melody has better things to do than clean all the time.  And, the maid will be coming tomorrow, so let’s see if they will clean or not.

Deja checks her Scout board and gets a promotion! Yes! Deja is now a Unicorn Scout, along with Brittani, Ana, and Elise. Everyone else is a Griffon Scout. It’s a good idea to check that Scout Board before they head to Scouts as they may be eligible for another badge.

When the kids came back from Scouts, Melody had a wonderful surprise for them. They were heading to the park!

Yes, the park has undergone a transformation, and there is now a rollerskating rink. There are also lots of other activities to do, including a jungle gym to play on.

So, while the kids enjoy the park activities, Melody works on her next possible Donor Dad. Geoffrey Landgraab, will you be lucky # 7?

Oh yes, here they are playing pirates on the jungle gym!

However, the only one in the playful mood was Brittani, so the rest still don’t get that milestone completed. Grrr! Both jungle gyms take up a lot of space on a lot, and the lot that Melody lives on right now has no room. So they have to come to a park to play on this item. Yuki Behr joins in the fun and is playing the sea monster.

Brittani and Alexander Goth become BFF’s. Even though Alexander was initially Ana’s friend, Brittani and Alexander just seem to gravitate towards each other.

Cameron and Felicity waste no time in meeting other kids. Here they are meeting Billie at the jungle gym.

Brittani and Ana try out some rollerskating.  Oopsie! Ana nearly falls, but quickly recovers. 

Cameron is testing out the swings. Swing high, swing low.

Melody makes some grilled fruit which everyone seems to enjoy.

It was getting dark, and a lot of teens seem to want to hang out at the park.  Malcolm Landgraab is beating up on a stuffed animal, while Wolfgang Munch has destroyed a dollhouse. These rebellious teens seem to have overtaken the park, and Melody thinks it’s time to go.

And so ends another day in the Coffey household.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Author’s Notes:

Many thanks to Kristysquires for creating this rollerskating rink Park.  I added a few items as well, such as the jungle gym.

I realized once I was done with the day, that the park had the lot traits of teen neighborhood. No wonder teens were taking over the park!

Tips & Tricks:

Ok, so I had them go to the park to play on the jungle gym to complete their Rambunctious Scamp milestone, but the problem was they were tired and weren’t getting the playful moodlet.  Ok, so they can’t do some things they could at home (such as taking a bubble bath or watching comedy on tv), to get that playful vibe. So how can you get the playful moodlet when they are away from home? To the rescue, comes Carl’s Guide to the Playful Emotion. Too bad I didn’t read this BEFORE they went to the park because then I would have found out that there is another animal hat for playfulness! Yes, the Hysterical Tiger Hat gives a playful mood. Other neat ideas are to eat gummy bear pancakes, wear the star-spangled glasses and drink a macchiato coffee (coffee is not for kids, though).  Here is the complete list:

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Survive the Insanity: Day 8 – The Circle Asylum – Painting in the Park

In the last chapter, The Happy Hollow Asylum sees the aftermath of the dinner party. Mess everywhere. Louis enlists the household members to help out. Midge helps but is clearly not happy about it. Sonny takes a shower outside and is struck by lightning, Krysta has a laundry obsession, and Deirdre and Randall are having a plate balancing contest. Veta gets the “Ew gross” moodlet from having to clean up encrusted food on plates. I nudge Rocky and Sonny to use the prediction cube and ask about their love life. Rocky gets a positive prediction, and almost immediately gets a call from Barbie asking him for a date. Ooh-la la – too bad I can’t have them go on a date together, due to the rules. Sonny’s love life prediction is rather bleak. Louis works on his painting skill in hopes to impress Viviana with some ink blots. The computer is switched out for the tv and Sonny is the first one to use it – trolling the forums, of course.

