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Survive the Insanity: Day 8 – The Circle Asylum – Painting in the Park

In the last chapter, The Happy Hollow Asylum sees the aftermath of the dinner party. Mess everywhere. Louis enlists the household members to help out. Midge helps but is clearly not happy about it. Sonny takes a shower outside and is struck by lightning, Krysta has a laundry obsession, and Deirdre and Randall are having a plate balancing contest. Veta gets the “Ew gross” moodlet from having to clean up encrusted food on plates. I nudge Rocky and Sonny to use the prediction cube and ask about their love life. Rocky gets a positive prediction, and almost immediately gets a call from Barbie asking him for a date. Ooh-la la – too bad I can’t have them go on a date together, due to the rules. Sonny’s love life prediction is rather bleak. Louis works on his painting skill in hopes to impress Viviana with some ink blots. The computer is switched out for the tv and Sonny is the first one to use it – trolling the forums, of course.

* * * * * *

paiting day calendarToday we start at The Circle Asylum as Viviana will be having art therapy for both asylums in the park. I decided to have a holiday and called it “Painting in the Park”. Goals for the day are: Appreciate an Object, Art & Music Spirit and Invite Guests. The Art and Music spirit includes painting, taking photos, dancing, singing, listening to music or playing an instrument. A whole range of activities they can do to meet this goal. I also changed the club traits for both asylums to include painting. I noticed that Viviana had quite a few aspiration points, so I bought her the Marketable Trait for 1,500 aspiration points. So anything she paints will be worth more simoleons.VIVIANA THINKING ABOUT WHAT TO COOK FOR BREAKFAST.png Viviana is deciding what she should serve for breakfast to get the residents fit and ready for their day at the park. I changed some of their outfits as I hadn’t gone into their house since the Seasons update. I also added a “chicken hat” to one of Viviana’s outfits, so she can get inspired. OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES.pngOutside, Sunny is warming things up on the basketball court, Erik is relaxing with some yoga moves, and Hannibal is strumming some tunes.barbie is having a cleaning obsession.png Barbie is having a bit of a cleaning fetish. And Hannibal, like myself, is wondering what the heck she is mopping. Hey, if it makes her happy, go for it.ART THERAPY STARTS.png After everyone has greened up, Viviana has everyone head to the park. I downloaded a nice park from the gallery and added a lot of easels to the lot.

These are their summer outfits. Some I changed, like Sunny’s and others stayed the same. Wow! Sunny really looks buff in that dress. When did she get all those muscles? Must be from all the basketball she’s playing.NOT EVERYONE IS THERE YET SO VIVIANA CALLS THEM.png Not everyone is here yet, so I have Viviana invite the other members of The Happy Hollow asylum to the park.FIRST THING THEY DO IS APPRECIATE A TREE.png The first thing I have them do is “appreciate an object”. Well, they are in the park, so I have them appreciate a tree. And Viviana has changed into her summer clothes, too. She is at the front with the shorts and purple top on.

“Yes, see the tree, be the tree, you ARE the tree!”*


They then all get an inspired moodlet and this funny pop-up. “What a Thing!” Yep, sounds like something they would say.everyone admiring the tree again.png And when the next group arrives, they appreciate the tree, too. LOUIS IS TAKING A SWIM.png I am a bit nervous at this point because I have some easels set up, but no-one has started painting yet. In fact, Louis decides he wants to go for a swim…BAEBIW COOKING AOMW HOTDOGS.png…and Barbie has decided to grill some hotdogs for everyone. Viviana is thankful, but also hopes that Barbie won’t burn down the park.

“Barbie, it’s art therapy today, not cooking therapy. Paint something!”AUTONOMOUSLY PAINTING.pngAnd just as I am wondering if I should “nudge” them to paint, Krysta and Midge go to two easels and autonomously start to paint. Yes!

