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Group 100 Baby Challenge – Ch 18 – Spring Fling

#saa100babychallengespring fling tuesdayToday is Tuesday, Spring, Day 3 and a holiday. Spring Fling is a holiday that I created on the calendar. The last time this holiday was celebrated, Melody was all by herself, pregnant with Ana. This would be the first time she celebrated with the children. She was excited! Heck, I was excited! Goals for Spring Fling are decorating, inviting Guests, Egg Hunt, and Flower Bunny. yeah brittani promoted to griffin scout.pngBefore we started on the day, I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to check their Scout progress on the Badge Board. I also had Elise join Scouts and added her to the  Family Club.tues brittani complete 3 badges First up was Brittani, and she has earned 3 badges, Civic Responsibility, Scholarly Aptitude, and Socialbility and has been promoted to Unicorn Scout!unocorn scout bronze trophybronze scout trophy.png

Look at this nifty bronze Scouting Trophy that she got! I also get a pop-up that Brittani completed her New Year’s Resolution of being promoted in Scouts. Badge Overload!cameron helping and it looks like he got a badge.png While Brittani was checking her badges, Cameron was helping clean up dirty dishes. Oh, and there is a badge beside his head. Does that mean he earned a badge? Let’s go check.tues cameron 2 badges complete And he gets not just one, but two badges, Civic Responsibility, and Scholarly Aptitude. yeah cameronCameron is also promoted to Griffon Scout! Way to go Cameron! deja using science table.pngI had Deja use the science table to experiment and got a notice and she had completed her New Year’s Resolution by improving a skill. She is now at Mental Level 2. All right!deja scholarly aptitide I then had Deja check her badge progress. And, she gets 2 badges, too, Civic Responsibility and Scholarly Aptitude, and is also promoted to Griffon Scout!PLAYING DOCTOR.png And Ana, who was curing all the bears of the world was also promoted to Griffon Scout.ana 2 badgesShe received two badges, Scholarly Aptitude, and Sociability. I can only imagine what these children would earn if I micro-managed them more carefully. Most of these badges are from their own interactions. I noticed that Ana is the only one that has 1/5 in the Give Back badge section. I wonder what she did there? Whatever it was, keep up the good work Ana! In the Parenthood pack, there is also an option to volunteer with the family, which hopefully I’ll get a chance to do.talking to barfly.png Fiona talking to Blarffy. Such an intense conversation.smashed the dollhouse and is now crying.png Felicity seems to be having one of those days again. She smashes the dollhouse and then cries because it’s broken.slower bunny has arrived.png Melody had already decorated, so next, I had everyone invite over a friend to hang out. I wanted each child to invite over another child, but that didn’t work for everyone, so I just had them invite someone, anyone…get that goal done. Of course, toddlers can’t use the phone so they couldn’t invite anyone.

And look who’s here! The Flower Bunny was a great helper and even read Fiona and Felicity a story.

[Author’s Notes: In another game save, the Flower Bunny flung some tulips and crocuses on the ground, but not this time.]egg collection.png They had a great time hunting for eggs. You just click on an object and it says “hunt for egg”, and the egg automatically goes into your personal inventory. You can only “hunt for egg” once at the same spot. Look at all the eggs they collected!tues working on school projects It was soon time to work on those school projects.everyone has help with project.png I plopped the school projects on the front lawn, and everyone was getting a helping hand with their project. Cameron and Ana both had chemical reaction volcano projects to do, and Brittani had to build a solar system. I had them all work carefully, of course. Even Father Winter came to Spring Fling! Do you see him back there helping Brittani? Of course, he’s in disguise.having the flower bunny help with project.png And after everyone left, the Flower Bunny was still there and helped put the finishing touches on the projects.flower bunny very helpful with projects.png It was getting a bit cold out (you can see the breath from Flower Bunny and Brittani), but that didn’t stop Flower Bunny from helping Brittani finish up.finished projects excellent.png Here are the finished projects, which all turned out excellent. I then put the projects in each child’s inventory. I get a pop-up notice that Ana completed her New Year’s resolution of bringing her grades up.

This was already a terrific day for everyone. Other than Cameron, everyone has completed their New Year’s Resolutions. Well, he has until Saturday, so there is still time.melody planting all the spring plants she has in inventory.png I had Melody plant all the items in her inventory and she is working hard on her garden.har work today.png Poor Melody. She’s zonked out. It was a fun, but exhausting day. Spring Fling was a success and I got this pop-up notice! An award! Woot!we got an award

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tips & Tricks:

If you have the Parenthood pack, your child or teen may be randomly assigned a project. You’ll get a pop up that they brought home a project. You can also purchase a school project in Buy Mode under Children’s Activities for $100 simoleons. Just like with homework, getting adult help on a school project can really boost the quality of the project and it takes less time to complete.  I believe that teens can also help a child with their projects. Children or teens can start the project by working with care or sloppily. This will also determine the quality of the project. When children or teens bring the completed projects back to school, their performance will increase. Anything to get that “A”!



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    1. If they clean up the dishes, I believe it is one of the easier badges to get. What I need to concentrate on more are the character traits, because having the Parenthood pack, they have to have a trait within range and an A in high school before they can age up. So, just getting the A is not enough. Ah shucks!

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