* * * * * *

paiting day calendarToday we start at The Circle Asylum as Viviana will be having art therapy for both asylums in the park. I decided to have a holiday and called it “Painting in the Park”. Goals for the day are: Appreciate an Object, Art & Music Spirit and Invite Guests. The Art and Music spirit includes painting, taking photos, dancing, singing, listening to music or playing an instrument. A whole range of activities they can do to meet this goal. I also changed the club traits for both asylums to include painting. I noticed that Viviana had quite a few aspiration points, so I bought her the Marketable Trait for 1,500 aspiration points. So anything she paints will be worth more simoleons.VIVIANA THINKING ABOUT WHAT TO COOK FOR BREAKFAST.png Viviana is deciding what she should serve for breakfast to get the residents fit and ready for their day at the park. I changed some of their outfits as I hadn’t gone into their house since the Seasons update. I also added a “chicken hat” to one of Viviana’s outfits, so she can get inspired. OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES.pngOutside, Sunny is warming things up on the basketball court, Erik is relaxing with some yoga moves, and Hannibal is strumming some tunes.barbie is having a cleaning obsession.png Barbie is having a bit of a cleaning fetish. And Hannibal, like myself, is wondering what the heck she is mopping. Hey, if it makes her happy, go for it.ART THERAPY STARTS.png After everyone has greened up, Viviana has everyone head to the park. I downloaded a nice park from the gallery and added a lot of easels to the lot.

These are their summer outfits. Some I changed, like Sunny’s and others stayed the same. Wow! Sunny really looks buff in that dress. When did she get all those muscles? Must be from all the basketball she’s playing.NOT EVERYONE IS THERE YET SO VIVIANA CALLS THEM.png Not everyone is here yet, so I have Viviana invite the other members of The Happy Hollow asylum to the park.FIRST THING THEY DO IS APPRECIATE A TREE.png The first thing I have them do is “appreciate an object”. Well, they are in the park, so I have them appreciate a tree. And Viviana has changed into her summer clothes, too. She is at the front with the shorts and purple top on.

“Yes, see the tree, be the tree, you ARE the tree!”*


They then all get an inspired moodlet and this funny pop-up. “What a Thing!” Yep, sounds like something they would say.everyone admiring the tree again.png And when the next group arrives, they appreciate the tree, too. LOUIS IS TAKING A SWIM.png I am a bit nervous at this point because I have some easels set up, but no-one has started painting yet. In fact, Louis decides he wants to go for a swim…BAEBIW COOKING AOMW HOTDOGS.png…and Barbie has decided to grill some hotdogs for everyone. Viviana is thankful, but also hopes that Barbie won’t burn down the park.

“Barbie, it’s art therapy today, not cooking therapy. Paint something!”AUTONOMOUSLY PAINTING.pngAnd just as I am wondering if I should “nudge” them to paint, Krysta and Midge go to two easels and autonomously start to paint. Yes!

But wait. Um, Krysta, did you have to pick the largest canvas to paint on? A smaller one wouldn’t do?  How much is that one? Egads! I had never thought they would pick a larger easel. Just shows I have never done this before. I am hoping that the Happy Hollow funds can hold out for the day.