But wait. Um, Krysta, did you have to pick the largest canvas to paint on? A smaller one wouldn’t do?  How much is that one? Egads! I had never thought they would pick a larger easel. Just shows I have never done this before. I am hoping that the Happy Hollow funds can hold out for the day.

Ok, Krysta, back to your painting. It better be a good one!barbie painting Oh, and Barbie has now gone over to paint autonomously, too. This may indeed work! Yes!hannbal and toby fishing.png I changed the club activities for both asylums to be the same. Paint, fish, summer activities, eat food and be Mischievious. Here are Toby and Hannibal trying their luck at fishing.doing autonomous gardening.png Finn has other plans and decides to autonomously garden.eric got something maybe.png Erik joins the fishing bunch and may have caught something.i am the painteur yes.png And then Rocky arrives in a flirty mood. He must have spied Barbie at the easels. I thought maybe he would head over towards her…rocky wastes no time at all lounging around.png…but no, he had other plans. Lounging in the kiddie pool. There is a huge pool on the other side, but, no, Rocky has decided that this is where he will spend his day. And, in fact, he is in here most of the day.randall gets right in the spirit.png Randall gets right into the spirit of the day and sings at the sidewalk. Maybe he is hoping for some tips.louis left the park and went to eat with some other sims I look around the lot and wonder where Louis is. Did he go home? Oh no….he just went off the lot to visit with some other sims and have hot dogs with them. I guess he didn’t like Barbie’s cooking. I mean didn’t she just make hot dogs?glee chorus going on I have Viviana call everyone together to sing some songs to get Louis back on track. Here is the park glee club singing cheerfully. Ok, well, maybe only Viviana is singing, but she did get Louis back.more autonomous painting.png Oh good, more autonomous painting. Hannibal and Mowgli hit the easels.some wild paiinting that hannibal is painting.png What is Hannibal painting? Is that a black dog and a white cat? Any symbolism going on here? I have no idea.veta has joined the painting fun.png Veta has now stepped up to the easel. I see that the glee club is still trying to sing a song together.randall singing now.png Viviana definitely should have recruited Randall for the glee club, because he is over at the microphone just singing up a storm.more fishing.png Midge and Sonny try some fishing and as you can see, Rocky is still lounging in the kiddie pool.barbie on her 2nd pic.png Barbie has now started her second painting. Some of the residents haven’t even started their first.this is more like it.png Now, this is more like it! Look at everyone painting now! Woot! I have discovered that Viviana can only put the paintings of her residents in her inventory. So, I had to switch back and forth between Viviana and Louis to get all the paintings in the right inventory.sonny and veta what are they talking about.pngHmmm…what are Veta and Sonny in deep conversation about? I am just worried that Veta might slap Sonny any moment, but thank goodness she didn’t do that.theyve been working hard viviana grills something.png Everyone has been working hard on their art therapy. Viviana decides to fire up the grill again, as all the food is louis viviana is sure to be impressed with that.png Look at all these creative pieces. And Louis, wow, what a painting. I am sure that this will impress Viviana. It looks like Krysta is certainly impressed.viviana thinks that louis painting is the best of the day.png Viviana walks over to Louis’ painting and is quite pleased with his work. And it seems everyone is gathering around the painting and appreciating it.look at what mogli is painting a little hut.png And look at what Mowgli is painting. It looks like some type of jungle hut. Maybe he is remembering about his time in the jungle!VETA IS HAVING A BLAST WITH ART THERAPY.png Veta seems to be in a fun mood. Is that a cloud and birds? Ok, I am not going to try to interpret these paintings. Let’s just say they are all quite interesting.fruit kebobs everyone eating.png Everyone takes a lunch break and eats fruit kebobs.finn making more food.png Finn makes more fruit kebobs. Mowgli can’t wait and decides to get some fruit loops from the nearby cooler. They are going through all the food very fast. Must be all the fresh air that’s making them so hungry.veta and sunny playing chess Veta and Sonny decide to play some chess together. I am not sure what Veta is telling Sunny, but Sunny doesn’t seem too happy about it. what is rocky doing in those bushes.png I look around and discover that Rocky is no longer in the kiddie pool. Where did he go? He has been there practically all day. Then I see him. He’s in the bushes.the guy loves water.png Rocky, what are you doing in the bushes? Then I see it. A sprinkler which Rocky then proceeds to play in. The guy loves water.finn talking to plants.png I don’t think that Finn has painted as yet. He seems very interested in all the plants and likes to talk to them.ERIC CHATTING WITH PATCHY.png Erik, on the other hand, is more interested in talking to Patchy, the scarecrow.

