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Group 100 Baby Challenge -Ch 16 – Trouble With Toddlers

#saa100babychallengesprig snow is melting.pngToday is the first day of Spring! As I look around Windenburg, I see the snow starting to melt.

As much as I love the new Seasons pack, one drawback to winter is that in certain cities you can’t scavenge and collect things because they are all under snow. And, unless you have winter-tolerant harvestables, you can’t garden outside either. So I am really looking forward to Melody being able to collect again.AND NOW ITS SPRING.png It is Sunday, Spring, Day 1. There is a randomly generated holiday called Prank Day today, and the children have Scouts between 2-4pm. Even though it is Spring, it is still cold out, so they do wear their winter clothing inside still.

Everyone is pretty tired after staying up late last night and Melody also has a bit of clean-up from the party. I also put away the Winterfest decorations in the household inventory and change the inside decorations to spring.melody talking to her money tree yes.png I have Melody talk to the money tree. Look at how it’s grown. Shouldn’t be long now before it produces. Poor Melody and her family are always so broke so this will be a wonderful windfall.  I also have Melody harvest the indoor plants to get some simoleons. getting some skills on inspire.pngI figure that this would be a good day for the children to work on some skills, so I have Ana get inspired by molding some clay. As you can see, the carpet and tablecloth have been changed to spring, and there is a spring wreath on the wall. With the simoleons that Melody had, I bought the Tum Tum Teddy Doctor’s Playset for $90 simoleons (helps with Mental skill), and a Creative Art Thou Activity table for $300 simoleons (helps with Creativity Skill). using the drawing table.pngHere is Ana working on a drawing while inspired. She has to complete two drawings to finish Level 1 of that Milestone.finally elise can go potty by herslef.png Melody wanted Elise to work on her potty skills, and finally, Elise can now go potty by herself. Melody was thrilled. wow i am promoted to griffin scout.png One of the activities that the children have to do for Scouts is to check their Badge Board every day. When Deja checked hers, much to her surprise, she had earned the Civic Responsibility Badge!deja has earned a badge

yeah a badge.pngAnd she was promoted to Griffon Scout and received a Scouting Manual. Woot!fiona is having a meltdown Meanwhile, Melody was having some problems with Fiona today. Fiona was ravenous and was having a few emotional meltdowns. Fiona would take a plate of food and then just leave it on the floor. Fearing that she would be taken away, I decided that I had to buy-back the high chair and have Melody put her in there to feed her.no wonder she is always ravenous.png So Melody gave Fiona a plate of food, and whoosh, Fiona throws it on the floor.and again its on the floor.png Melody tries something else, and again, whoosh, Fiona tosses it on the floor. Fiona also decides she doesn’t like her drink and it goes on the floor, too. No wonder Fiona is so ravenous, she won’t eat her food. fiona demon toddler keeps throwing her food down.pngFinally, Melody gives her some applesauce and Fiona seems happy and eats it all up. Fiona has the Clingy trait, just like Deja did, but at least Deja liked her food. Obviously, Fiona is a picky eater.1st day of spring sunday.png It was time for Scouts and off they all go. froggy prank

scouting message

While they are at Scouts, I get a pop-up. I tell Ana to give the Scout Leader Some Forewarning. I guess it was a wise choice.


deja and brittani eating.pngEveryone has left-overs for dinner and I check to ensure they all have their homework done.

I make sure all the children have their needs met and then have them skill in various activities.experimenting.png Cameron wastes no time heading to the science table to do some experiments.giving elise another bath.png With the children all occupied skilling before bed, Melody has a chance to give Elise a bath. It is Elise’s birthday tomorrow and they will celebrate her birthday when the children come home from school.

Prank Day was a success for those who participated. They only had to perform one mischief interaction to complete the goal.

Nighty-night everyone.

coffey family new years eve broke again

The Coffey Clan. L-R: Elise, Cameron, Ana, Melody holding Felicity, Deja, Brittani, and Fiona.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

If you have the Seasons pack, I would encourage you to have all the children and teens sign up for Scouts. This gives “Mom” at least 2 hours to do other things on both Saturday and Sunday. And if there are no babies or toddlers in the house, “Mom” gets a chance to relax…maybe even sleep!

And perhaps we do need the highchair. I had sold the highchair at first because it is so much easier for the toddler to just grab a plate of food from the counter. Well, that doesn’t always work, as shown above. Fiona was ravenous and wouldn’t eat just anything. So, maybe having at least one highchair to put your toddler in to ensure your toddler eats is a good idea.






4 thoughts on “Group 100 Baby Challenge -Ch 16 – Trouble With Toddlers

  1. Does talking to your money tree help it grow .. and LOL Fiona needs those shades to keep all the food out of her eyes LOL my toddlers always throw the food on the floor when they are in the high chair

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    1. I think talking to the money tree helps. And, yes, the highchair dilemma. I thought it would work fine without it and then this toddler just takes food and leaves the plates everywhere and won’t eat! And then cries and is ravenous. Grrr… I had Melody set her in the highchair and I was determined to get this kid to eat. Sort of like real life with a fussy eater, and I had one. lol We made a list of what she didn’t like, but it would have been easier to make a list with what she liked. She was a very picky eater. You couldn’t cut onions small enough, because she would find them! lol

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