Ok, Krysta, back to your painting. It better be a good one!barbie painting Oh, and Barbie has now gone over to paint autonomously, too. This may indeed work! Yes!hannbal and toby fishing.png I changed the club activities for both asylums to be the same. Paint, fish, summer activities, eat food and be Mischievious. Here are Toby and Hannibal trying their luck at fishing.doing autonomous gardening.png Finn has other plans and decides to autonomously garden.eric got something maybe.png Erik joins the fishing bunch and may have caught something.i am the painteur yes.png And then Rocky arrives in a flirty mood. He must have spied Barbie at the easels. I thought maybe he would head over towards her…rocky wastes no time at all lounging around.png…but no, he had other plans. Lounging in the kiddie pool. There is a huge pool on the other side, but, no, Rocky has decided that this is where he will spend his day. And, in fact, he is in here most of the day.randall gets right in the spirit.png Randall gets right into the spirit of the day and sings at the sidewalk. Maybe he is hoping for some tips.louis left the park and went to eat with some other sims I look around the lot and wonder where Louis is. Did he go home? Oh no….he just went off the lot to visit with some other sims and have hot dogs with them. I guess he didn’t like Barbie’s cooking. I mean didn’t she just make hot dogs?glee chorus going on I have Viviana call everyone together to sing some songs to get Louis back on track. Here is the park glee club singing cheerfully. Ok, well, maybe only Viviana is singing, but she did get Louis back.more autonomous painting.png Oh good, more autonomous painting. Hannibal and Mowgli hit the easels.some wild paiinting that hannibal is painting.png What is Hannibal painting? Is that a black dog and a white cat? Any symbolism going on here? I have no idea.veta has joined the painting fun.png Veta has now stepped up to the easel. I see that the glee club is still trying to sing a song together.randall singing now.png Viviana definitely should have recruited Randall for the glee club, because he is over at the microphone just singing up a storm.more fishing.png Midge and Sonny try some fishing and as you can see, Rocky is still lounging in the kiddie pool.barbie on her 2nd pic.png Barbie has now started her second painting. Some of the residents haven’t even started their first.this is more like it.png Now, this is more like it! Look at everyone painting now! Woot! I have discovered that Viviana can only put the paintings of her residents in her inventory. So, I had to switch back and forth between Viviana and Louis to get all the paintings in the right inventory.sonny and veta what are they talking about.pngHmmm…what are Veta and Sonny in deep conversation about? I am just worried that Veta might slap Sonny any moment, but thank goodness she didn’t do that.theyve been working hard viviana grills something.png Everyone has been working hard on their art therapy. Viviana decides to fire up the grill again, as all the food is louis viviana is sure to be impressed with that.png Look at all these creative pieces. And Louis, wow, what a painting. I am sure that this will impress Viviana. It looks like Krysta is certainly impressed.viviana thinks that louis painting is the best of the day.png Viviana walks over to Louis’ painting and is quite pleased with his work. And it seems everyone is gathering around the painting and appreciating it.look at what mogli is painting a little hut.png And look at what Mowgli is painting. It looks like some type of jungle hut. Maybe he is remembering about his time in the jungle!VETA IS HAVING A BLAST WITH ART THERAPY.png Veta seems to be in a fun mood. Is that a cloud and birds? Ok, I am not going to try to interpret these paintings. Let’s just say they are all quite interesting.fruit kebobs everyone eating.png Everyone takes a lunch break and eats fruit kebobs.finn making more food.png Finn makes more fruit kebobs. Mowgli can’t wait and decides to get some fruit loops from the nearby cooler. They are going through all the food very fast. Must be all the fresh air that’s making them so hungry.veta and sunny playing chess Veta and Sonny decide to play some chess together. I am not sure what Veta is telling Sunny, but Sunny doesn’t seem too happy about it. what is rocky doing in those bushes.png I look around and discover that Rocky is no longer in the kiddie pool. Where did he go? He has been there practically all day. Then I see him. He’s in the bushes.the guy loves water.png Rocky, what are you doing in the bushes? Then I see it. A sprinkler which Rocky then proceeds to play in. The guy loves water.finn talking to plants.png I don’t think that Finn has painted as yet. He seems very interested in all the plants and likes to talk to them.ERIC CHATTING WITH PATCHY.png Erik, on the other hand, is more interested in talking to Patchy, the scarecrow.

“Do you really keep those crows away? Yah, I bet. Show me, just show me!”BARBIE IS THINKING ROCKY LOOKS HOT.pngOh and look at Barbie thinking about Rocky. She must like his hat or the zinc oxide on his nose. There is just something about Rocky that Barbie loves. I have no idea what it is. Maybe a bit of the Neanderthal in him makes her weak at the knees. what is deirdre painting.pngIt’s getting late but everyone is still in full swing painting. In fact, what is Deirdre painting here? It looks rather dark and mysterious.more painting.pngsonny and midge painting.png LAST OF THE STRAGGLERS PAINTING.pngTOBY HAS JOINED IN.pngI figured that both asylums were getting low on funds, so as each resident finished their painting, I sent them home. Plus, the holiday was nearly over.ROCKY AND BARBIE Barbie and Rocky share a secret before they head out. I wonder what the secret is?OW NICE PAINTING.png Viviana is one of the last to leave. Look at her painting! Woot! It’s not a masterpiece, but look at how much it’s worth. No wonder she is the art therapist. I think this is the most expensive painting here!

