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Somebody To Love: Bachelor in Paradise – Lagoon Look & Sulani Five-O Beach Hut Tours

bachelor in paradise kigi

2nd beach hut tour.png

Sul! Sul! This is Roxanna Lllama-Llama reporting to you LIVE from Sulani. Today is the day you’ve been waiting for, dreaming of and packed those 100 pairs of shoes for. Yes, today is the day we find out who those seven lucky contestants are who will be living in a gorgeous beach hut with our bachelor, Rick Goengeter.

I have no idea who they are myself, and I am now entering the access code to the databank where the Selection Committee has tabulated the votes. Are you holding your breath? Oh, no, don’t turn blue. Breathe! Breathe! I have accessed the file and am seeing the names for the first time…ahhh….ummmm…errrr…that’s interesting. There appears to be more than seven names on this list. Oh, I have a private call coming in from the producers, if you’ll excuse me for a moment.

everyone is in.png

Well, I’m back, and apparently, some cybersim hacked into the Selection Committee’s votes and corrupted the file. So after much deliberation, the producers have decided that all sims who entered the competition have been CHOSEN to participate. So, instead of just seven lucky contestants, Rick now has nineteen lovely beauties to choose from. Isn’t that fantastic? And the producers have even secured two more beachfront properties to accommodate all the contestants.  Oh now, this is exciting! And you know what that means? Benny and I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, get to take a tour of the other properties.

front area.png

And the first one is just down the street from us in Ohan’Ali Town. A lovely location overlooking the lagoon called Lagoon Look. This is a smaller beach hut and will house five contestants. But just as luxurious and it’s beachfront. Need I say more? It is also adjacent to Ohan’Ali Beach. Here is a great view of the front.

overview lagoon look.png

What a lovely layout design and everything is under one roof.

exercise area.png

To the left of the front stairs is a workout area. I see Benny eyeing the weight machine. Maybe he thinks he needs to build more muscles.

wash area

Almost out of sight, around the corner is the laundry area. But the contestants don’t have to worry about washday-blues since their butler will handle those duties.

gaming in the shade.png

To the right is a picnic table, dance floor, and a shaded area. Oh, look! A Don’t Wake The Llama game table. It is my absolute favorite game!

get the garden planted.png

I walk along the right side of the beach hut towards the lagoon and notice a small garden. Oh, those plants look parched, I had better water them. There is also fishing available here.

lounge area with bathroom hut.png

As I walk up the stairs, I notice some lounge chairs at the front. There is also a small bathroom hut behind them.

the privy hut.png

Sul! Sul! Anybody home? Nope. I peeked in and it has a shower, toilet, and sink. All so convenient. And running water, too! I understand that there are two bathrooms in this beach hut, so the other one must be inside.

foosball table.png

Right in front of the “privy hut” is a foosball table. I think that Benny had better practice if he wants to challenge Rick again!

fishing yoga bbq.png

I walk past the foosball table to the back deck area and there are yoga mats, more fishing, and a bar-b-q area. A laptop computer sits on the table for contestants wanting to blog about their incredible surroundings or their harrowing experience of gulping too much seawater. And of course, the water toys!

a new game to play.png

On the opposite side…oh, it looks like Benny has found a new game to play. Just in back of him is a keyboard, guitar, and violin for those contestants who want to jam. “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!…” I see a party-starting here!

And for the do-it-yourselfer sims, a woodworking and pumpkin carving area.

chess table easel and of i spy a bar area.png

Moving back towards the front, there is a chess table, easel…and I spy a bar area!

little bar area at the front.png

You can get rather thirsty touring all these properties you know…I’ll just fix myself a little something then we’ll head inside.

bar and darts.png

Oh, and did you see the dartboard? More games to play. I think that Benny secretly wants to move here. Not that I’m complaining about the great place we’re in, but this beach hut has so much more than ours. And it’s on the water! Just so heavenly.

living room area.png

Oh my! What a beautiful living room area leading right into the kitchen. I see that there is even a television and game console. And for those contestants who prefer some quiet time, a bookshelf. I understand that all the bookcases have been filled with skill books and all genre of novels.