“Do you really keep those crows away? Yah, I bet. Show me, just show me!”BARBIE IS THINKING ROCKY LOOKS HOT.pngOh and look at Barbie thinking about Rocky. She must like his hat or the zinc oxide on his nose. There is just something about Rocky that Barbie loves. I have no idea what it is. Maybe a bit of the Neanderthal in him makes her weak at the knees. what is deirdre painting.pngIt’s getting late but everyone is still in full swing painting. In fact, what is Deirdre painting here? It looks rather dark and mysterious.more painting.pngsonny and midge painting.png LAST OF THE STRAGGLERS PAINTING.pngTOBY HAS JOINED IN.pngI figured that both asylums were getting low on funds, so as each resident finished their painting, I sent them home. Plus, the holiday was nearly over.ROCKY AND BARBIE Barbie and Rocky share a secret before they head out. I wonder what the secret is?OW NICE PAINTING.png Viviana is one of the last to leave. Look at her painting! Woot! It’s not a masterpiece, but look at how much it’s worth. No wonder she is the art therapist. I think this is the most expensive painting here!

At the end of the day, each asylum displays their paintings.

wall of paintingslouis paintings

The Happy Hollow Asylum has $64 left after Painting in the Park Day. For some reason, Randall is the only one who didn’t paint. Some of the other residents needed more therapy than others, I guess, and painted more: Midge-3; Deirdre-3; Veta-3; Louis-2; Sonny-2; Rocky-1; Krysta-1 for a total of 15 paintings worth $2,826 with 5 excellent paintings. No-one caught any fish.most valuable paitingThe most valuable painting for The Happy Hollow Asylum was done by Midge worth $451 simoleons. Cop seems to like it, too.resident painting 1resident wall 2 The Circle Asylum has $48 left after Painting in the Park Day. Finn did not paint. Mowgli-3; Hannibal-2; Barbie-2; Erik-1; Sunny-1; Toby-1; Viviana-1 for a total of 11 paintings worth $2,303 with 2 excellent paintings. They also caught some fish, which I mounted, Erik-2; Hanibal-2, Toby-1 worth $28 simoleons, but they all have a confident decor moodlet.

most expensive painting pantedThe most valuable painting was done by Viviana worth $1,252 simoleons.

And so concludes art therapy for today.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Viviana has the following skills: Painting-Level 7; Cooking-Level 6; Dancing, Handiness-Level 3; Comedy, Fitness, Logic-Level 2; Charisma, Gardening, Gourmet Cooking, Mischief, Singing, Video Gaming-Level 1.

Level 3 of the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration. In order to advance, she has to view 4 paintings at a museum, which means a field trip with the household. Viviana has no friends.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Louis has the following skills: Cooking, Gourmet Cooking-Level 6; Painting-Level 5; Dancing-Level 4; Handiness, Mixology, Rocket Science-Level 2; Charisma, Comedy Fishing, Fitness, Gardening, Singing, Video Gaming-Level 1.

Level 3 of the Master Chef Aspiration. To advance, he needs to get to level 4 in his career. Louis has no friends.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Author’s Notes:

Thank you to ladyloial for creating this great build. I did add some easels and some Seasons items.

newcrest park and gardens

*“Yes, see the tree, be the tree, you ARE the tree!”

This line is a modified version of Victor Melling’s “Be the crown” speech in Miss Congeniality, (2000).

Be The Crown





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