At the end of the day, each asylum displays their paintings.

wall of paintingslouis paintings

The Happy Hollow Asylum has $64 left after Painting in the Park Day. For some reason, Randall is the only one who didn’t paint. Some of the other residents needed more therapy than others, I guess, and painted more: Midge-3; Deirdre-3; Veta-3; Louis-2; Sonny-2; Rocky-1; Krysta-1 for a total of 15 paintings worth $2,826 with 5 excellent paintings. No-one caught any fish.most valuable paitingThe most valuable painting for The Happy Hollow Asylum was done by Midge worth $451 simoleons. Cop seems to like it, too.resident painting 1resident wall 2 The Circle Asylum has $48 left after Painting in the Park Day. Finn did not paint. Mowgli-3; Hannibal-2; Barbie-2; Erik-1; Sunny-1; Toby-1; Viviana-1 for a total of 11 paintings worth $2,303 with 2 excellent paintings. They also caught some fish, which I mounted, Erik-2; Hanibal-2, Toby-1 worth $28 simoleons, but they all have a confident decor moodlet.

most expensive painting pantedThe most valuable painting was done by Viviana worth $1,252 simoleons.

And so concludes art therapy for today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Viviana has the following skills: Painting-Level 7; Cooking-Level 6; Dancing, Handiness-Level 3; Comedy, Fitness, Logic-Level 2; Charisma, Gardening, Gourmet Cooking, Mischief, Singing, Video Gaming-Level 1.

Level 3 of the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration. In order to advance, she has to view 4 paintings at a museum, which means a field trip with the household. Viviana has no friends.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Louis has the following skills: Cooking, Gourmet Cooking-Level 6; Painting-Level 5; Dancing-Level 4; Handiness, Mixology, Rocket Science-Level 2; Charisma, Comedy Fishing, Fitness, Gardening, Singing, Video Gaming-Level 1.

Level 3 of the Master Chef Aspiration. To advance, he needs to get to level 4 in his career. Louis has no friends.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Thank you to ladyloial for creating this great build. I did add some easels and some Seasons items.

newcrest park and gardens

*“Yes, see the tree, be the tree, you ARE the tree!”

This line is a modified version of Victor Melling’s “Be the crown” speech in Miss Congeniality, (2000).

Be The Crown




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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 22 – Pirate Day

#saa100baby challenge


Spring, Day 7, Saturday. NO MORE TODDLERS! (for now) From L-R: Brittani, Elise, Felicity, Melody, Deja, Fiona, Ana, and Cameron. The money tree was also ready, so they have $11,933 simoleons! Yes, more renovations! Today is also Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is a random-generated holiday on the calendar. There is just one goal and that is to “talk like a pirate”. Everyday interactions, like using the toilet are changed to “use the head”, so it’s a fun day all around.FIONA SO HAPPY Fiona thinks this is a great day and she wastes no time asking about “ere the wind blows”. I then have everyone work on friends.png I notice that both Brittani and Ana need to have a BFF, so Melody becomes both their BFFs.ana and melody best friends.pngThey both advance to level 3 of the Social Butterfly Aspiration.cameron had some pressing advice to ask Melody.png Cameron needs some advice from Melody and gets her attention in the bathroom.