computer small tv.png

To the right is a little computer nook. And is that a popcorn popper? I mean, really, how can you watch a movie without some? Nom. Nom. Make mine with extra butter.

kitchen area table.png

The kitchen has everything, even an eat-in breakfast nook. Of course, on the deck outside, there is a patio table with enough seating for the contestants and Rick. But this is so quaint.

everything you will need.png

A beautiful kitchen where you can have a quiet cup of tea and gossip with the other contestants.

full bathroom with tub.png

Off of the kitchen, is the main bathroom, with a gorgeous sunken tub. A perfect place to just soak your cares away. Seaweed facial anyone?

bedroom 1.png

And now a tour of the bedrooms where our contestants will crash after a long day of trying to get the bachelor to notice them.

The first, where two contestants will share, is the Seamist Serenity Suite. Two canopied beds, a wicker chair, mirror, and bookcase. A wonderful room for that perfect slumber.

3 in this room.png

Right next door is the Purple Sand Suite which contains three canopied beds, a wicker chair, bookcase, and mirror. Three lucky contestants will share this room.

back view of house.png

Although this beach hut is smaller than the other two, it contains the same amenities and skill items as the larger properties (except a hot tub). Plus, there is snorkeling right outside the door…so to speak. Plus, with the coziness of this hut, I have a feeling the contestants living here will really bond with each other…or drive each other crazy. I guess we’ll see.

With that, Benny has motioned to me that the water taxi is waiting to take us on our next beach hut tour.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While we’re enjoying the sea air, now would be a good time to tell you about that conversation I had with that elder sim last night. I think that sim may have been a bit…umm…erratic because he went on and on about this sea witch who was after Rick. I mean, come on, the poor guy lost a love, had a broken heart and now has a sea witch after him? I was rather skeptical about this whole “sea witch” thing, especially when Manu told me that the guy was a gossipmonger. That tale would have been great to boost the ratings for the show, but seriously I didn’t want any of the contestants to think that they were in danger. After all, the contestants were here for love and not to tangle with a vengeful sea witch. Manu suggested that I visit Keala Hoapili, who is one of the island elders. She will certainly know the truth if there are any sea witch legends. I will definitely be meeting with her soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

sulani five 0.png

And we’ve docked! Benny and I arrive on a private island off of Mua Pel’am. As we head up the beach, I see a gorgeous beach hut villa called Sulani Five-O. This is the second-largest property where seven contestants will reside. Oh, I can hardly wait to explore, so come on and let’s go!

build overview.png

The layout is beautiful. Living room and kitchen on the left. Bachelor bedroom in the middle and three contestant bedrooms on the right.

at the front.png

I nearly passed this workout zone on my way up the stairs. It just blended in so well with the landscape.

more exercise equip.png

Benny heads on ahead of me and passes a treadmill and easel in the background.

large living room.png

And we enter into the living room, I was just not prepared for the beauty of this place. The living room has everything the contestants may need or want. Three couches facing a large screen television, a music area, and a gaming area. This area has so much to do, but the area is very spacious, so nothing feels cramped.

tv game table computer.png

Tucked in a corner is a computer nook. And, woot! This beach hut has a Don’t Wake The Llama Table, too! Do you think the producers are trying to tell the contestants something? I think I saw a Don’t Wake The Llama Table at the Sulani Paradise Beach Hut, too. Hmmm…

outdoor chess.png

Out the door of the living room is a walkway to the bedrooms where two chess tables are set up to play chess under the stars.

large kitchen everything you need.png

Just off the living room is the spacious eat-in kitchen. Coffee, tea or me? I bet Rick, our bachelor would love that pick-up line. A small side counter holds two laptop computers, just in case our contestants want to look up some tantalizing recipes or update their status, or even post a photo of the tropical dish they are eating.

very spacious.png

Because they won’t have to make any meals here. No, no, no. Just ring that bell and your favorite grilled cheese sandwich will appear, served by the live-in butler.