lonely recess

have others join in

I told him to ask the other kids if you can join in, which lowered his emotional control but increased his conflict resolution.MELODY TAKING CARE OF HER GARDEN.png Melody does some gardening and harvests the money tree. Time for the renovation.another small room reno.pngA new nightstand, lamp, and some drapes for Ana and Brittani’s room.more renovations to the rooms.pngSome drapes and a picture for Cameron and Deja’s room.the third bedroom reno.pngA total room renovation for Fiona and Felicity’s room. It had a double air mattress bed in here before. other side of room 3.pngThe other side of Fiona and Felicity’s room.happy with playroom.png The renovated playroom (formerly the baby & toddler’s room)playroom makeover.png There is now a toy box. Now if someone would only clean up all the toys. I would like to keep this as a designated playroom, but it is also Elise’s bedroom. I guess it’s time to build another room got a gaming box, hall a keyboard.png I purchased a game console, a keyboard, and the nano-can garbage can.DINING ROOM RENO 2.png A little dining room expansion with a larger table and more chairs. Now enough for 8 to sit down. A buffet table to hold a few items in the corner.backyard reno.png In back, a small patio which holds the Don’t Wake the llama game, a basketball court and a small wading pool.brittani making a microwave dinner.png Brittani making a microwave dinner for out while they are at scouts.png While the kids are at Scouts, I have Melody go for a jog and work on her Athletic Aspiration. Her figure is just not what it used to be after having seven like a pirate day.png She chats with the mail carrier and there is Zoe Patel dressed up as a pirate. talk like a pirate day mortimer goth.pngOh, ooh-la-la, doesn’t Mortimer Goth look good as a pirate?attempting mental telepathy.png Back from Scouts, Brittani tries some “mental telepathy” She has nearly maxed the Mental skill.gathering plants.png Melody collecting more flowers. Maybe she’ll be able to do more flower arranging.BRITTANI MY HELPER.png Always helpful. Brittani cleaning up. Don’t you just love those llama hats?

good manners trait

I also get this pop-up. Wow! Brittani got this all by time.png Family time. Talk Like a Pirate Day was a success for everyone!the donor dad wall.png I finally posted all my Donor Dad pics on the wall, which are displayed in the hall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Stats Update:

Ana – 3 days to age to Teen; Level 3 Social Butterfly Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-2; Mental-7; Motor-4; Social-5; B student

Brittani – 3 days to age to Teen; Level 1 Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-4; Mental-9; Motor-2; Social-7; B student; Manners are in range

Cameron – 3 days to age to Teen; Level 2 Social Butterfly Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-2; Mental-4; Motor-4; Social-4; B student; Conflict Resolution is very much in the green

Deja – 5 days to age to Teen; Level 2 Social Butterfly Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-3; Mental-2; Motor-3; Social-5; C student; Responsibility is very much in the red

Elise – 9 days to age to Teen; Level 1 Artistic Prodigy Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-3; Mental-3; Motor-3; Social-4; C student

Fiona – 12 days to age to Teen; Level 1 Whiz Kid Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-2; Mental-5; Motor-3; Social-3; C student

Felicity – 12 days to Age to Teen; Level 1 Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration; Skills: Creativity-3; Mental-1; Motor-3; Social-3; C student

Melody: 8 days to age to Adult; Level 4 – Freelance Botanist Aspiration: Skills: Cooking & Parenting-Level 10; Gardening-Level 8; Gourmet Cooking-Level 6; Charisma-Level 5; Handiness-Level 4; Comedy & Flower Arranging-Level 3; Baking, Photography & Singing-Level 2; Dancing, Fitness, Logic, Mischief, Mixology, Video Gaming-Level 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

Who knew? I have always been stumped in getting past Level 1 of the Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration – “Play on a jungle gym while playful.” I would have kids play on the monkey bars while playful and never fulfilled the level. Well, today I found out that the “Look at Me Monkey Bars” is NOT what you need to get past this level. You need your child to play on the Redbeard’s Revenge Pirate ship jungle gym (cost: $3,000 simoleons) or the Starcruiser X jungle gym (cost: $4,500 simoleons). I guess I didn’t read the requirements of “jungle gym” very carefully. Until your caregiver starts making great simoleons the best place to do this is to go to a park. Maybe everyone already knows this, but for me, this was a great eye-opener. Tomorrow, the Coffey clan will head to a park! Yah…ok…getting more coffee now.