Now where to go next?

outdoor area hot tub.png

I guess Benny made our decision and headed out to the back deck. Now, this is fabulous! Hot tub, lounge area in a little cabana and a punching bag. I guess after that workout you can choose where you want to relax.

youga fishing.png

Some yoga mats, fishing, and those great water toys at the ready!

bar and dance area.png

Bar, dance floor and bar-b-q area. Now I can get used to this!

view from the deck.png

Look at me showing off my moves. I know, I know. I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, just look absolutely stunning!

Well, that was my breather, but the show must go on!

to the bedrooms.png

Down this walkway are the contestants’ bedrooms. This place is so big, I almost need to use my GPS to get around.

kkitchen strait bachelr to the left.png

To the right is the entrance to the kitchen, the Bachelor’s Hut and the main bathroom.

the pink room.png

Let’s check out the first contestants’ bedroom on the left. I open the door and almost gasp at how beautiful this room is. The Aloha Hut will house three contestants and is decorated in shades of pink. A very spacious room with a bookshelf, chair, and dresser. Three sims sharing? Well, if I were a contestant I wouldn’t care about that, because this room is so splendid. But then, I am rather partial to pink myself.

bathroom at back.png

Each room has its own bathroom in the back. Just look at the craftsmanship of that designer shower! Sleek wood, it gives the bathroom that beachy vibe.

blue room retake.png

The Dolphin Hut is decorated in shades of blue. This calming environment will house two contestants. Aside from a bookshelf and dresser, there is also a small desk. The moment I entered this room it’s as if all my cares slipped away. So relaxing.

sunset room.png

And finally, the Sandcastle Hut is done in shades of oranges and blues and reminds me of a setting sun at the beach. This hut will house two contestants, and also has a small desk. So much energy in this room. What a great room to wake up to. I feel pumped!

main bathroom.png

Heading back towards the bar area, on the walkway to the kitchen, on the right is the main bathroom. The only bathroom with a tub.

bachelor bedroom.png

Right across from the main bathroom, is the Bachelor’s Suite. Of course, we already know that this room is off-limits to the contestants, but isn’t it wonderful that you get a chance to see what’s behind the door?

more skill items.png

While I was touring the bedrooms, Benny had gone around the side of the building and discovered a small garden, a laundry area, and some craft benches. I wonder what’s already growing in those pots? Maybe a special ingredient needed for an island dish!

sulani huts.png

And a final photo of Sulani Five-O. And, yes, Benny climbed a coconut tree to get this shot.

made this delightful coco drink for me.png

And while he was up there, he picked some coconuts because he knows I, Roxanna Llama-Llama, just LUV coconuts. But then Benny surprised me and mixed up this delightful drink, called Lotta Cocolate. Isn’t it the cutest drink you ever did see? Apparently, it’s an island specialty and he got the secret recipe from Manu. Oh yum, this drink is cocolicious! Just what I needed before we head off to the contestant’s photoshoot. Until then, Wikki Wikki Wii from Sulani!

Author’s Notes:

“Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot”, lyrics, Hot, Hot, Hot, Buster Poindexter, 1987.

Hot Hot Hot video

There is actually a Purple Sand Beach in Big Sur, California, called Pfeiffer State Beach. Read more about it HERE.


Thanks to these simmers for creating these amazing builds. Lagoon Look is a Maxis build which was renovated. Sulani Five-O is built on Key Point. Very few changes were made to the builds other than double beds were changed to canopied single beds, and some extra skill items were added.

maxis build reno by lilsimsie lagoon look reno.png

sulani five-0 credit


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  1. ~ Wow thanks for the tour, it is all on the go, wow it looks like Rick will be very busy hopping between houses! (but only two of the houses have a main bedroom for Rick, did i get that right or wrong?LOL!)
    ~ So the girls have to compete harder if there is 19,still worried about that sea witch!♥

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    1. Hi aussiekarima, thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, the third house is sort of a transition house, plus it just wasn’t large enough for another bedroom. Once 2 elimination rounds are done, we will be down to 2 houses and sims will be shuffled between houses.

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